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What if I Don’t Have a Spirit Baby?
(A very unusual reading)

by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 


Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for your quick reply!  

Guide: Dear One, what I need to tell you is unusual, and I hope that it will not be a source of sadness to you.  

Most women, it is true, have a Spirit Baby in their aura, meaning simply that in their life contract they chose the experience of biological motherhood.

Those women who, on the other side, did not choose to have the biological experience of motherhood-although this is rare-do not have Spirit Babies in their aura.

Yet this does not mean they are not destined to be mothers. All women have the intuitive gifts of motherhood, which they may express in some other form of nurturing, often but not always involving children.

Please be aware that ALL adopted children have chosen the experience of adoption in their between life contract. They have ALSO chosen who will adopt them…the universe arranges it so.

Therefore a dear soul such as yourself chose on the other side to forego biological birthing in order that a child or children who needed a social mother would have one to go to. As you must realise, few people who are biological parents have much interest in adoption.

You and your dear husband have chosen this –some might call it sacrifice-on the other side, as a gift to humanity and a way of perhaps giving even more than most biological parents do to the needy children of the world.

Be aware that the reasons for this choice are varied, including karmic ones which we will go into. In your case, Dear One, it will also be associated with a long lifespan. Both your grandmothers died young, their life tasks completed .

Your life task will not be completed until you have helped a great many children, many yet unborn. It is your privilege-of course, also your own soul choice-to use your own great sorrow in this lifetime and turn it into something beautiful(as many a poet had turned lost love in to a beautiful poem, or artist has turned sorrow into a work of art.) All these forms of creativity are based in the sacral chakra, the same energy centre which controls reproduction and birth, and the raising and nurturing of children, in any capacity.

You have a beautiful adopted child, and can certainly have more.

And in addition to this, you will find or found a group of some sort involving the care and loving of destitute children somewhere in the world, finding the little lost souls who have chosen the great hardship of not being loved at birth (perhaps due to being female in India or China, for example) or perhaps due to being Aids orphans, or children born in wartime.

You must follow your hearts in this enterprise…for you chose this life task on the other side, with the details to be worked out when you became aware of it again.

You and your Dear One may, to begin with, decide whether to adopt another child or children.

If you choose not to adopt another child, then your focus can soon turn to finding this life’s work which few are brave enough to tackle, as it means meeting some of the world’s saddest children and giving them love.

You have been a mother of many children, Dear One, in other lifetimes. Sometimes these lives were happy, sometimes not.

In one Victorian lifetime you had twelve children of whom four survived.

You have also been a nun who worked in a foundling home.

You have been an African mother of 5 children aged 6 and under who died of famine.

You have been a Jewish mother during the Holocaust whose three children predeceased her.

You have also been a wealthy, comfortable mother in Belgium in the 1800’s who had two healthy children who lived to grow up.

And in one lifetime in Biblical times, you were a man who was a shepherd, with a large family of sturdy children, poor but happy, with much laughter and music along with the bread and cheese.

Dear One, we choose our life path in each time between lives with the aid of our guides, in order to learn something new, to take on new challenges.

Some choose very difficult birth circumstances (parent who are alcoholics or abusers, or desperate poverty in the slums of Mumbai or Soweto.)

Some choose physical challenges such as dwarfism, autism or Down’s syndrome (every single child born with an anomaly has chosen this as a way of furthering their soul’s growth).

You and your dear soul mate have chosen this particular issue of infertility to work through before coming to this plane.

If there is no Spirit Baby waiting in line, normally pregnancy would not occur at all. Even when it does, with medical assistance, no Spirit Baby attaches and therefore the body runs out of life energy rather quickly.

In another time and place the technology did not exist to make any sort of pregnancy possible.

But in other times and places you had other experiences.

You have chosen this experience because you have already been a happy biological parent, and felt you could forego this role in this lifetime.

You have also chosen it because you have seen innocent children suffer from hunger and war…as they still do in so many areas of the world.

And so, Dear One, the time has come to recognize your chosen life task. All the creative energy which the sacral chakra (creative energy centre) is capable of can focus on this task, when you start to map out its contours.

Some understand their life task when only little children. (Beethoven composed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when he was five). Some discover it very late in life (Grandma Moses started painting in her late seventies). Most figure it out sometime between their teens and forties.

Yet whenever a soul begins truly to work on their life task, nothing that came before is wasted, neither the experiences of this lifetime, nor those of the many lifetimes which came before, which helped to shape that soul or souls.

In your case you are doubly fortunate to have a shared life task with your soul mate.

You have been together before, notably in the shepherd lifetime when you were the father and he the mother of many children. It was the first lifetime in which you both knew your current adopted child, for in that lifetime, you were his biological parents. He chose you… he chose to be born to a temporary mother, and knew you would find him in time.

Please know that if you choose to adopt again, a child who is not yet born, and has karma with you, will arrange to be born where you will find him or her. After all, your soul group has about 60 members, and they are not all incarnate at this moment (about 45 are).

You and your soul mate are under the protection of Rafael, the archangel of healing. Call on him for help when you encounter challenges, as you undoubtedly will. You can, and will, make the world a better place through the challenge you have chosen.

Were you to see me in human form I would be tall, slim, blond, male, looking about 30, with a slight smile. I have never been in a human form, but it is my privilege to help you in any way you require.

This lifetime will have its disappointments, as all do, but it will also have greater satisfaction than  you can yet imagine.

Christine: This is the end of the reading.



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About the Author


I have now worked with over a hundred couples, helping them communicate with their miscarried or terminated or not yet conceived babies. It is extremely rare for a woman who wants a baby to NOT have a Spirit Baby in her aura, but when that has happened she has gotten a full and satisfactory explanation from her guide or angel.  It is gratifying every time I receive an email message or baby pictures. (Most of my clients are by email. Time and space have no meaning in the spiritual dimension).


Christine's first pregnancy led to a miscarriage that directly led to helping others with the same experience. Her older son and wife suffered infertility for four years which further increased her interest in helping families with this situation.








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