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Healthy Energetic Boundaries
by Dr. Niki Elliott, PhD



Editor's Note from Lisa Pheonix: I love the way Dr. Niki Elliott, Ph.D. explains energetic boundaries.  Setting boundaries on an energetic level is such an important practice for our well being and Dr. Niki teaches us how to do so and encourages us to help our children also learn to establish their own energetic boundaries.


Energetic boundaries help us to keep our electromagnetic field in balance while keeping other people’s energy out. When we have healthy energy boundaries we feel balanced, clear and light no matter what is taking place around us. Maintaining healthy energetic boundaries is especially important for intuitive empaths-those who tend to absorb or take on other people’s feelings, emotions or illnesses.

Everywhere you turn, there are heartbreaking stories of the hardships of others. While it’s natural to respond with expressions of compassion, generosity and kindness, many empathetic adults and children feel a deep inner pressure to make everything all right for everyone. If you, or your child, are an intuitive empath, you can begin to feel and act out these feelings of anxiety even though they did not originate from your own personal experience. Establishing healthy energetic boundaries enables you to act with compassion for others without absorbing or carrying their energy and emotions.

The best gift you can give yourself is to learn to establish your own energetic boundaries and teach your children to do the same. The following tips are helpful to those who recognize themselves to be energetically sensitive or empathic:

 1. Increase time spent in nature. A trip to the park, a hike in the snow, or even time under a tree in your yard are all revitalizing and can help you and your child counteract the frantic energy that abounds in our fast paced society. While it’s easy to let time in nature slide, please remember the significant value it provides your spirit. The human energy field is literally recharged by the healing vibration of trees and dirt.

 2. On an intuitive level, tune in to determine the settings, time of day or people (this may be as simple as the number of people around or the sound volume) that seem to cause you or your child to unravel. After you have clear sense of the patterns that emerge, take any steps you can avoid being in these situations for extended periods of time.

 3. Practice energy shielding for your child and yourself. Teach your children to do energy shielding for themselves. Before you leave the house each morning, visualize yourself and your child being enclosed in a ball of golden light. Say a prayer (or set an intention) that the ball of light be filled with the energy of pure unconditional love. Affirm that only the energy of love may pass through your energetic boundary. 

Over time, you will become aware of when other people’s energy impacts your mood, behavior or physical health. Through increased conscious awareness, you can take important steps to clear yourself and claim optimal well-being in every area of your life.



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About the Author


Niki Elliott, PhD is the founder of Innerlight Sanctuary, a master energy therapist, speaker, author, and pioneer in the fields of energetic healing, education and intuition development.  Dr. Niki is the author of The Intuitive Mother: A 21-Day Spiritual Journey That Will Change Your Family Forever (Transformation Books, 2012), which guides parents to reclaim their intuitive gifts in order to understand their children's unique needs. She is host of the live radio show, “Nurturing Intuitive Children with Dr. Niki” on Dreamvisions 7 Radio at 1510am NBC Sports Radio, heard live the second Sunday of every month at 5pm PST, 8:00pm EST. 
Visit Dr. Niki at http://innerlightsanctuary.com




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