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Demystifying Numerology - Part 3

The Personality Position-The Expression of Our Traits, Talents and Abilities
by Susan Kirk
(Part 3 of a 4 Part Series - Please read Part 1 & Part 2)


Numerology is not meant as predictive, it is more profound than that. Predictions may or may not be accurate, whereas urging ourselves to embrace the many faceted diamond of our incarnation, allows us to live in the mystery with support and consciousness.  

Numbers are the only universal language permeating every aspect of our lives. Numerology uses number symbolism to reflect and illuminate aspects of our being which define our human experience. Our soul's intention, our mind's attention, our personality expression and our life path here in Earth school. When we are conscious of our chosen attributes and challenges, we can embrace our lives and find fulfillment and true happiness. Numerology is an intuitive art, available to humanity as a means of understanding our Divine nature expressed in human form. Our name and birth date are patterns, revealing a map of your chosen gifts and challenges.


The Personality Position-The Expression of Our Traits, Talents and Abilities

When casting a numerology chart, the first three positions are derived from the birth name. The soul position is garnered from the vowels, and is the essence of our Being. This is followed by the consonant reduction, which gives us the mind position, or the aspect that focuses our attention and conceptualizes our reality. When these two aspects of the chart are mathematically combined and reduced, the result is the personality position. These three aspects complete the trinity of the self.

Personality is a potent part of our being, acting as the communicator of who we are to the world. It is often the way others see us and therefore how others relate to us because of that perception. The persona can act as a mask and hide our fears and vulnerability or it can be a radiant expression of who we are.

It is the function of the personality to serve as the messenger, the expresser of our soul's intent. Our personality is dependent on the pathways of communication from the soul, through the mind. The mind acts as a go- between, helping to sort out our soul's intention so the personality can make it relevant in our world. If the mind is fixated on negative thoughts and addictive patterns, the personality has little choice but to act on these impulses according to the emphasis of the specific number symbolism found there.

Our personalities are also susceptible to energies that come toward us from the outside world. Advertising plays profoundly on this truth. Unless the anchor to the soul is strong, through a clear mind, the personality can take on behaviors having little to do with who we really are. Babies and young children need constant reinforcing of their good, constructive, creative behaviors to learn the value of those. If the negative gets the most attention, then that is what the person learns to repeat. We are energy readers before we understand language.

A person who has developed a healthy respect for self has an instinctive framework for behavior. Common sense, or healthy instinct, is very undervalued in our society. Common sense when coupled with compassion forms the basis for clear communication through the personality. When we express our traits, talents, preferences and abilities from this place of self- awareness, we communicate grace, caring, receptivity backed up with healthy personal boundaries. Self expression from a personality grounded in soul qualities will create outcomes that reinforce confidence in the higher self and result in clear, sure communication which is the goal of the personality.

If however we are cut off from our deep instinctive knowing, the personality can and usually does, act impulsively, creating and recreating unnecessary drama and consequences which are feedback loops that something is amiss. The teenage years are particularly susceptible to personality dysfunction due to the fact that during those years, an opportunity opens (facilitated by the hormonal pathways) to individuate and express ones own point of view as separate from ones parents or society. If the soul is active and the mind is calm, then the personality can be wildly creative, rather than wildly destructive. The personality can add to the fabric of society or it can pit itself against society and remain stuck at that point for a long time. This is the reason why indigenous cultures value the initiation rites of young men and women during this period of time. The purpose of such ritual is to anchor the soul to the personality and clear the mind of  any negative patterns learned in the younger years. The personality needs the guidance of a larger context, greater meaning or purpose to life. This aspect of self is not meant to function by virtue of it's own impulses.

Being aware of our numerology chart helps us strengthen the tie of our personality to the to the soul First, by understanding the quality inherent in the number symbolism of our personality. Second by understanding the relationship of that number, to the numbers found in soul and mind.  Take a moment to sit down, breath deeply, quiet the mind and ask, "what are the qualities I want to express in the world that communicate who I am and what has meaning for me?"


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About the Author


Susan Kirk has extensive training in the intuitive and healing arts.  For the past twenty years she has applied numerology as a healing tool for clients all over the world.  Susan's particular focus is on empowering the individual through self-awareness and recognition of the Soul's grand design and how to align to that beauty.







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