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Demystifying Numerology - Part 1

The Souls Intention-Our Guiding Light
by Susan Kirk
(Part 1 of a 4 Part Series)



Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: It's best to sum up Numerology in Suan Kirk's own words, "Numerology is an intuitive art, available to humanity as a means of understanding our Divine nature expressed in human form. Our name and birth date are patterns, revealing a map of your chosen gifts and challenges."  When we realize how important numbers are in our everyday lives as well as our history, we can understand the relevance of Numerology and how its subtle symbolism touches our lives.


Numerology is not meant to be predictive, it is more profound than that. Predictions may or may not be accurate, whereas urging ourselves to embrace the many faceted diamond of our incarnation, allows us to live in the mystery with support and consciousness.  

Numbers are the only universal language permeating every aspect of our lives. Numerology uses number symbolism to reflect and illuminate aspects of our being which define our human experience. Our soul's intention, our mind's attention, our personality expression and our life path here in Earth school. When we are conscious of our chosen attributes and challenges, we can embrace our lives and find fulfillment and true happiness. Numerology is an intuitive art, available to humanity as a means of understanding our Divine nature expressed in human form. Our name and birth date are patterns, revealing a map of your chosen gifts and challenges.

Part 1

The Souls Intention-Our Guiding Light

Human beings have a great fascination with the Soul. It represents the unknowable mystery, an intangible yet omni-present reality in all of our lives. Soul above all other aspects carries vitality, a link to Source for each of us. We say things like, "it was a soul based decision", "he captured my very soul, or "that person has soul" when we wish to give them a great compliment. The American Heritage Dictionary defines soul as "a non-material entity said to be the animating and vital principal in men and women." How can we make contact with this ethereal part of us? Where does soul reside? Numerology can guide us to a deeper experience of our soul.

Throughout time and in all cultures worldwide, the vowels in the alphabet have been used to express or intone God/Spirit. Chanting, or singing prayers, rely on vowel sounds such as o's, a's and e's.  So it is with our names. Vowels represent our higher self, the God within our soul. Each vowel has a number value based on its position in the alphabet.
In the numerology chart we look to the final reduced number of all the vowels in the birth name to see the soul essence or intention of a person's life. This aspect of self is the guiding principal of each lifetime, the highest and best of us. It is this quality of intention that gives purpose and meaning to our lives. 

The symbol of the soul position in the numerology chart is a circle, whole and inclusive. The soul is not divided or conflicted, it is the "both-and" perspective of our higher consciousness and allows us for example, to be both involved and detached, to love and let go with equal value. The souls function is to beam energy into our consciousness as pure intention without blame or judgment. Our job as humans is to align with that energy.

An awareness of the number represented in the soul position of your chart is akin to having direct communication with a great teacher. When we are conscious of the chosen focus at the soul level, then our mind, (derived from the consonants in our name) can begin to come into agreement with the power of that direction. Our personality, (the total value of soul and mind), can carry our traits and talents into the world. We can be ourselves. These three positions; soul, mind and personality, come from our name and represent our "being".

Our being is meant to make a dynamic connection with the work and responsibility we have chosen in this life. Our birth date shows us the life's work, or our "doing" here in earth school. This is not necessarily our career, but more what we are learning while we are engaged with that career, job, relationship, family or creative outlet. There is so much joy born from knowing that we are indeed walking our chosen path. Numerology is a tool of consciousness, a way to language our deepest desires, strengths and challenges. Numerology is complex at it's origins, the source of all consciousness, but simple in i
t's expression.  When we are aware of this design, we enhance our ability to live the life we intended to.



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About the Author 


Susan Kirk has extensive training in the intuitive and healing arts. For the past twenty years she has applied numerology as a healing tool for clients all over the world. Susan's particular focus is on empowering the individual through self-awareness and recognition of the Soul's grand design and how to align to that beauty.





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