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Cledons and Spirit Babies
by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 


All of us are connected. Every living thing, every robin, every rock. Images we see in the natural world, or in our dreams, can therefore be important messages from our guides.

Native North American people say that our dreams can give warnings of possible futures; the aboriginals of Australia felt that Dreamtime was more real than the everyday world.

Spirit is in everything. A sign which comes from the environment-inner or outer-(not from a friend  or adviser directly talking to you about a problem)- is a cledon. These messages may be recurring numbers, license plates with messages, signs on trucks, or overheard conversations which address your issue.

So when seeking the answer to why a friend was extremely verbally abusive to me, I decided it would be good  to have a look at the world, searching for clues as to how to understand the situation.

I found the flowing cledons on my walk.

   1. A sparrow holding a white feather in its beak. That is the sign for peace. Well, yes. Peace is almost as important as love, and it is impossible to have love without peace.
   2. A young man mowing the grass on the side of the road , sitting on a ride- on mower, looked at my face, and stopped what he was doing  for a moment to make sure I FELT safe before going on. Wise young man. I didn’t feel safe with my friend any more.
   3. There was a bag of garbage on the sidewalk. Some people just dump their stuff anywhere.
   4. A robin was sitting on a dead tree stump, looking at me. There were fine healthy trees and nice-looking grass with worms all around him. I wondered who he symbolized. Who would rather live in the dead and fearful past than in the promise of tomorrow? I looked at the clear messages from my guides and decided that this particular friendship was not worth saving.

When working with my clients who have had miscarriages, I encourage them to look for cledons in the environment (inner and outer). For example, it is believed in Japan that a spirit between lives can take the form of a butterfly.

   1. When I told this to a client, she excitedly told me that after her lost pregnancy, an unusual butterfly flew in to the house, landed on a curtain, and stayed for several hours. She now understood that her miscarried baby was letting her know that she was coming back.

   2. Another client told me that as she was texting her husband (who was in a boat on the ocean, fishing with the client’s father) he saw a butterfly, miles from shore, at the same time that my client noticed one in her garden. 

   3. A client had suffered a stillborn baby boy. We worked at communicating with his spirit. Months later my client told me she was pregnant, and felt guilty and confused. The new baby was a girl, and my client only wanted her son back! I was able to tell her that souls are neither male nor female, and that her child was in fact the return of her stillborn son. Only then did the client remember a dream she had had, early in this pregnancy, in which she saw a baby sitting calmly between two big dogs. The baby was dressed as a girl, but with a typical boy’s manner and apparent fearlessness. Now my client understood the message which her spirit baby was giving her in the dream…the baby looked like a girl but was still the little boy she loved.


   4. A client was racked with guilt over having had a termination many years before. She had also had a child whose birthdate was exactly ten years after the termination. Channeling revealed that the date was a very strong message that the Spirit Baby had in fact returned to her mother, and there was no reason for feeling guilt. 

   5. Another client had had a series of  miscarriages. I determined during Reiki that there was a huge spiritual blockage in her sacral area, and that her miscarriages were not caused by anything physical. We used Reiki and other methods to clear up the spiritual blockage, caused by guilt over something in her past. Very shortly thereafter, the client told me that counter to all medical predictions, she was again pregnant. When we connected with the spirit baby, she presented herself as a little girl of about 2, carrying a basket of flowers. The child, in my mind’s eye, gave her mother a daisy, saying ”every petal says she loves you.” After the session my client said that she had suffered her last miscarriage at home. She could not bear to dispose of the tiny fetus without love, so she buried the products of conception in the garden. Out of that patch of ground had grown a great profusion of daisies.

Could the Spirit Baby have been any more clear in her cledon message to her mother that she was now back to stay?



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About the Author


I have now worked with over a hundred couples, helping them communicate with their miscarried or terminated or not yet conceived babies. It is extremely rare for a woman who wants a baby to NOT have a Spirit Baby in her aura, but when that has happened she has gotten a full and satisfactory explanation from her guide or angel.  It is gratifying every time I receive an email message or baby pictures. (Most of my clients are by email. Time and space have no meaning in the spiritual dimension).


Christine's first pregnancy led to a miscarriage that directly led to helping others with the same experience. Her older son and wife suffered infertility for four years which further increased her interest in helping families with this situation.








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