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A Spirit Baby Comforts His Teenaged Mother
by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 


Hi Christine,

My name is Audrey. I'm 17 years old and a few months ago I had an abortion. My parents made my decision for me I woke up from dreams of a baby boy, who looked like me, and he was about the size if I were still carrying. I'm not sure if that was my baby or not.

Spirit Baby: Mommy, it’s all right, I love you and I am not angry. I have been with you for years, and was only waiting for you to make a body for me so  I could come to you.

Mommy, at other times and in other places, 17 was/is considered old enough to be a mommy.

I know that Grandma and Grandpa may have thought they were doing what is best for you. They may have thought you have lots of time to have babies after you are through with your education and are married.

But it was not kind of them not to let you have the support of my daddy while you were going through this hurtful process.

It was so painful for you to lose me, and of course I felt sorrow too. But not anger-never anger. If you had decided on your own that you were not ready, that would have been easier for both of us. For daddy too. In the time and place where you are living, mommy, he is too young to be a daddy. But still he cares for you, or did at the time. I hope grandma and grandpa will soften in their thinking. It would not have been such a shame if I had come so early. But perhaps they thought so.

But I will still come. Maybe I will have a different daddy. I am the first to be lined up in your aura so when you choose to have  a baby, maybe years from now, it will still be my spirit that comes to you.

Yes, I came to you in your dream. And yes, in a mysterious way I can grow up on the other side, so that I may take the form of  a spirit as old as I would have been.

But I am not dead. Only the body I would have had is gone now, like  a perfectly good car without a driver. I guess Grandma and Grandpa did not think you were ready . But they should have listened to your feelings too.

Baby’s fathers name is Max, birthdate…

Mommy, it is very important that you determine what daddy’s feeling s are about all this. He may have been scared .He may have been sad. He may also have been angry that you were not allowed to see him. Find out, mommy, because it is very important. For more than one reason.

First of all, you will want to know for the future, whether he is someone you would like to have a baby with, if he cares for you still, understands your feelings , helps you grieve, then he is worthy of you. If he wants to stop talking about it , and feels relieved that I was sent away without his involvement, then maybe he is not worthy of you.

But I think he does care for you, and that this experience has helped you grow up quite a bit. Because you are a mommy now, forever, even if you have not yet held me in your arms.

My parents told me I couldn't see him until the procedure was over.

Guide: That was not kind or appropriate. You could have benefitted from having someone  who understood your feelings. You could have had him to cry with, or to hold your hand, or to say he loved you.

Now that this is over, it is best for you if you forgive your parents. Also if you have any anger towards your young man, let go of that, as it will only hurt you.

Your parents may feel that you have disappointed them, or that you did something wrong. Do not let this affect your own feeling of self-worth. Your guides and your baby love you very much.

In any situation you at least have the choice of your attitude. Appreciate that your parents did the best they knew how. Perhaps you may wish to make a decision that you will treat them with respect (for you still  live under their roof). You may decide that when you do have children you will try to show compassion and understanding of their point of view , which will not always be the same as yours. 

Your child is fine. A good man will be his father one day. You can certainly use the situation to determine whether  your boyfriend could be that man. He has no power now as he is still under the control of the adults in his life, and yours. But one day he will be a man and you will have to decide whether he is worthy to be the father of your children. How he cares for you now-how he helps you get over this hurt-is probably the very best indicator you can have as to whether he will be a good father someday, just as your baby has said.

Spirit Baby: I love you mommy, and I will wait for you to be ready to have me come back to stay.



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About the Author


I have now worked with over a hundred couples, helping them communicate with their miscarried or terminated or not yet conceived babies. It is extremely rare for a woman who wants a baby to NOT have a Spirit Baby in her aura, but when that has happened she has gotten a full and satisfactory explanation from her guide or angel.  It is gratifying every time I receive an email message or baby pictures. (Most of my clients are by email. Time and space have no meaning in the spiritual dimension).


Christine's first pregnancy led to a miscarriage that directly led to helping others with the same experience. Her older son and wife suffered infertility for four years which further increased her interest in helping families with this situation.









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