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A Reading with a Deceased IVF Doctor
by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 


My work with Spirit babies and their mothers often involves messages from other family members or interested parties who have passed. Here is one of the more interesting ones.


Hi Christine-
Mother: I'd like to have a baby reading done.   

Christine: Your full name and birth date and that of your partner, please.
(Mother’s information)

Guide: This Dear One is a warm, sympathetic and sensitive soul. She has a great deal of untapped potential. Her problems with bringing a child into the world are lessons for her which will further enhance her abilities to care for the sorrows of others. Like many who are healers by nature she has had to learn to set boundaries so as not to be totally depleted.

(Father’s information)

Guide: This Dear One is deep, with sorrow at his core, but inner strength and a great need to love. Many men do not acknowledge such a need. It is sometimes tested by life circumstances. He will take very naturally to being a father.

Failed IVF date (mother’s terminology)

Spirit Baby: Mommy, it was not a failure. Not at least your failure. I did not want to come to you that way. I wanted to come to you naturally, when the conception cradle was above your head when you and my daddy, who I have always loved, were loving each other. Mommy, at this moment I am talking to you as a little one, but I will not always do so. Sometimes I talk as an adult. No matter how I talk to you, can you try to hear me? You have the ability to hear me…perhaps you are not sure I how I sound? I am not always in baby form. But I am near your heart, usually behind your shoulder on the left side.

Christine: Were there fertility issues? yes

Christine: Was IVF involved? (give times please) one IVF

Mother: Our IVF doctor, passed away unexpectedly before we were able to attempt a 2nd time. Can he provide guidance? I promise to listen this time :0) ha!

Doctor: Bringing babies into the world was the greatest joy for me.

Well, except for the birth of my own children, of course.

I was not ready to be called Home-at least, I did not feel so at the time.

I have come to understand that the reason there were “failures”- even though there were also thousands of successes- was nothing to do with the mechanics of the techniques-or maybe, that was just the problem.

Conception is always a spiritual process. I thought I was a reasonably spiritual man. But I was primarily working in the realm of science in order to help bring about conception. Now I understand that conception is ALWAYS a spiritual process, and that in spite of my best efforts, only some babies were willing to bypass this reality, in order to come in to parents who love them. It is a humbling experience to understand that the many, many babies who I successfully helped bring in to the world, as I thought, were humouring me…were forgiving me the technology I had to use, as they loved their parents so much!

And I have also come to understand what a tremendous job every one of those Spirit Babies has to do, in order to attach themselves to the body on offer, as it were, and also to the spirits of their mother and father. Sometimes in the hospital I would get a glimpse of this, and would be awestruck, but attribute it to an over active imagination, as there was really no place in my spiritual background to explain this. I thought that the other side was a place of shadows…but it is a place of light.

Not that I did not love the babies, not that I did not believe in what I was doing; it was very much my life’s work.

It was an enormous shock to me that my time on Earth was over. I thought I was in perfect physical health.

I know that many of the babies who came through on my watch, as it were, would never have been able to come in without the technology. Yet I have since learned that many, many babies also are repelled by what they see as the coldness of the procedures. Even the literal cold of being attached to an embryo which had been frozen!

But if you were to try IVF again I would be honoured if you would allow me to be the silent partner of whatever physicians you choose…working on the other side to help your Spirit Baby come in. I have learned that often a Guide can work in the same field  in which they worked on Earth. I would like to be able to bring my new spiritual awareness to help my former colleagues by helping the baby make that connection.

The Spirit Baby in your aura has a rather forceful personality, especially when he is in his adult form.

Would you give me permission to help in this way? I would be very honoured, uniquely so, to be able to be of some service on the other side, to help those babies who I know to be reluctant to avail themselves of technology in order to come in. This is so unusual a situation, because I have never been in a position to speak in this way to a patient who I once knew in the body.

But you have unusual abilities, which you may not yet have understood. I can see that there might be a place for you in this rapidly developing field of technological aid for pregnancy...some sort of spiritual advisor to infertile couples, for example. You would be uniquely qualified, you see, if at some point in the future you wished to pursue it.

Christine: Did anyone in your own generation pass? A brother or sister to you or your partner, at any age, miscarriage through adult?
My husband had a twin brother who died at birth or was stillborn.

Twin Brother (Spirit Baby): I have been with you your whole life. I am sure that you have thought of me, or missed me, or wondered about me. Well let’s just say we had made a between-life contract to be together, and I grew up on the other side as it were and ….what can I say? Of course I want to come in as your child, since that is the only way I will be able to touch you and live a human life with you in this lifetime. I do not speak as a baby because my current age would be the same as yours, if you follow my meaning. But I want very much to fulfill our between-life contract, which was ended by the incompetence of a doctor, a fact which our mother knows in her heart but has still not forgiven herself for. So please put that to rest and do not ask her about it …her grief may be ended when I come back as your child.

Which I intend to do. But I have reluctance about IVF because of distrust of allopathic medicine (you may agree that I have very sound reasons) and hope that you will consider every possible alternative means.

However, if you try IVF again I will do my best to cooperate.



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About the Author


I have now worked with over a hundred couples, helping them communicate with their miscarried or terminated or not yet conceived babies. It is extremely rare for a woman who wants a baby to NOT have a Spirit Baby in her aura, but when that has happened she has gotten a full and satisfactory explanation from her guide or angel.  It is gratifying every time I receive an email message or baby pictures. (Most of my clients are by email. Time and space have no meaning in the spiritual dimension).


Christine's first pregnancy led to a miscarriage that directly led to helping others with the same experience. Her older son and wife suffered infertility for four years which further increased her interest in helping families with this situation.








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