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A Conversation with...Steffany Barton, RN
Premier Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Founder of Angel's InSight

Interviewed by Sherri Carter, MA
Family & Parenting Editor



Steffany Barton, RN

Hello Everyone! I’m Sherri Carter, Family & Parenting Editor for All Things Healing. Thank you so much for joining us! With me today is Steffany Barton, RN. Steffany is a premier psychic medium, spiritual teacher and author who is highly sought after for her angel readings. Part of her mission is to demystify the spiritual and psychic arts. Steffany holds a degree as a Registered Nurse, is a certified in past life regression and hypnotherapy and is a Karuna Reiki Master. She is the author of two books: Wonder Wings and Angels Insight. Steffany is from Leawood, KS and joins us today.


Sherri: What was it like to make a transition from nursing to professional mediumship? How did your friends and family react?

Steffany: Well being from the heart of America and specifically from the Ozark, this highly conservative area and having been raised in the fundamental Baptist church, the transition was not met with open arms, celebrations, or confetti and cakes; but instead met with a great deal of concern, a lot of consternation, and quite frankly a lot of fear. It was a difficult experience and yet I’m very grateful that I was able to stand in my truth and to do what I was called to do even in spite of the opinions of others. And it's a transformation and a transition that I’m eternally grateful for having made. I think the very fact that it was difficult has then really given me a source of authenticity and an ability to be genuine in my encouragement of others because I’ve done that even in the face of hellfire and damnation, I’ve done it. It's a powerful thing to stand in your truth and to walk in your integrity with that.

Sherri: On ATH, we have a video of you talking about the difference between Angels and Spirit Guides, can you briefly tell us the difference.

Steffany: Let me first say that in the end, when it’s all said and done, the names and the labels are truly unimportant in the eyes of love, God, and spirit. So our definitions and parameters are really for our own sense of communication and our own ease of expressing ourselves. They don't need the labels. But I know that especially when I was knew on the spiritual path and trying to get the logistics, being the student that I was and the academic person and wanted to know facts, figures, and details, I found it very important to have an understanding and a clear concept of what’s an angel, a guide, a human spirit. It’s kind of like music; there are different genres and different styles of music- hip-hop, country, pop music- yet its all music. It’s very similar, and it's a good analogy for understanding the spirit world; it’s all music and its all an expression of love. Yet there are different styles. Angels are the angelic, divine music is pure love and so from the sense of energy, the vibrational sense, angels have never had human incarnation and they have never taken on a full human life or had a human form. That's not to say that they cannot appear on the side of the road when you have a flat tire or an angel can’t manifest in some physical way, but an angel will not have had a full human life. That is important because of that fact angels can help us see beyond human limitations. They are unrelenting, fearless, resolute, and clear that love is our purpose. You can love through art, through music, through teaching, healing, but our purpose, each and every one of us, is love. And angels beautifully speak to that and inspire us to that and help us get to that not only in our hearts but also in our heads, minds, and our souls. The point with working with the angelic realm is to be clear and of utter certainty- assurance is what the angels can provide us- that love is here. It is the only thing and the one thing that will see us through all human circumstances and situations. Spirit guides are important because spirit guides have lived the life, talked the talk, and done the things that we as humans have to do because they themselves have been human. Now a spirit guide has lead some human life, be it a short time on Earth or many, many lifetimes, they’ve had experience in the trenches. Because of that, they have an understanding and empathy, if you will towards what it is like to have to work, balance your checkbook, pay taxes, and do these things that we have to do when we are on this dimension that we call Earth. So connecting with our spirit guides can help us gain a better sense of how to embrace our incarnation, embrace our humanity. And I think that's one thing that as spiritual students, and I know I’ve personally struggled with this but once you get tuned and aligned with your spirit, it gets kind of hard to integrate into the every day world. Part of you knows how good it feels to be so much in meditation, to be out there in the ethers, and you know you have to come back to Earth and it kind of stinks. Our spirit guides can help us embrace our senses, celebrate the cycles and seasons of nature, communicate with animals, commune with nature, and to understand and embrace that as a spirit in the human form we can be expressions of love. They have an important role in our life experience here on planet Earth. But spirit guides, in addition to having lead a human life, they also subsequently receive training while in the spirit world as to how best to interface with us, to guide us, to be aligned with our spirit, to know us spiritually and as a soul. So it’s not just everyday Joe that's going to end up being your spirit guide. Spirit guides are thoughtfully trained and consciously chosen to best guide us along our path. And spirit guides can interchange, come and go, its interesting to see how through time and as we grow, they grow to change and reflect our experiences. So they are both important, wonderful, spirit, and from love and to help us grow and love but yet they each have a unique perspective both inspirational and important. Both are complimentary to the work that we do here as humans.

Sherri: I asked our Facebook Community what questions they had for you today. Julie from Facebook asks “Can any spiritual person communicate with their spirit guide? Do angels communicate with verbal messages or with inner promptings?” Who are spirit guides and how can they help up?

Steffany: That's an awesome question. When we look at our spirit guides, there is always a knowingness in some way between ourselves and our spirit guides. Now that can be that we have known them in our present time or it could be that we’ve had other lifetimes together, yet there is always a relationship that is conscious, at least on some level, between us and our guides. Its not like musical chairs or drawing numbers in getting matched up with a guide, it’s divinely chosen and consciously brought about by us and our guides. There is a willingness on their part to guide and there’s also a willingness on our part to be guided. It’s a good match. It's a divine match that we make with our guides. As far as why they choose to guide us there is a myriad of different reasons but what I have found is that most guides overall have such an earnest desire to serve. Those who are spirit guides most often were healers in this dimension so within them there is that spark of compassion and that earnest and sincere desire to be of service to the light. And because they have that servant’s heart and that attitude of giving, they willingly invite themselves and allow for themselves to be trained as spirit guides. It’s a very beautiful and symbiotic relationship that we can cultivate with these guides. Now I think it’s important that we understand that the guides can’t make choose any particular path, they can’t do the work for us, they cant convince us, they are really just hear to simply guide. I have navigation in my car; the navigation doesn’t just take over the steering wheel and force me to take the route, it offers me the route, and it can provide direction for me but ultimately I’m the one behind the wheel. And that’s what’s important to understand when working with our angels and our guides and our family members who are on the other side is listen to them and acknowledge them and attune yourself so that you can hear what they have to say. Ultimately, know that you are in the driver’s seat and this is a sacred journey that we are all on. It is between us and God or us and the divine to do what is right and true according to our heart and according to our spirit’s call. Our guides are there to assist us and inspire us but certainly we have to do the work.

Sherri: What can we do as individuals to connect with our spirit guides? Are spirit guides those who have known you from the past? Why do they choose to guide you in particular?

Steffany: How do we differentiate or know who our guides are? It’s trust and it’s being quiet and finding a space where you are free from distractions and it’s unattached to an outcome and you are just curious. I think that’s one of the qualities about me that really opened up a lot of the information about the spirit world. It is number one: that I don’t force and number two: that I am always very curious and willing to learn and willing to be wrong and right. I just show up with an open heart and an open mind and that has served me well in this work because then I can truly access the information because I don’t have an agenda or something I am searching for but just to understand. So when you can find a time, a place, and a space where you are curious but not pressured, a sense of being called but not pushed, then you get quiet and just put it out there. Who is my spirit guide? Then you wait and you listen and if you get a name, trust it. It could be a name like bologna sandwich, and then so be it. It doesn’t matter; the names are simply a communication tool. It’s just a way for us as humans to have some kind of identifier with our guides. So trust whatever name comes and whatever information comes to you and then start being attentive to that. So if you have a guide and his name is Fred, start watching for confirmation. If you go to church and someone says, “Hey, have you heard from Fred lately?” and it's a conversation that you overhear then that is a validation or confirmation that Fred is a name by which you can identify your guide. I think it takes a little bit of creativity, a whole lot of trust, willingness, patience, but in time if we are able to call forth those qualities, we can really find that our guides are very present, very accessible, and very loving. It’s so inspiring to connect. Now I have clients and they’ll say, “I have a guide, his name is Seth. Is that right?” yes it’s right. Whatever you get for a name, that is the right name or else it wouldn’t come to you. We don't make these things up. If you are open of heart and free in your mind, whatever comes, comes. I have other clients and this is where I caution people because they will have these whole laundry lists of guides and you get so busy trying to micromanage your guides that you actually forget what the guidance is. You get lost in the details and sort of bureaucracy. So maybe you know every single past life of your spirit guides, when they walked, what chakra they’re oriented to, what stones they like, what colors they wear, what outfits they show up in when you meditate but you aren’t doing your work. It is good to know and understand about your guides but ultimately the guides are here to help us do our work and help us live our truths. I think that’s important for people to understand too. It’s so easy now with the internet and spirituality being as accepted as it is to get quickly lost and overwhelmed with in details and to get so much information that your head is spinning, so you lose the spirit of what is happening because you’re so lost in the details. So I just encourage people to keep it very simple when it comes to connecting with your guides. You can be on a first name basis and that’s fine; attune yourself to the guidance instead of getting so caught up in the guide.

Sherri: That leads me to the next question, how do our angels communicate with us? Is it verbal messages, inner promptings, etc?

Steffany: I love that question because this is one of the topics that I’m so passionate about because people wonder what an angel looks like. To that, I say, “Well, what do you think an angel look like? What does a guide look like? How do you think angels communicate?” However it is that you believe they are capable of communicating, that is how they communicate with you. Our angels are so wise, so beautiful, benevolent, and so compassionate that they will work with us in the way that is for our highest and best good. If you believe an angel should wear a white flowing robe when you meditate if you are getting messages from the angelic realm, they don't mind to appear to us in that white flowing robe because that serves our greater good in helping us understand and receive their messages. The messenger will not allow his or her presentation to distract from the message; that is what this benevolence is from our angels. They understand us, they love us, they support us, and they know the right way to give the divine information. So it comes in visions, dreams, songs, what we hear and feel with our gut, and sense with our bodies. It comes to us in every way and we have to receive and recognize it so that more of it will be revealed to us but there is no one way an angel communicates. There’s no right way to receive divine guidance; it’s your way taught best through you and how you best understand. That changes and grows as we change and grow and that’s amazing and that’s how it should be. There’s to way to limit how the information comes, instead just accept and understand how it does come to us as individuals.

Sherri: We have several articles on ATH that you’ve written, which can be found in our Intuition & Symbols category. One of those is When Kids See Spirit. When I was young, around 6 or 7, I had a Spirit Encounter. I lived in a rural area, so it was very common to see people riding horseback. This one specific day, I saw an Indian riding horseback. It wasn’t until much later- as an adult- that I realized this wasn’t just a regular experience, it wasn’t just another person. What advice do you have for either adults who remember such experiences, or maybe even adults with children who are having these experiences?

Kids see spirits, they just do. Accepting them and learning from that is one of our divine responsibilities as parents, and as adults on the planet to raise that spirit of love and consciousness of truth within all.

Steffany: The first thing is to take out that word normal; it’s not a normal or abnormal experience. Just say, “I had an experience” because sometimes when we put that normal or not normal then that separates us from our natural and normal connection to the spirit world. That’s one thing I’m very passionate about. Spirituality and connecting and communicating with angels is normal and it’s how we are designed. Intuition is our sixth sense, and it is no more or less important that our other senses. Just because it’s ordered the sixth as compared to the first, doesn’t mean that it is any less acceptable. It’s as important as all the others because they all work together. So the experience you had was very powerful and very personal. Maybe it wasn’t shared by others, but certainly it was normal or else you wouldn't have had it. So I think that’s the first thing for parents. First, don’t judge it but listen, just be in that place where you can listen. And seek to understand and accept. “Okay so I had an experience.” From there start asking questions about how it made you feel or what was happening around the time of that experience for you and what impact the experience had on you. When you can start to see the messenger and hold the experience in the larger context, then you can start understanding why it happened, what it was for, what can come from it, and how it can serve your greater good. Because I firmly believe that we do not have these experiences unless there is a greater good. So perhaps at that point there was something going on emotionally for you and that vision or appearance helped you feel connected. Or maybe you were going through a transition time and this was a way this guide introduced himself to you so you could see him and have a sense of him at a future time. So just accepting the situation, accepting the encounter, and learning about all the circumstances all around it is really the first thing that I would encourage parents to do or adults that are having these experiences. Resist and release any judgment and simply seek to understand so that you can learn from the encounter and the experience. It is so important, especially as parents, when our children come to us with these kinds of visions is first and foremost to simply listen. Not to try and control, become emotional, panic, but simply accept and listen to our children. There is a wisdom in them that really goes beyond the words they may use and when you can attune yourself and be open to that, the details of what they remember or what they experienced may be less important because you can be listening to the spirit of what happened and understanding the greater context of the situation. I do think that’s hard often times because as parents we want them not to be unsettled. I work with a lot of parents where their kids will see things at night and they don’t understand what it is or they’ll talk about seeing loved one who have passed and that panics the parents because they don't know why their children would see someone who is ‘dead’. So again, if we can resist that fear based reaction and really hold true to a willingness to understand, then the gifts of those encounters can be revealed to us. But it’s so normal and so common. I don't know of a child who hasn’t seen a spirit, had an imaginary friend, or had some encounter with a guide. I think that is normal to see those things and that's really where I feel so passionately in helping parents because of course children see spirits; it’s how we were created from the time we are born. Babies as young as one month old where they will stare captivated over the parents head or shoulder and its like they are totally fixed or focused on something but the mom can’t see anything. Kids see spirits, they just do. Accepting them and learning from that is one of our divine responsibilities as parents, and as adults on the planet to raise that spirit of love and that consciousness of truth within all.

Sherri: Do you believe in an afterlife, or Heaven and Hell? What would our Angels like for us to know about the afterlife?

Steffany: Yes and what I have seen and experienced. I remind you that I was raised in the fundamental Baptist church and there is absolutely a heaven and a hell in that belief system. So from the time I remember any concept of religion I was taught and had the idea if you do this you go to the good place and if you don't you go to the bad place. And what I have found and what the angels know is that God does not judge. God is love and love is capable of one thing only and that is loving. Any experiences on this side or on the other side that are less than supportive, seemingly difficult, that are arduous, or that lend themselves to a belief in separation are not because of judgment of God but because of our own self-imposed limitations. We are all here to accept love and to choose love and to choose that without hesitation and if there is a spirit who is having an afterlife experience that is difficult or that is hampered in some way, its not because they have been sent there but because they put themselves there.

Sherri: Tell us more about your books: Wonder Wings and Angels Insight. What inspired you to write them?

Steffany: Well the Wonder Wings book is my children’s book about the Archangels. And even before I had my own children and was starting on the spiritual journey that there is not a lot of information about the angels out there for kids. There’s a smattering of it here and there but after a bit of time and when those inspirations dropped, I wrote a book about the Archangels for kids. It’s basically different hip-hip hooray kinds of cheers about the archangels so that kids can remember their names and why to call them what angel. So Archangel Michael is about being bold, Gabriel is about learning, and Raphael is for healing. So each Archangel has his or her own special rhyme or cheer that is almost like a song so that children and parents alike can get to know the Archangels and remember them and memorize their role. It’s shown in a very lighthearted and easy way. I had so much love in creating that book and its illustrations are wonderful. It’s been neat to me, I’ve gotten so much feedback from parents and I will tell you that parents love the book just as much as kids do. But one lady in particular her son was five and all into this transformers and GI-Joe and she said that when she bought him that book, he stopped asking for the transformers books and wanted her to read him the Wonder Wings every night because he liked going to bed thinking about his angels. That one story made the whole book worthwhile for me. Anyways, it’s been really fun to share that out in the world and children and parents alike benefit. The second book is called Angels Insight and it’s a guide for inspired living. As I’ve mentioned, I talk about tips for connecting with the angels and a spirit framework for situations we encounter in our human life; it really is an expression or an outpouring from my heart as to how we can be everyday angels because I think we are all here as angels. The word angels means messenger so when you think about it in those terms, we can all be messengers of love, we can all be angels.

Sherri: You do private sessions. Why would someone seek you out for a reading? How does someone contact you to schedule a private reading?

Steffany: The vast majority of the clients with whom I work are really interested in connecting with their loved ones they have lost. Not everyone is really into angels, some people are angel junkies like me but other people say angels are fine but they have so much on their plate they don’t want to mess with trying to figure out who their spirit guide is. But all of us have lost someone that we love, we’ve all been affected by a physical death so the majority of the clients I work with really do want to make contact with their loved ones on the other side. That work is just so amazing and I am blessed everyday to have the opportunity to do that work. It’s so beautiful to speak with these spirits and to bring forth their loving messages, to laugh with them, to cry with them, and to share. It’s so funny to me. I just love to work with the spirit world and the spirits that are on the other side. I was telling one of my friends the other day that it makes me feel so alive to talk to people who are dead.

Sherri: I want to make sure people know how to contact you. Your website is angelinsight.com and do you have any additional contact information that you’d like to share?

Steffany: I’m on Facebook and I have a daily inspirational phrase. My Facebook page is Angels Insight and you can like my page. Everyday I share many things sometimes I talk about session I’ve had where a neat spiritual connection is made, messages from the other side that have inspired me, I talk about tips to accessing the angels, and different daily ways you can improve your intuition. I’ve had the page for three years now and when I first started it, it was sort of a lark. I didn’t know what to say but now I just cant be quiet because there is so much to share and this information is so impactful. I think that we as the human consciousness are so hungry for spirit that this is my offering and what I can bring to the table to help people understand just how connected we are. So my Facebook page is also a great way just to connect and calling me. Here I am, I’ve raised my children, I love my family, and I’m here as a medium and to serve. It's a beautiful and wonderful life. It's a good thing

Sherri: Any upcoming events you’d like to share?

Steffany: I do! On May 10th, I’ll be at the Unity Church in North Kansas City and that starts at 7:00 at night. I’ll be doing a gallery presentation; the gallery style is where there’s an audience full of people and I just open myself up and talk to whatever spirits want to come through and then bring the messages from the spirit world to those who have lost their loved ones. It’s just beautiful. I have children who connect with their parents in the audience, parents who connect with their children who are in the audience, connect sisters and brothers, neighbors and friends, teachers, any of those who have physically departed I bring their voices back to light in this event. That will be on May 10th in Kansas City. Then I’ll do the same thing in Tulsa, Oklahoma in June and in St. Louis in July doing that type of visit. Again, those are all on my website. I love to travel and I’m totally dedicated to this work and to sharing with all those who are willing to receive because spirit is so good and so loving and it’s what we are all here to experience. I am so dedicated to that.

Sherri: Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Steffany: I just want to encourage all of the listeners to believe. To believe that you have what it takes to be consciously and wisely in communion with spirit. Some people think they aren’t intuitive or they can’t do it the way this person does it, and no you can’t do it the way someone else does it because you have to do it your way. You have access always and internally to spirits, to your intuition, to your angels, and to your guides. This is why we are here, to bring spirits into life and into our lives and into this world. I am here to encourage each and every person to believe that they are here not just that they can do it, but that they are doing it simply in having the desire to make that happen. So keep believing, keep practicing, keep laughing, and keep loving because that is why we are here.

Sherri: Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! What a wonderful conversation this has been! Readers and listeners, you can find out more about Steffany by visiting her website angelsinsight.com where you can purchase her books, sign up for her newsletter and contact her to schedule a private session. We also have more information about Steffany on AllThingsHealing, found in Intuition & Symbols.
Thank you so much for being here. Take care!


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About Steffany Barton, RN of Angel's InSight

Steffany Barton, RN, is a premier psychic medium, spiritual teacher and author who is highly sought after for her angel readings. Part of Steffany's mission is to demystify the spiritual and psychic arts. Through public demonstrations of her work as a medium, along with her classes and workshops, she works to provide individuals with spiritual experiences based in scientific fact. Steffany holds a degree as a Registered Nurse and is also certified in past life regression and hypnotherapy and is a Karuna Reiki Master. She is the author of two books: Wonder Wings and Angels Insight. For more information please visit her website www.angelsinsight.com.


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