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A Conversation With...Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH

Spirit Baby Medium, Past Life Regression and Fertility Hypnotherapist

Interviewed by Sherri Carter, MS,

ATH Supervising Editor


Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH

Sherri: Welcome everyone, this is Sherri Carter, supervising editor of All Things Healing. With me today is Christine Nightingale. Christine has been an alternative therapist for 15 years. She holds a B.A. in Pschology from the University of Toronto. She has trained in Reiki, Aromatherapy, Hypnosis for past life regression, Hypnosis for fertility, and a number of other modalities. Working with Spirit Babies is her specialty, and what we're going to be focusing on today in our conversation. So, welcome Christine.

Christine: Well, thank you so much Sherri. I'm very glad to be speaking with you, and sharing this information which I find is relevant to so many families.

Sherri: It is, and I just... We have had a pre-interview conversation, and it’s just fascinating. I've just  really enjoyed what we've talked about so far, and I can't wait for our interview so that everyone else can learn what I learned in our pre-interview. As we said your specialty is in working with Spirit Babies. Have you always been aware of your intuitive abilities?
Christine: Yes I have. I was born into a family that was not particular encouraging of that, which is not at all unusual. But, as a baby, I had past life dreams, and as a very young child I was aware of angels in the garden. I also found it was easy to do healing with animals as a child. I was aware of being rescued by angels twice in my childhood.  Once I was picked up out of the path of a speeding car, and the other time I was picked up out of a swimming pool where I was drowning. (It was a very crowded swimming pool.) 
In neither case was there a physically visible being in the vicinity.  I think probably most people do have intuitive experiences as a child, but they are either unaware of what is happening, or maybe their parents or other social figures attribute it to an over-active imagination. Now, children trust me, and they have told me things that might seem surprising to other people. 
I once had a three- year- old girl say to me: “Can you help me with my buttons? When I was huge I was able to do them, but now my little fingers don't know how any more.”
And then I also had a little four- year- old girl say to me: “Before when I was big and my daddy was little he was my baby, and he was in my tummy.”
So, I just want to stress that having intuitive abilities as a child is not at all unusual. It is just  that it isn't always encouraged.  Sherri was making it clear that she does encourage that kind of thing in her five- year- old Eli, which I think is absolutely wonderful.  Because, when children know things, and they are spiritually aware, and open, its wonderful if that can be kept that way.

Sherri: I completely agree with you, and as you were talking I remember other things that Eli has shared. He once went into this story about when he was grandpa, and his grandpa whom he has never met because he had already passed before Eli was born, was little. He went into great detail, and we were actually able to confirm those details with other family members, details  about what he was describing.  
Christine: Well, you know Sherri, this is not unusual. In fact, many, many of the Spirit Babies I have  worked with have said they were the return of a family member who has passed. And, I have to say, that it has happened in my own family, and there are many examples that I can give. I'm just going to go with one, my brother died when he was a month old, I was born nine months later.  
Now, having had Past Life Regression training, at one point I was regressed to in utero, and realized  that my older brother who had passed was in fact my guide throughout the in- utero period and during my birth process. And, then to make it even more interesting, twenty-eight years later when I  had my first child, I looked in his eyes, and I just knew, “OK, he's come back. Now, you’ re my son rather than my older brother. “ 
Sherri: Wow. 
Christine: And, what makes that even more, sort of, interesting to me, is that my mother,  while I have three children, my mother always made this Freudian slip of referring to my son as her son. I thought to myself; “Yeah mom, I know where that's coming from but, we're not going to talk about it, because that’s not in your way of looking at life.” But it's not at all unusual. 
People say that it’s a horrible tragedy, and it is a horrible tragedy when a child dies, but they almost always find a way of coming back to their own family.  
Sherri: Yeah, I'm just thinking about the readers, and listeners and how that, just what you said, could be so comforting, to know that.   
Christine: Yes, and when I work with e-mail clients (almost all of my clients are e-mail), I always ask them a number of questions, including; was there a death that impacted on you? A sibling, a  miscarriage, a child, even a friend. Give me their information, name, birth date, death date,  because, if they want to come back to you, then it is helpful to me, to know who I am talking with. I very often do have Spirit Babies say,” I'm coming back. I was in her family before, and I'm coming back because of unfinished business.” 
Sherri: You've talked a lot about how you feel about children with these early experiences. About how it’s very normal, and it's really great whenever these experiences, and communication can be encouraged.  Is there any thing else you would like to share about how you feel about these early experiences?

Christine: Well, when I realized at the age of five that not everyone had the experiences I had, I wanted to have a normal life more than anything. So, I shut it down as much as I could, which is very often the case with children, probably more often than not. Nobody in my family  encouraged my abilities, so I decided to keep them hidden. But that did not mean that I could shut them down completely ,and so I did find them useful at many points in my life.
I became an elementary school teacher, and one principal said to me; “Christine, you are better at figuring out what makes a child tick, especially one that has fallen through the cracks, than anyone else I know.” But, of course, I didn't say, “That's because I have access to intuitive information about these kids, and sometimes their own parents may not have even have that.” And I very often had parents say, “How did you know that about my child? I can see now that you're right, but how did you know that?” I really wouldn't answer that, I would just say; “Oh I just have a feeling.”
I think that ours is not a society that has been open to this kind of knowledge, but I think we all have it. Sherri, we were talking earlier about how I understand women's intuition. I think that women's intuition is a gift from God, and that l women, all women, are in touch with their children, even before conception, and certainly during pregnancy, and afterwards in their life. They know if something is going on, and if their child needs their help. I think that that's what intuition is all about, and maybe the reason in general that women are stronger in that spiritual area than men. 
In my experience, most women are more comfortable than men with accepting that that's part of who they are. 
Sherri: Well, that term, Mother's Intuition, is just part of our everyday vocabulary. So that might be why women, or mothers are more comfortable with that. 
Christine: Yes, I think that is so.
Sherri: Because, you know, we don't have the term Father's Intuition.   

Christine: No we don't.
Sherri: And maybe we should have that, but...

Christine: But you know, society is changing, and men are becoming much more involved with their little children, and it has to start with little children. It's not the same when a father starts paying attention to his eight- year- old boy when he is ready to play baseball.  He has to start with changing the diapers. That is where the intuition develops, when a child is extremely vulnerable, and also spiritually aware. Little kids are ,up to about the age of seven, quite spiritually aware.    
Sherri: You shared one Spirit Baby experience that you had with your first child. Have you had any other experiences? Maybe with grandchildren that you would like to share?
Christine: Well, yeah. Before having any children, I knew that I would have two boys, and then a girl. So, although I didn't have the terminology at that point, I must have been subconsciously aware  of the Spirit Babies lined up in my own aura. Spirit babies line up, and this is something that I  have understood from talking with hundreds of them. They line up sometimes when the mother and father are still children. So, they have been there a long time. And that is the thing I have to say. I miscarried my first baby, and that made me aware of the devastation this can cause for a parent. 
I think that every healer has to be a wounded healer to be good at what they do, as part of their credentials. I also think that’s why I have chosen to focus on this, because although I do have clients who have never been pregnant, most of my clients have gone through this devastation of  miscarriage. I do understand where they are coming from, especially if it is the very first child. Now, after that miscarriage I was pregnant with my oldest son, and I had a dream of a  little boy running though a field toward me. At that point I knew he was fine, and he was  coming to me. He was doing the best he could in his Spirit Baby form. 
In his Spirit Baby form interestingly enough, he had dark hair and brown eyes, I knew that it was my baby, although my baby turned out to be blond and blue- eyed. I want to make that very clear too, that the Spirit Baby impression that they give you is not always exactly how they will  look in this plane. 
And then I want to say, my third child was a daughter, and I understood that she had come to me before as the first baby who had then left, in other words, the miscarriage. She was at that time paying me a visit, but she was meant to be with me at a later time in life, my third child. So, she  did return as my third child, as I had foreseen. 
Then, many years later, when my oldest son and his wife were having fertility issues, quite  severe, and I think that stress had an awful lot to do with it. But anyway, for four years they went to various doctors, and had various procedures done. I was aware of the little girl in my daughter -in-laws aura, and she, (though they aren't all the same), this one didn't want anything to  do with technology. Some Spirit Babies are fine with it, but I kept giving my son and daughter- in-law baby girl clothes. One Mother's Day my son finally told me; “we're done, we need a break from the stress of all this.” And I said; “Oh, that’s good, now your little girl can come in,” and she was born nine months later.

Sherri: Wow.
Christine: Yeah, that's a definite wow.
Sherri: Yeah, you know, they went through all that and then she still came through, and I think that is going to be very encouraging for a lot of our listeners, and readers too. Just that knowledge that the babies are there, and they are going to come to you. 
Christine: Yes, absolutely. And whatever trials and tribulations that come before that are just supposed to be learning experiences for us, I think. 
Sherri: Yeah
Christine: Yeah, I really do. I mean it's sort of  facile to say that you appreciate your child more if you've lost one, or if it took a long time to get one, but that's true though. You do learn to appreciate what a wonderful gift a child is when they come to you. 
Sherri: Oh, absolutely. What specific training do you have which was relevant to your work?
Christine: OK, thank you, that is a good question. I feel as though all of my life has been a preparation for this work. Of course, I have been a mother of three, and I was a primary teacher for many, many years.  That was good for early preparation, but then a huge leap forward occurred when I studied Reiki. 
I knew I had been able to heal with my hands since early childhood, but these courses in Reiki ramped up my ability to use energy work to feel and release blockages within energy flow, which can cause pain and discomfort, and stress, and they certainly do affect fertility sometimes. But I also immediately started getting messages from deceased family members of my clients (who were in their energy fields).  Some of these messages were very complex, and quite lovely. I'm going to just tell you one, but it’s really  complicated, so I hope that we can keep track of what went on.
I of course, have changed all of the names. Mary came to me seeking healing as she was mourning her brother David. David had always been her best friend. Mary had cared for David during his final illness.  David's spirit came though during the Reiki treatment, and asked Mary  to get back in touch with his daughter who was Mary's niece. They had become estranged when David's marriage had broken up.
Mary promised to get back in touch with her niece, and then asked David's spirit why this was so important. He stated that he wanted to come back in a subsequent life as his own daughter's child. 
OK, that is the first part, isn't that cool?
Sherri: OK. Yeah.

Christine: Mary was extremely happy that she would be able to know her brother again in another form. I found this is very common. Members of a soul family will arrange to be reborn when they can find each other again. But, this was not the end of the message. The spirit was also  planning his life in some detail. He told his sister that after returning to incarnation, when he reached the age of forty, he would travel to Thailand. Mary guessed he wanted to go to  Thailand to help clean up after the Tsunami. She said “He had been too ill to do so, so, I guess that must still be his dream.” So, David's spirit went on to say that he would marry a woman in Thailand, and they would have a little girl, and he asked Mary if she would be willing to be his little girl. 
She cried with happiness, and said “of course”, as her brother had been her true soul-mate though- out her life. At that point the spirit left, and she said goodbye, and then she went on with her life. 
Now, that's fairly complicated, that particular one. What I learned from this channeling experience, and many others, is that parents and children make arrangements. They choose each other, and make a soul contract. This normally occurs when both spirits are on the other side, but in this instance, I was blessed to be the intermediary. An intermediary was needed for a true agreement to be made, because one spirit was enbodied, and the other was not. 
Sherri: Wow, that is something I am sitting here just trying to digest.  That is just a remarkable story that you shared with us.
This next question I want to ask you it’s almost like, is this when you decided that making connections with Spirit Babies was your focus? Or was there another event that happened? What is it that made you decide that it is really what you wanted to do?

Christine: Well, you know, that was an interesting experience with understanding how spirit babies make their plans about coming into the next life but, it certainly wasn't the only one. I did have some experiences in which terminated babies had messages for their mother's decades after the fact. Now these clients had certainly not told me they had miscarriages or sorry, a termination.  In both cases it was a termination, and they hadn't told me about it, but the babies were very  clear about having a message for their mothers. And then clients started coming in who had fertility or miscarriage issues. They came in to do Hypnosis for Fertility. 
I guess the big thing happened in spring of 2011, I was taking an advanced hypnosis for fertility course, and the instructor, Shawn Gallagherr, asked each student to tell something unusual about  themselves. I said that I knew how to channel, and she said asked; “Can you channel Walter?” So, I asked, “Who is Walter?” I had read his book Spirit Babies, but I had not registered the  name at the time.  Walter Makuchen had passed a month before the class. I told Shawn I could channel anyone who was willing to speak to me. That evening I spoke on a spiritual level with  this very kind lovely man who had, as part of his intuitive practice, helped parents connect with their Spirit Babies. I asked him whether I could do what he had done.  He said, “Yes, but you will do it in your own way.” He also told me that the pure gold energy of the bee hive in my backyard would attract spirit babies. Well, that made sense to me. 
I also figured that my chickens, who exemplified fertility by laying an egg a day at their prime,  probably also helped the Law of Attraction along. The volunteer work that I do for babies at the  local women's shelter probably helps too. Babies and children know that I care about them, and seem happy to talk to me at any stage in the cycle. Young children and animals are extremely psychically aware.
Sherri: So, what do Spirit Babies usually want to talk about?
Christine: Ok, there are some things they all talk about. Every one of them tells their parents that they love them, that they've chosen them, and that they will come in to stay when they can. If parents have had a termination, spirit babies never express anger. They  ask; “Do you want me now?” Sometimes they say; “Mommy, that’s ok, because that wasn't the right Daddy for me.”
Sometimes they have very specific requests. One little boy ,for example, said he wanted to go to St. Petersburg when he was older. This was his mother's birth city, which she had not told me. 
In another instance, this is very heavy, the spirit baby girl was very clear as to why she had left before birth, and that her parents had to change their plans if they wanted her to come and to stay. Well, I had to ask her parents what those plans might be that she was talking about. They told me they were planning to move back to Mexico for two years. The spirit baby stated very clearly giving me visuals through clairvoyance and statements though clairaudience, that in her last life she was a child victim of the drug wars in Mexico, being shot when she was 6 on her communion day, wearing her communion dress. So her parents were told in no uncertain terms  that she wanted to  grow up this time, and that’s why the baby body had left before birth, so they were going to have to change their plans. 
Sherri: Oh wow, that just gives me goose bumps. hearing that story.
Christine: Yeah, well some of the things... What you are experiencing in is called clairsentience. When  you have a physical reaction to a story, you feel it, you know? You feel the essence of that story. 
Sherri: Can any parent communicate with their Spirit Baby?

Christine: Oh absolutely, and this is something I try so hard to get my parents to understand. I'm just getting the process started in many cases, because they haven't understood that it was possible. But I think that every mother knows that she can be in intuitive touch with her babies after conception. That’s very much understood, I think.  Parents ,they pat their baby, and like, my daughter is pregnant right now, and she is always patting her tummy, well, she pats the baby though the tummy.  
But, it does not have to wait until conception. The spirit baby has chosen the parent, and sometimes parents. Sometimes they choose the dad, sometimes the mom, sometimes they chose the couple as a couple, often when the parent is still a child, and sometimes when all were on the other side -which is to say before the parent's birth. So, it’s a pre-existing tie, and contract. Babies always want to communicate with their parents, and find many ways to do so. I'll give you a couple of examples that maybe people might not even have realized what was happening.
Dreams are one example, I gave an example of the dream where my little boy came running towards me, and that was just to let me know that yeah, this time it’s going to be ok. Another one that's very common is appearing as a butterfly. 
On one occasion I told a client that her miscarried baby would likely chose to appear to one or both of the parents as a butterfly. wWhich in Japan, is believed to be the form a spirit takes  between lives. My client reported that on one occasion, she was texting her husband while he was out at sea fishing with his father in-law. Miles out to sea her husband saw a butterfly, and at the same moment the client saw a butterfly in her garden. Of course, a spirit can be in more  than one place at the same time.
Sherri: You've just given us so many great examples, and powerful stories. Do you have any other really powerful spirit baby messages?
Christine: I think that, this is a very recent one, and I thought it was incredibly powerful. A client came to see me for Reiki and to get some understanding about why she had had multiple miscarriages. So, while giving Stephanie, (of course  names are changed), Reiki treatments, I noticed an extreme  blockage in the sacral chakra area ,which is the area which governs reproduction. But, this blockage had nothing to do with her physical anatomy, you know, her uterus, or her ovaries, or anything like that.  So I told her I was certain there was something spiritual causing the  blockage. So, Stephanie burst into tears, and told me that her first husband had been her friend but that she was never in love with him.  She felt very guilty, but she fell in love with her current husband, left her first husband, and she felt guilty, and she also felt like that might have something to do with why she'd had the miscarriages. 
So, I immediately taught Stephanie how to do energetic cord-cutting of the first marriage with her ex- husband. I told her,” send his spirit love, ask for his forgiveness at a soul level, you don't have to talk to him at all”. And, I then told her, “You did your ex-husband a favor because you left him free to find someone who would be in love with him.”  I told her. “Do this meditation, or healing activity, every day until your guilt problem is gone.” So, she did, and within a week she  “accidentally” - spirit had arranged it I'm sure - met mutual friends of her and her ex-husband who told her he was now happily involved with another woman. So, now she could let go of the guilt, but I think that she had to ask him, “please forgive me” on a spirit level before that information would come back to  her because, that’s the way spirit works.
Now, her doctor had informed Stephanie that she was never going to get pregnant again after all those miscarriages, and damage, and blah, blah, blah. So, a few weeks later of course she's pregnant, and she came for a spirit baby reading. And I say of course because, I  sometimes think that the spirit knows more than some doctors, although some doctors are absolutely wonderful. 
So, the Spirit Baby gave me a visual picture of a two- year- old girl carrying a basket of flowers. The little girl handed a daisy to the mother and said “Every petal says “I love you.” Well, OK, I thought that was wonderful. , Then, as Stephanie was leaving my office she told me she had had her last miscarriage at home. She could not bear to flush the tiny fetus, so she buried it in the backyard, and out of that spot grew a great perfusion of daises.

Sherri: Oh. Wow.  
Christine: So the Spirit Baby's message made it very clear that this time she was coming in to stay. I thought that was just lovely.   
Sherri: Wow, that is just a beautiful example, and yes, extremely powerful. I want to kind of soak that in for a minute before we shift our focus. 
I do want to take time to talk about the wonderful articles that we already have posted, and that are going to be posted over at All Things Healing, and they are in the Intuition and Symbols category. And the one particular article that I want to talk about a little bit, is you have hypnosis, and other alternative therapies for fertility; and I really like the focus of this article, because, it talks about the support you can give for people maybe going through the fertility issues, and addressing stress. So, what has been your experience in offering that support to your fertility clients?
Christine: Well, the interesting this is that, I'm not going to quote from the article or anything like that, but I have certainly found that I have done hypnosis for years and years, for all sorts of things. People can quit smoking in one week, or they can lose weight, or whatever, because, how  hypnosis works, is that it addresses the subconscious. Some people think; well, how does fertility fit into that category, its not something you choose? Well, it’s something that is based on the messages you have received. 
The estimate is that everyone receives ten thousand hours of messages in childhood from all the adults in their environment. Those include information (whether it is correct or incorrect), like “all the  women in our family have difficulty getting pregnant”, for example. Or, “Oh, I don't think you would be a very good mother.” Sometimes those things are just flippantly said, but you know, the thing is people take that in, and especially the negative messages. There is some type of physiological thing going where people are more likely to take in negative messages rather than positive messages about themselves. 
Now, if a woman is given what I call a sentence of infertility, by an authority figure, which is, in our society, let’s say the allopathic doctors. Witch doctors in societies where that is believed in, can make a person think they are going to die. OK, so, in our society if a person has been told, “you're infertile, you're very unlikely to have a child”, then it stresses out their whole system. They go into fight or flight mode, and the very first thing that goes when a person is extremely stressed is fertility, because, the body says, “Well I don't need this extra stress of pregnancy.” 
The last thing you need is the business of having a baby in you when you're so stressed, so, the hypothalamus just shuts down the ovulation, and implantation. So, that’s it, it just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 
Now, you would think, well how can you fix that? It's actually extremely easy to fix that, because the subconscious mind when you're in an extremely relaxed state, will believe what  you’re told. When you’re in a hypnotic trance, you’re not asleep. A lot of people think that you're  asleep, that you don't know what is going on, and people can control you, no, nothing of the  sort. You're just extremely relaxed, and therefore, receptive to whatever messages they need to  hear. Now, when I say they need to hear, like if a person says I believe I have this, and this, and  this issue, like, oh I have endometriosis, or I have a problem with ovulation or whatever, Well  OK, fine, I can work with that. I can make a script telling you, you know what, your body  knows how to make a baby. Every woman's body knows how to make a baby.  All you need to  do is just believe that it will correct itself. Your fertility will correct itself if you allow it, if you  just allow it to happen, it will happen. The baby that is in your aura that I have seen, and that you've already talked to, needs to come in, but you just need to let it happen. Don't think you can force it, of course you can't force it. I mean, how can you possibly force it, but you can allow it to happen.

When the person is extremely relaxed, (and sometimes I do it for the mother, and the father at the same time)-when they are extremely relaxed, I just tell them, yeah, you know what, your body knows how to make a baby, and all the things that you have had to go through, they are just learning experiences. They will make you a better parent, because you will be more appreciative of this beautiful gift the universe has given you.  
Its amazing, but there have been studies that have shown that, this process of hypnosis can double the success rate of the usual allopathic methods, or it can be used all by itself to help bring about a pregnancy because, the body does know how to do it. It's just that we have a  stress- laden society. There is something like one in six, or one in eight couples are infertile. Historically there has never been anywhere near that. Historically, in biblical times, maybe one woman in one-hundred would be infertile, and that was a horrible thing. Now, it’s so common, and I think it’s because we're stressed, and I think it’s because, that we really believe. like “I'm too old at 38, ” well, no. I don't think so. Not historically, that was not so.
My oldest first- time mom, who had never been pregnant before ,was fifty, and she gave birth to twins, without any medical help. It's just that she needed to have some belief in herself. Really, that's what the hypnosis is all about. The Reiki is about clearing energy blockages, the Reiki is something that can be done at a distance, but generally speaking, I suggest to people if you have a blockage because you have had a miscarriage and that hasn't healed, there hasn't been the emotional healing of that, then I would suggest go see a Reiki practitioner specifically to address that issue. 
So, when I see people in person, I say to them ,”I'll make you a blend to help with your ovulation,  because, Aromatherapy blends can be made for all sorts of things, and they have been for thousands of years.” It's not like it’s a new idea. Aromatherapy just means, concentrated plant products that work synergistically. For example if a woman has difficulty with ovulation, then I would find  five plant products that are known to help with ovulation, and I would put them all together in a blend, and I would apply it in massage. Or, more often than not, I say to the lady,” you get your husband to massage this into your abdomen, and while you’re at it, I'll make a blend for him so he's more onboard with the whole thing. But then his blend will be just an actual aphrodisiac blend. (They do exist.) 
People don't understand that Aromatherapy isn't about scented candles, no, it’s not about that. It ‘sconcentrated scent products made in a blend that has been used for thousands of years in every culture in the world, and they work. They work, and they don't have side-effects. 
Sherri: One thing that I just love about this conversation that we're having, and I had disclosed this to  you, that I myself was a fertility patient to have my five- year- old. And everything that you’re talking about are in some way something that I utilized in my own fertility journey. The  medical doctors, only provide support within their training, and sometimes women, we see it as a physical problem and maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. Anyone who is on that fertility  journey, trust your intuition, but just realize, that there is so much more support out there. It  was absolutely one-hundred percent, not only the medical doctor that I went to, and the medical stuff I had to do, but was also that nurturing of my own spirit that I had to learn how to do. 
Christine: Absolutely.
Sherri: We did the Reiki, we did the spiritual cleansing, we did a lot of that stuff, and I think every little bit of that helped in that process. And, Stress, oh my goodness. For the listeners, and readers, if you've been down the fertility path, you are sitting there nodding your head yes. If you're just starting out on this journey, I can not stress enough, find that support for that emotional,  spiritual stuff that your going though. Even if you don't have fertility issues, just finding that way to nurture your spirit.

Christine: Absolutely, because to me, that means your Spirit Baby is being prepared for having a very wonderful loving experience for that nine months of pregnancy. Just like mothers will go out and decorate the nursery, and you know pink or blue, or whatever elephants, or teddy bears, or whatever they want. My daughter is really heavily into that right now, because she is seven months pregnant, but the thing is, at the very same time that you're doing that, you should be  preparing your body, and your spirit, and your emotions, so that your baby has a blissful time for those nine months of pregnancy. So that your baby is completely happy within that womb, and it’s like a little warm safe nest for the baby. 
I think that you can, like what you are saying, to prepare yourself spiritually means that you are actually making a little safe warm home for your baby.
Sherri: Yes, absolutely, and that in the spiritual sense, in the physical sense, all of that. We get so  wrapped up in the western idea of the physical, and sometimes, and well not sometimes, I think a lot, we overlook that spiritual aspect. I think that is so important why we have practitioners like you that help us remember, and teach, to get back in touch with that. I am really looking forward to your articles. I believe you said we are going to be blessed with one a week for the  next three months. 
Christine: Yes, that’s correct. There are already two on the site, so there are another eleven that are coming. 
Sherri: Wow, I know I am looking forward to reading them and learning more. So we have talked a lot about you know, you work with clients, so, if one of our readers, or listeners wants to work with you, how do the clients find you? How do they get in touch with you? What do we need to know about working with you?

Christine: Well, you can go to my website, www.nightingalehealing.com. It's quite an extensive website, so, it's www.nightengalehealing.com and one of the things you might want to look at, of course is the feedback from parents of Spirit Babies. Another thing is the list of questions, because almost all of my clients are by e-mail. The spirit world doesn't see any boundaries of time or space. I need to be able to tune in by having your name and  birthdate, and that of your partner, and if you have had miscarriages or even if you have had a death in the family, especially of a child, or a close friend. All of that information is useful. I have often found ,for example ,that a deceased grandma or mother will be in the aura of the client  and she is taking care of that Spirit Baby. 
People sometimes ask, “Why do they need to be taken care of?” Well, the fact is the spirit baby  has emotions, and feeling, and thoughts, and very often they are having difficulty coming in because they say “It is very hard to attach myself to that baby body. “Because the world on the  other side, it's just love and light, and there are no problems, and there is no pain, and to come into the world where they are going to be in  pain is very difficult. I mean these babies are happy where they are, they don't necessarily want to come right in. 
So, having a grandma figure there to tell them it’s ok, you’re coming into a nice family. I know  your mommy, and daddy are really looking forward to having you, they are going to be good to  you. That really encourages them, because, even before they have a body, they certainly do  have feelings.
One thing about Spirit Babies is that when talking with them, sometimes they talk like a little baby. They will say; “Oh Mommy, I love you, I just want to come and see you.” and sometimes they talk like an adult, because they have previous experiences that they are bringing to the fore, and they want to talk about that. They may have known their mother. Maybe they were their mother's mother 600 years ago, or something like that, and that’s why they are here. They sometimes speak as that person they used to be, but, the soul, the spirit goes on forever. Therefore, when it’s speaking to the mother or father, it’s not always at the same age, and that’s one thing people do need to know about.
Parents may be expecting to just have someone talking baby talk, but no, it doesn't really work  that way. They present whatever they need to present. If they need to present that they are afraid,  let’s say the mother has had a termination, and then sometimes the baby will say; “you know I'm really scared because you didn't want me before, do you really want me now?” And they will talk that way, they will talk like a little kid, and you have to address them according to how they are presenting themselves to you, according to the message they want to convey. They are very good at that. 
I always say to the parents; please answer all the questions on my site, and ask me as many questions as you want, and then I will send you the reading. (In most cases my clients are in Singapore, or Australia or something, they are all over the place.) Then after that, if you have more questions, just go right ahead and send them to me.

Sherri: So, you're able to do this through e-mail for anyone in the world that has access to a computer?
Christine: Absolutely, absolutely.
Sherri: Oh, excellent.
Christine: You know, the world on the other side, the spirit world, it doesn't have the limitations of time and space. Sure it’s wonderful to see people in person, and I do have some clients that I see in person, like the one I told the story about, you know the one with the little girl with the daises. That's a wonderful experience for me too when that happens, but with a distance client I can certainly do a reading, and I even have done hypnosis over the phone, hypnosis for fertility. Although, in most cases, I would probably say you know what, it's probably easier if you want to use a Reiki master, if you want to use a hypnotist, get them in your neighborhood. So, I certainly do referrals, whenever I feel it’s indicated.
Sherri: Christine, thank you so much for being with us today.
Christine: You're welcome Sherri.

Sherri: Yeah, this has just been a great informative conversation that we have had. I know that I have learned a lot, and I want to now tell out listeners, and readers, you can find out more about Christine, at both, AllThingsHealing.com and at her website, which is as she mentioned, www.nightingalehealing.com. We also have the link to her site on All Things Healing.

Thank you all for joining us today, and have a beautiful day. 


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More about Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 

I have now worked with over a hundred couples, helping them communicate with their miscarried or terminated or not yet conceived babies. It is extremely rare for a woman who wants a baby to NOT have a Spirit Baby in her aura, but when that has happened she has gotten a full and satisfactory explanation from her guide or angel.  It is gratifying every time I receive an email message or baby pictures. (Most of my clients are by email. Time and space have no meaning in the spiritual dimension).


Christine's first pregnancy led to a miscarriage that directly led to helping others with the same experience. Her older son and wife suffered infertility for four years which further increased her interest in helping families with this situation.

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About the Interviewer


Sherri Carter, MS, best selling author of Live Your Intentions, The Power of Action, is the first to write exclusively about the Universal Law of Action. Sherri is the Psychospiritual Co-Editor for AllThingsHealing.com. She has also been published and interview for several national platforms. Sherri is available for individual sessions,  speaking engagements, workshops and interviews.


To schedule your individual sessions, or to arrange a speaking engagement, workshop, book signing or interview, please contact Sherri at sherri@liveyourintentions.net. To learn more about Sherri, please visit www.liveyourintentions.net.

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