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A Conversation With... Marie Manuchehri, RN of Energy Intuitive
Energy Medicine Healer, Author of Intuitive Self-Healing, Public Speaker, Teacher, and Mentor

Interviewed by Sherri Carter, MA
ATH Supervising Editor




Marie Manuchehri, RN

Hello Everyone! I’m Sherri Carter, Supervising Editor for All Things Healing. Thank you so much for joining us! With me today is Energy Intuitive, Marie Manuchehri. Here’s a little more about Marie- she is is an energy medicine healer who is the perfect bridge between conventional and holistic medicine. It was during her work as an oncology nurse that she discovered and developed her skills as an energy medicine practitioner.

Marie's private practice, which grew by word of mouth, now includes thousands of clients from across the world. She is a public speaker, teacher, and leads a mentoring program for others interested in the field of energy medicine. Her very popular weekly radio show, Where Energy and Medicine Meet, can be found on 1150AM KKNW. We’ll also be talking more about Marie's first book, Intuitive Self-Healing which was released on March 1st by Sounds True along with a 6-CD series How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides. She lives in Kirkland, Washington and joins us today.


Sherri Carter: My first question for you is to briefly describe how you went from an oncology nurse to an Intuitive Energy Healer?

"That's when I started to open up actually was on the oncology floor, working with some of the harshest chemicals ever and some of our sickest patients. I began to see, hear, and feel energy and so I credit working in conventional medicine and being around people during traumatic moments in their life."

Marie Manuchehri: It definitely wasn't planned, even working in conventional medicine wasn’t what I had also planned. I’m grateful that I did it but my family is very holistic. When I was growing up we had a chiropractor as our primary caregiver and when we were really ill we went to a Chinese herbal medicine doctor. We ate organic food, took lots of supplements, so conventional medicine wasn’t on my radar. My family was a little shocked when I decided to study nursing. It was actually the request of, when I was married, my ex-husband. He said, I think you should go to nursing school. I said, “what?” and finally agreed because a lot of people over the years had made the same suggestion that I would take some science courses and if I did well then I would consider applying to a program. I loved the science courses and did well. Of course went to nursing school and I had a blast, I loved nursing. That's when I started to open up actually was on the oncology floor, working with some of the harshest chemicals ever and some of our sickest patients. I began to see, hear, and feel energy and so I credit working in conventional medicine and being around people during traumatic moments in their life. Also, a lot of our patients passed away because they were in house, they weren’t out patient cancer patients. They were in a facility for sometimes a very long time we had a lot of death on our unit. I think being around people dying and in transformation allowed for intuitive abilities that I believe I’ve naturally had all of my life. I started having some memories like some childhood experiences, which I believe a lot of people have had but we shut it down and we close it off, try to be normal. But my patients’ bodies started to talk to me about why they were sick and started to show me images and express through language and metaphors, the conditions that lead to their health issues. So that's how it all started for me.

Sherri: How was this change accepted by those around you? Did this push people outside THEIR comfort zone?

Marie: I was so blessed. I started having multi-sensory experiences before I could hear my patients talk during meditation. I had a lot of stress in my life, I wasn't truly happy. I was in a very difficult marriage, three kids, and then a career that can be challenging as well even though I love nursing. I started having tachycardia, so my heart would race often and I had been to a doctor a year before because it originally happened a year before I started having the multi-sensory experiences. So I had a full work up and my anatomy was healthy. I had switched shifts, I used to work night shift and I went to day shifts and so a year later I’m on day shift because the doctor said it was biorhythms that were causing the stress and that's why I was having tachycardia. So it came back a year later and that's when I decided I needed to take meditation classes. I took two because I tried to meditate for years but I could never quiet my mind, it was hard to relax for me and in the class I had this phenomenal experience. I don't write about it in the intro to the book, I write about the first experience I had with a client where I saw inside the body of another human being. In the meditation, I actually saw inside my own bidy. I thought, you know, I’ve had anatomy and I’m meditating, having this yellow school bus sort of moment. Inside my body, it was like a camera came out of my forehead and went all the way down inside of me and I could see my ovaries and fallopian tubes. I could see blood gushing through my body, it was really quite beautiful and I thought that when I open my eyes this meditation is going to end, but it didn't. I opened up my eyes and I still had this camera, this full internal vision of my body or at least parts of it that lasted about four months. It didn't matter if I was having a conversation with someone, if my eyes were open or closed, I had this other perception and everyday there would be another paranormal experience. So I eventually to my supervisor at work because I was the charge nurse and a very responsible person and I didn't want to not go get the crash cart if someone were to code on our floor because I was looking at some golden pyramids spinning around me or my ovary that was moving in a weird way. And to my delight but shock initially, she told me that she thought I was seeing energy and that I needed to start laying my hands on our patients. So from that moment on, or from about three days later is when I started laying my hands on our patients, but from that moment on I was really quite accepted in the hospital setting because patients would feel a relief of their pain or their anxiety at the very least. They would sleep better and so they would start asking if that nurse Marie could come back in their room and do that thing again. I was really nervous, initially I would shut the door behind me because I had no idea what I was doing. I’d finally taken a weekend reiki workshop, but I’m a self-taught healer so I had very little training other than my experiences. I believe that beings from other dimensions actually teach me a lot of what I know. So I was just very fortunate even sometimes physicians would order me to work on their patients. They would say, “Marie, can you go and do whatever you do to Mrs. Johnson, she asked for you” and I would explain that I’m tired or busy today and they would write an order for me to do therapeutic patch and by law, I had to follow that. I was just very fortunate to be so supported.

Sherri: We’re going to talk more about your book a little later, but for now, can you tell us what is Intuitive Self-Healing?

We are our own best healer, even my clients; I believe that they heal themselves.

Marie: I believe that we, just like that moment where I could see into my body, that we have access to our bodies, every single one of us. But we have been taught to give our power and our awareness to other people. Machines even MRIs, CT scans, which thankfully working in modern medicine I have a great respect and great appreciation for it. In fact, when clients come to me because I have seen probably almost health element there is on the planet I’m always grateful when they’ve already had all their tests or are about to. I think its nice to have both, my awareness and of course medical science awareness. So intuitive self-healing means to me that we have, I believe every single one of knows what’s going on with this. If we quiet ourselves, pay attention, listen, spend time with our organs, our cells, and our tissues then we can actually move that energy out of the body, which to me is emotions on cells that can lead to disease. Not that it has to, but it certainly can. We are our own best healer, even my clients; I believe that they heal themselves. I facilitate healing for them and provide opportunities for them but they are the ones that take it across the finish line. I believe we all have that capacity, whether we have a practitioner with us or not.

Sherri: You’re work includes the chakra system. Can you explain more about that.

Marie: I have full sight of the human energy system so I can see all the chakras and they talk to me all the time. I describe it sometimes that it must be like being a mechanic and you’re walking out on the street and you can hear what’s going on in all the cars. Maybe a specialized mechanic who can tell when a calverator isn’t doing very well or the oil is low just by the way the engine is running. So for me, I have this constant connection to the chakras and they really are my guides. I’m so clairvoyant so most of my sessions are full of conversation as well because I’m describing what I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling. When clients are uncomfortable with hearing what I’m saying, or they don't know what I’m talking about just like a taro reader goes back to the card, I go back to chakra and listen to it and hear it and in my brain I have this huge dictionary that I’ve developed through working in the hospital. Looking at patients without knowing their charts and making my own conclusions on what their health was like then going out and reading their chart, I developed a dictionary in my mind between health and illness. So they are a guide for me and of course they are an incredible energy source for human beings. Humans aren’t great at receiving energy, it’s not our favorite thing but at the same time we have a heard time letting go and releasing stagnation and pain and frustration, we have a hard time with that. I love the chakra system and their ability to help us stay balanced, organized, well, and happy. They are incredible energy organizer systems.

Sherri: As I was looking through your website, I noticed you had chakra exercises for both adults and children.

Marie: Kids are great healers; I see a lot of children in my practice because I was a nurse I think people feel safe with someone like me for whatever reason. Ive seen every age group and I see a lot of pregnant women as well. Kids heal so fast that a lot of time when a parent is bringing a child to see me, I may see a child once but then I just want to see the parent because maybe the parent’s perception just needs to shift to help the child to be different as well. But kids heal very quickly.

Sherri: Would you share a couple stories of your work?

Marie: I see clients full time in my office and that's even how I decided to write a book because clients were asking me for years if I would write a book on the way that I experience energy and perceive it. In the book I talk about what I hear, see, and feel and how that information can help the client to have a different perception of themselves. They’re really the people who got me to write the book, it definitely wasn’t a plan in mind but I’m grateful that I did it, it was a lot of fun.

Sherri: I would like to talk about your work as an author. I want to share an excerpt of one of your articles on AllThingsHealing- The Magic of Spirit- which was one of our top read articles.

“The things that frighten us most aren’t meant to shut the body and heart down. Instead, the presence of fear is truly to alert the mind that something wonderful is very close to revealing itself.  Spirit is always near and ready to illuminate all limitations. It can do this by creating a single break in thought. Turning away from fright, sometimes for only a few seconds, will transform your life.”

Why do you think people resonated so much with this article- The Magic of Spirit- or maybe even that passage?

Marie: You know its so interesting because one of the reasons I didn't want to write a book was because I was actually afraid to. I was never really good at spelling or grammar; it’s not an area that I felt strong or confident in. That's another reason why I loved being a nurse because they do a lot of abbreviations in medicine, a lot of just simple soap charting and nobody knows how to spell. [Laughter] Luckily, now its all computerized with spell-check, which is fantastic and I thought that this was another great reason to become a nurse because I don't have to work on my writing skills. My guides had told me probably since 1997 that I was going to write three books and I told them over and over again that they were incorrect and it wasn't going to happen. At first I thought I’m just mistranslating it but when you hear it all the time and its spontaneous and you’re not even asking a question, you know it’s insight. My clients and their constant asking of me to write a book and some of the girlfriend’s I had at the time decided to do a writing group and of course I was scared. Every three weeks we would meet and we would write before and share our writing and I had so much fun doing it, it was just a blast. I didn't even realize how much fun I would have in writing something I really love to do. That's what got me through the fear of it, where loving people in my life recognized that my fear wasn’t authentic, that it was an illusion, and it wasn't real. They encouraged me to go beyond it and discover something about myself that I didn't even realize existed.

Sherri: I would like to turn now to your newly released book Intuitive Self-Healing, which was released on March 1st by Sounds True. Writing a book is such an undertaking. What inspires your work as an author, and specifically, what inspired you to write your first book?

Marie: I dedicated the first book to the human race and my three daughters, of course and I feel I’m in love with human beings and I think they are fascinating. I know I am one of them, I realize I am one of the human beings but I just think this whole dimension in time, space realty is interesting. I find the things we hold ourselves back from fascinating and I find human wounding to be incredibly interesting and of course our expansion of conscious awareness profound. That's really what keeps me inspired as human beings and luckily that's who I get to work with every single day whether I’m doing hands on work, writing, speaking, doing an interview. I just feel very blessed that I love human beings so much.

Sherri: We’ve already discussed your work with the chakra system but why did you choose this as your topic?

Marie: I had read a lot of books on the chakra system, a lot of them once I saw one because originally I didn't know what they were until I found one in a body and questioned what it was. It was my nurse supervisor who said I was seeing chakras and I thought “really?” I had never studied them and then of course I read a lot of books and the way I perceived them, in my opinion, is very different. So that's why I wanted to write a book about it. Not to mention that because they are such powerful energy systems and everything in the universe is made out of energy including the liver and every part of our anatomy. If human beings allow themselves to have a relationship with their own energy system within them, then they will enhance their own organ system. I think that was part of the reason why.

Sherri: The introduction takes us through some interesting psychic phenomena. Will you elaborate more on that?

Marie: It's the phenomena that started in the meditation classes and continued every single day. In fact I read about the golden pyramids that there were hundreds of them that would just surround me and I could hear them humming, and see them. They were beautiful and about an inch in diameter, which was pretty small. When I would go to sleep at night, I would wonder if all of the psychic phenomena would disappear because it seemed like it just quickly came into my life and I really enjoyed it. I had read a lot of spirituality as a teenager like Sex Speaks and Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East and in the 70’s I had read those books and I think it had helped me to be prepared and not frightened by all of the multi-sensory experiences that I was having. In fact, I didn't even tell my husband when I was married a long time, he was one of the last people in my circle that I told because I just wanted it to be my own and I wasn't sure how he was going to respond to it. He seemed to respond almost like he didn't care, which was great but I was a little bit worried that he would say something negative and I didn't want anything to distract me from it or detach me from it. It’s like a world that I get to have for myself minus all the other human beings and my children and my work. It was a place where I got to feel supported and loved but things that most people cant see or hear and yet it feels like this private, wonderful sanctuary just for me. I think that's what also helped to develop it. My grandmother on my mother’s side was very psychic in the family and I knew that growing up because I had heard stories about her but she also had some addiction problems and I wasn't close to her. She wasn't often spoken about favorably because of some of the life choices she had made. My great grandmother, her mother, was a native American, a Cherokee Indian, who did healing on the weekends for people that would come visit the ranch that her and her husband lived on after she moved off the reservation. So when I started having these experiences, there were enough family stories that I could see why this was possible and why this was happening. It was kind of a part of my family line so I didn't have to be too completely surprised. Things continued to happen and I even began to speak to people who were no longer in a body that's one thing that I hinted about in my first book. In chapter seven there was a women who was having seizure activity that couldn’t be controlled by medical science and so she was seeing an osteopath and I was working in that office doing energy work and she was referred to me by the physician. After our first session her seizures decreased by 80% and I talk about it in a round about way because I wanted the book to be available to anyone even though a lot of people who come to your website and who have been in the spiritual realm, they are fully aware of chakras. But I meet people every single day who know nothing about them. I think the majority of the population isn’t aware of energy. I think more and more people are waking up towards spirituality, which I believe is the journey of our soul. We have a huge percentage of our population that is just waking up to awareness that maybe you or I have had for a long period of time. So I kind of kept my medium-ship out of the book as well as a couple other things because I wanted anyone to be able to read the book. Two weeks ago I was at the University of Virginia and I gave a talk to the nursing faculty about my book. I’m really glad I kept it, certainly it’s about intuition and I express it, but I also didn't make it too “woo-woo” so that hopefully anyone would feel comfortable reading it.

Sherri: Is there anything that you wanted to put in the book that you didn’t?

Marie: Working with Sounds True, they are a fabulous publisher. They let you write what you want, which is great. I don't really know otherwise since I haven’t had any experience with other publishers but I’ve heard a few authors talking about being swayed in certain directions. It is exactly how I wanted to write it. I really truly wanted it to be that way. I’m currently writing two books and so in those books there will be a little more information about medium-ship and talking to people who aren’t in a body because I also think that as we evolve that people aren’t going to need a medium to talk to their loved ones and friends and family members. I’m sure you’ve already had those experiences yourself where you have sensed them at the very least or you have a communication with them. So I think someone like myself is there to teach or encourage or inspire others to let themselves have those experiences too. I think it's a phenomenal part of our consciousness so that we don't miss loved ones so much. My father has been on the other side for about eight years now and he gave terrible dating advice when he was in a body and he still gives terrible dating advice. In fact whenever I’m on my way to a date if I’m meeting someone, he manages to pop in my car and give terrible dating advice but I’m actually touched by that. Because that is so my dad, its exactly what he would say. And I want other people to have those experiences from their loved ones because it's a comfort. Not to mention the fact I’ve heard so many beings on the other side delighted and grateful when their loved ones at least believed that they aren’t dead, that they are fully alive, having an experience, and available to support us. Sometimes even with just a hug, a scent of a flower, or a memory of a moment that we have with them but the people on the other side care for us no matter where we are in other dimensions, relationships don't end but they continue.

Sherri: Finally, I would like for our listeners and readers to know more about how they can work with you, do you offer private sessions? What is your ideal client? What are people who work with you usually looking for, what help/insight do you offer?

Marie: Well about forty-five percent of those I see are very ill. From every disease you can imagine, of course I do see a fair amount of cancer patients because of my history. I love cancer, I know that sounds weird but that whole experience changed my life literally, not just the intuitive aspect but also just loving modern medicine. You know, because of the consciousness on the planet we need a little bit of both. But then I have people who are working on prosperity, on relationships, or on finding their life purpose. People come to see me for all kinds of reasons, I’ve always had a busy practice and still do currently, and we are booking into next year I believe. Typically I am booked out five to six months in advance but with the book out we are busier but we go ahead and book people anyway and keep a cancellation list. I do mentor people in the field of energy medicine so I’m mentoring about 20 this year. I’ve been mentoring for about seven years and people who have graduated from my second level of mentorship, which I just finished my first one I think a year ago, some of those individuals who have their own practice are listed on my website under the contact page. So you can always see one of my students if you want to. I teach a lot, I’m traveling a lot right now in Seattle I’m teaching reiki and a weekend meeting workshop this year and a day long workshop on spirit guides. But I’m also traveling a lot across the country; I’m doing a keynote address on Saturday morning at the Healing Touch Program Conference in Chicago and all of my dates are listed. I’ll be in Hollyhock, teaching a five-day intuitive health program on Cortez Island in June and that should be super fun and my goal is to help people read their own energy, and of course the energy of others. That workshop will have plenty of time to get that under someone’s belt so I’m looking forward to that.

Sherri: Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Marie: Thank you so much for the interview and I would just ask people to take a chance and follow that fear. Recognizing that it really is just a road map to greater happiness and as a self-discovery of their individualization of which they truly, really are. Not who we think we are based on our limitations and the illusion of fear but of our true omnipresent self. So I hope that people will take some risk in their life and discover more of their magnificence.

Sherri: Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! What a wonderful conversation this has been! Readers and listeners, you can find out more about Marie by visiting her website energyintuitive.com where you can purchase her book and CD set and also contact her to schedule a private session. Marie’s book and CD set is also available from the Sounds True bookstore on AllThingsHealing.

Thank you so much for being here. Take care!


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About Marie Manuchehri, RN of Energy Intuitive

Marie Manuchehri is an energy medicine healer who is the perfect bridge between conventional and holistic medicine. She was raised in a family that appreciates preventive medicine, including the importance of eating nutritional organic foods and taking healthy supplements. Yet, it was during her work as an oncology nurse that she discovered and developed her skills as an energy medicine practitioner. The hospital turned out to be the ideal place to understand the energetic relationship between health and disease.


Marie’s private practice, which grew by word of mouth, now includes thousands of clients from across the world. She is an author, public speaker, teacher, and leads a mentoring program for others interested in the field of energy medicine. Her weekly radio show, Where Energy and Medicine Meet, on 1150AM KKNW, is wildly popular. Marie’s first book Intuitive Self-Healing was released on March 1st 2012 by Sounds True along with a 6-CD series How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides. She lives in Kirkland, Washington.


Connect with Marie:

Visit EnergyIntuitive.com



Make sure you are looking out for Marie's upcoming events in 2013.


You can purchase Marie's book on Amazon or Marie's Sound True store available through EnergyIntuitive.com.

* If you’d like to purchase a signed copy of Marie’s book please call (425) 825–5671.



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New life was breathed into my intentions as I became an active participant in creating the life I desired! As the people I worked with began utilizing this powerful principle, they too, reclaimed their power and began creating their desires in the present moment, rather than giving their power away by waiting for some distant future.


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