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Demystifying Numerology - Part 2

The Mind Position-Our Attention and the Duality of the Ego

by Susan Kirk
(Part 2 of a 4 Part Series - Please read Part 1: The Souls Intention-Our Guiding Light -
in this Numerology Section


...Numerology is not meant as predictive, it is more profound than that. Predictions may or may not be accurate, whereas urging ourselves to embrace the many faceted diamond of our incarnation, allows us to live in the mystery with support and consciousness.  

Numbers are the only universal language permeating every aspect of our lives. Numerology uses number symbolism to reflect and illuminate aspects of our being which define our human experience. Our soul's intention, our mind's attention, our personality expression and our life path here in Earth school. When we are conscious of our chosen attributes and challenges, we can embrace our lives and find fulfillment and true happiness. Numerology is an intuitive art, available to humanity as a means of understanding our Divine nature expressed in human form. Our name and birth date are patterns, revealing a map of your chosen gifts and challenges.

The Mind Position-Our Attention and the Duality of the Ego

Numerology is an exquisite language meant to assist us with the journey of life, which could be thought of as spirit embodied in human form. The second position in the numerology chart describes, through number symbolism, the quality of one's mind. The number is arrived at by adding the consonant value in our birth name. Mind is the aspect that focuses our attention, the vital pathway of our soul's intention.  Knowing the number represented in this position of your personal chart enables and supports an opening of this channel, so spirit, the highest and best of each of us, can flow with integrity and purpose.

The mind creates our conceptual reality and maintains the "real illusion" of separation between you and I.  The mind's job is to identify with the self as a separate and unique being, which at a human level is totally true. This is however, in contrast to our soul, the aspect of us that knows very well, in the lap of creation and for all time, we are one. The soul does not perceive separation; rather the soul's reality is one of total unity.  Being human is about learning to deal with this incredible dichotomy.  When we choose to incarnate into the mystery of life, we create through intention, a mind.  Mind is energy projected as thought, into and onto the world. Mind is dualistic by nature and therefore believes in and expresses an "either-or" point of view; it is bound by the laws of contrast.  This is where our ego is born and we develop our human "I am" and "I am not" consciousness.

The mind is the storehouse for our belief systems, where we reflect on critical choices about who we believe we are.  When we are children, if we are shown through love and acceptance that we have value, we develop confidence, a strong sense of self and a positive ego. This is the basis for making decisions that are life enhancing. If our self esteem was compromised during this critical period, then the mind can and does creates defense mechanisms, negative ego structures, and the attention we focus on the world reflects back to us a lack of belief in our divine self. If you have ever asked yourself "why do I keep repeating old patterns even though I know they are not healthy for me?" investigating your numerological mind number could bring some light to that question. If the mind is imprisoned with old beliefs, then the soul cannot express it's true purpose and we do not experience the deep satisfaction of fulfilling our intention. The mind can amplify beauty, love and compassion or it can distort that love through its identification with pain and suffering.

Let me give you an example of how number symbolism applies to these concepts. If you have a 7 mind, you have the potential to be very objective about life. You can put your attention on deep matters and study them until you are satisfied that you understand the nature or truth about the problem or teaching. If however, you are not willing to take the time to look deeply into things and resist because you have a fear or belief system that is against this, then the negative aspect of the 7 mind could play out repeatedly.  This disconnection from the true path of the 7 mind could result in an attitude of arrogance and an inability to consider or appreciate another person's point of view.  A 7 mind is served by asking the question,  "would I rather be right than happy?" Each number from 1 to 9 (and the master numbers 11 and 22), have many positive aspects. It is only when we repress or deny those qualities that we create the negative distortions. This is particularly challenging when it comes to the mind.

Mind as healer or mind as slayer? The key can be found in your numerology chart.



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About the Author



Susan Kirk has extensive training in the intuitive and healing arts.  For the past twenty years she has applied numerology as a healing tool for clients all over the world.  Susan's particular focus is on empowering the individual through self-awareness and recognition of the Soul's grand design and how to align to that beauty.







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