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Live for the Moment and not the Static that Surrounds you…
by John C. Bader


As modern, social creatures, we tend to surround ourselves with familiar objects, pictures, and furniture to make up our personal environments and feel at home. We feel comfortable at home, even if our living space is cluttered. Just as we become accustomed to the environments in which we live, we also become accustomed to people, social events, problems, and even impossible situations. Our struggles and challenges become so familiar that they become permanent fixtures in our lives. Social conditioning and the opinions of others tend to define our being all of which drives our happiness and emotional baseline, many times unknowingly!

There is another way…

Behind all the mental chatter; behind all the opinions of others; behind the static of the past and future is this surreal moment in time: The present moment…. Author, Eckhart Tolle has focused much of his energy and writing on the “Power of Now”. Tolle states, “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life.” You might be thinking – “yeah, easier said than done”.

What if living in the present moment is easier than you think?

So what exactly is the present moment? It is that fleeting moment of NOW sandwiched between miles of thoughts of the past and future. It is that split second of thought and intent that is not muddled with fear and fantasy of the future or replayed images and thoughts of the past. It is the blink of an eye and yet it is the most powerful moment in your life; an endless precession of opportunities spanning to infinity. So why is the present moment so important? Because the past is gone; there is nothing more you can do or change. The future has yet to come so why build up anxiety about something that has yet to materialize? This is important: All you should try to grasp on to is the present moment: Shafts of sunshine streaming through the trees outside. The chirp of a bird; a lawn mower in the distance; wind rustling through trees; a creak in the floor; a tingle in your foot; a positive task completed at work; a hug or compliment; stillness in your mind; a smile for no reason…

It can be that simple.

We tend to unknowingly live for the challenges that inundate our lives. We tend to care what other people think. We bring our work home. We dream about our fears and fantasy. We worry about the past which is gone. We fret over the future that has yet to evolve. What a waste of time! When we think and live this way we live for the static that surrounds us. The result is mediocrity in every facet. One can never truly self-evolve and find happiness when we live this way. Look around and revel in the irony that most of the world operates this way. There lies an important step in self-discovery: When we realize there is another way; when we stop what we are doing and silence the mind by focusing on what is happening right now, something amazing happens. Your thoughts slow; your worries drop away, fear and anxiety disappear because they do not live in the present. Such ego facilities live in the past and future: Just memories and thoughts that have no bearing on the present. Notice how you have no control over the past and future and yet that is where most of our daily thoughts reside. Understand that the present moment is the only split second of conscious thought and action you can really control. Living in the moment is pure, unfettered and authentic. When you stop and silence the static of life you allow wellness and inner wisdom to arise from within.

We all have challenges in life and living in the present moment will not fully erase our biggest hurdles. Still, when you live more in the present moment, a new path will reveal itself – a connection to this Responsive Universe that will show you a way through your biggest challenges. A new voice will emerge, sans of ego: Your True Self! There is another world awaiting you when you focus your energy, thought and intent in the present. It starts with small steps. Look for the positive changes and synchronicity. Center yourself and live for the moment and not the static that surrounds it.



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About the Author


John C. Bader is the author of the Responsive Universe, a new book now available online and at select wellness bookstores worldwide. John Bader is a blog contributor, life enhancement coach and bio-energy healing advocate. He is currently writing his follow up release, The Illumination of the Nine Mandalas - scheduled for release in 2013.


For more information visit John's:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohnCBader





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