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The Personality of Homeopaths
by Christine Breen, ISHom



Editor's Note from Christine Breen: What does is take to be a homeopath? According to a Norwegian study it may take higher levels than the 'norm' of the qualities of openness and agreeableness. But we homeopaths are just as neurotic as the rest of the population! that is, if Norwegians are like the rest of the world.

Pulsatilla by CBWilliams

A very interesting study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim finds that people who work as Homeopaths (in Norway)  “can be described as open to new and different ideas, and as caring, understanding, and altruistic persons.”

The study was conducted using the NEO-PI-R test – a personality test that measures the five major domains of personality. The results provide a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the normal adult personality.

The areas tested were: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness. Nearly 40% (128) of the members of the Norwegian association of Homeopaths were tested and their results were compared with the Norwegian population ‘norm’ sample.

Compared to the ‘norm’ population score with a mean of 50, the homeopaths tested scored significantly higher in Openness (54.7) and Agreeableness (58.0). There were significant, but small differences, according to the study’s results, in the level of Conscientiousness (52.3) with a lower score on Extraversion (48.3). Apparently, there were no significant differences on Neuroticism (49.7). (Homeopaths are as neurotic as the rest of the Norwegian population.)

One of the aims of the study is to evaluate the personality traits among people who practice Complementary and Alternative Medicine and whether knowing this information will help in career guidance.



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About the Author

Christine Breen-Williams, ISHom is a licensed professional homeopath in Ireland. She is the Irish representative for the homeopathic software company, Kent Homeopathic Associates. She has just completed Rajan Sankaran's 'Wednesdays with Rajan' - an 18 month course in learning and practicing The Sensation Method.  She is currently writing a novel, Titus Sparrow Park, which will be completed in 2012.  Read her character's blog here.


She and her husband, the Irish novelist, Niall Williams, live in the west of Ireland and London. Contact her here. Read her full profile.




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