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Homeopathic Care for Newborns
by Piper Martin BEd, DS Hom.Med



I support and care for pregnant women and often attend their births so I am able to know these little people from conception onward, and to be present at their birth is a very special aspect of my work as a homeopath. I have been attending births for all of my 12 years in practice and it has been one of the most dynamic experiences of my life. Using homeopathic remedies during labour creates dramatic change in birthing women. This ultimately impacts the newborn in the degree of gentleness or violence he/she will experience around their birth.


Based on my clinical experiences as a homeopath, second attendant (the back up midwife at home births) and as a doula I feel strongly that birth experiences profoundly affect children. The aspects that seem to have the most impact include:


  • Degree of fear a woman feels during labour
  • Amount of interventions at the birth (induction, epidural, forceps, vacuum etc.)
  • Attitude of the parents towards these interventions
  • Separation at birth
  • Procedures experienced by the baby at birth – especially suctioning and rough handling
  • Stimulation in the newborn period – bright lights, noise, being taken to busy places, handled by many people, not dressed warmly enough etc.


Generally I observe that midwives treat newborns with much reverence and love – they too have had the honor of knowing these babies from conception onward. Choosing this kind of care for your child will vastly benefit mothers and children as they are born into an environment of safety and well-being.


Entering or being born into a room in which the feeling of the room is loving, welcoming and safe impacts the baby. Consider that most children are born in the hospital where the expectation is a feeling of emergency, danger, possible death – people standing by waiting to suction, resuscitate – based on the possibility that something is wrong. Naturally this would provoke a level of fear in the baby.


What does fear look like in a baby?


  • Clenching – eyes, jaw and fists
  • Screaming and unable to be soothed
  • Sleeping non-stop – not waking to eat
  • Retention of urine
  • Retention of stool, tears and sweat
  • Separation anxiety – only able to sleep while on someone – prefer it to be their mother
  • Fear of the dark – begin to cry when the lights are shut off in the room or in the house
  • Fear of water – bathing, while mom is in the shower, swimming
  • Sensitivity to noise, light, and touch


If you have witnessed or experienced a birth in which these symptoms are the outcome for the baby–help is on the way! Homeopathic remedies can ease the initial distress of these little ones, reassure them that they are safe and ultimately allow them to be free of traumatic experiences. The mother and father must also work hard to shift their focus away from the "my baby almost died story" and instead work to ground themselves and their babies. Sometime it is also necessary to redirect friends and family that get caught up in the story of trauma.


The remedies that tend to appear most often in these situations are part of the acute miasm family which most simply has a feeling of an immediate threat of danger or death. When people encounter trauma they can be stuck in this feeling for days, months or years. In the immediate postpartum Aconite is most useful and I tend to use a high potency for babies as I perceive them to be the most vibrant of humans. I also highly recommend talking to babies about their experience, filling in the blanks for them and reassuring them of what is happening in the present. Many babies will cry and shriek uncontrollably when their mothers are relating their birth story to me. This is the most obvious way I know they are still reacting to the event and the mothers themselves can feel a charge in their own bodies as the story unfolds. Working to shift the intensity of those feelings is the point of using the remedies.


Homeopathy reminds people of what is real in the present moment and encourages them to move onward.


To learn more about Piper's work and homeopathic remedies useful in the treatment of newborns visit her website.



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About the Author


Piper Martin B.Ed., DS Hom.Med is a classically trained homeopath who has been in private practice for the past 12 years. She has specialized in working with pregnant women, attending births and treating newborns ever since she discovered it was the element of practice that made her truly happy.


Piper can be reached through her website at www.pipermartin.com or enjoy her blog.






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