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Forsaken Young Girl is Healed With Homeopathy
by Dorothy Shepherd, MD



Editor's Note from David Johnson: Dorothy Shepherd, MD described this cure of chronic abscess in a young girl in 1943. The principles described are the same as those used in homeopathy today. In other words, the homeopath's efforts are focused on treating any chronic problem in terms of the "whole person", and this understanding is crucial to the homeopath's remedy choice for a more localized problem.

A girl, badly fed, 12 years of age, thin and miserable, developed a huge abscess in her right arm, which opened itself and started to discharge a thick yellow pus from at least ten to twelve openings. In spite of giving homeopathic medicines, such as Sulphur and Silica, the abscess did not abate for seven weeks; the medicine did not aggravate or reinforce the septic process; but it made no impression on it. After seven weeks, the father turned up to inquire whether we were competent enough to deal with his child, or whether it would not be better to take her up to hospital.

I found out that the child never got any hot dinners at home, very little milk and was the general drudge of the family, as mother and father were both out at work, which meant she was carrying the baby about on her septic arm, doing the shopping and carrying the goods and doing the washing up and the many odd jobs about the house. No wonder the arm would not heal. A report was made to the school for a permit to the local invalid kitchen for extra nourishment.

But before this order had passed the various committees, etc., the arm was well on the road to recovery, the pus had ceased to discharge and healthy granulations began to appear, and the epithelium rapidly began to cover the ulcer. In a week the picture had changed, the huge foul abscess had become a clean healing wound with the skin growing over, the child slept well, the pain had gone; and the thin, miserable girl looked happier, brighter and had a better color; all because by discovering some of the correct symptoms of this recalcitrant, obstinate abscess, I had found the correct, similar drug and this had acted in the correct homeopathic way by healing quietly, simply and rapidly without provoking symptoms similar to the disease.

I had found out that the child was weepy and miserable, whining; could not take fat, felt the cold and had been inoculated against diphtheria a year ago, and she did not like her dressings put on too hot. This mean Pulsatilla to a homeopath, and Pulsatilla 30C five or six doses in the week had done the trick; even improved the child's weight; and all this before she had the chance to get extra food. Pulsatilla 30th potency: that means that the original plant tincture of Pulsatilla was diluted 30 times at the ratio of 1 in 100 at each step and at each dilution the mixture of a drop of tincture and water and spirit was violently shaken, so as to mix it thoroughly; and this unbelievably small dose made this great difference to the child's arm; it made the child happier and improved her health, and you could see the closing in of the ulcer in this short period, after it had remained stationary for weeks. When the homeopathically similar medicine was given, healing suddenly began, and it rapidly improved before your very eyes.



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About the Author

Dorothy Shepherd, MD was a gifted English homeopathic physician and entertaining educator. She was the author of "A Physician's Posy", and wrote numerous articles and lectured widely throughout her career.







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