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Arizona Passes New Legislation Supporting Homeopathy
from the American Medical College of Homeopathy


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Senate Bill 1175 and Senate Bill 1382 passed through the Arizona Legislature in April, 2011.  These Bills were seven years in the making and were the result of concentrated effort of both the local and national homeopathic communities.  It represents a major step in the growth of homeopathic medicine here in the United States.  

SB1175 has allowed a new category of practice to be licensed and regulated here in Arizona, the Doctor of Homeopathy.  It will provide a method for those practitioners who graduate from homeopathic medical schools to call themselves homeopathic doctors and to be licensed to practice.  These homeopathic doctors will be required to pass a licensing exam administered by the Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Examiners.


The link to the final Bill (1175) is attached here (www.azleg.gov/legtext/50leg/1r/bills/sb1175h.pdf).

Homeopathic medical schools are found throughout the world today and in those countries where they are present, help to strengthen and grow the practice of homeopathic medicine. Many homeopathic medical schools existed in the United States circa 1900 and helped to grow and popularize homeopathic medicine at that time in this country.

In addition, SB1175 in conjunction with SB1382 has expanded freedom legislation here in Arizona by allowing titling of those homeopathic practitioners who are practicing under the current freedom legislation to now call themselves homeopaths or homeopathic practitioners. Despite some misinformation to the contrary, this Bill in no way restricts the practice of homeopathy or nutrition here in Arizona. SB1175 and SB1382 have been supported by the Arizona homeopathic community throughout the entire legislative process.

We would like to thank all of you who have helped to make this dream a reality and who ceaselessly fight to grow and professionalize the practice of homeopathy here in the United States.

New Doctoral Program

The American Medical College of Homeopathy is accepting applications for the second class of its doctoral program. Starting in February 2012, this program is the most comprehensive homeopathic training in North America. It is a full time program, spanning four years and 4280 clock hours. The program is provisionally licensed by the Arizona Board of Private Postsecondary Education and is the first of its kind in the country. It is now available as a synchronous online program as well.



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About the Author

At AMCH, we provide a collaborative, inspiring learning environment that provides a solid foundation for practice.  We have a community of exceptional and dedicated healers and provide a student-oriented faculty. We strive to create an intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying environment of inquiry.

We offer a 4280 hour doctorial program (campus based and online), 1100 hour homeopathic practitioner certificate program (campus based and online), 40 hour acute care program, 40 and 50 hour distance learning programs, and finally a 35 hour green medicine distance learning program.

We provide both high quality academic and clinical education.  Central to our curriculum philosophy is clinical training that comprises much of our curriculum. We also place strong value on individualized learning, humanism, self-awareness and community as integral parts of the education of being a healer.

More about the American College of Homepathy.










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