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The Vibration of Food
by Maya E. Nahra, RD, LD


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I always get asked, how do I know if a food is ‘good’ or not. In a very basic sense, the answer to a good food or bad food is already engrained in the depths of your being which we know to be true… it’s about love and hate, good and bad, high and low…

Vibration or Energy

I’m no scientist or physicist, but I think we can all agree that everything is made of matter or molecules. Each molecule vibrates, or carries a certain energy, creating a whole. That whole carries the collective energy of each molecule within it. It vibrates at a specific frequency, a specific pattern, and a specific vibration. This vibration can be high or low, of love or hate, of greed or giving, of a good or bad sense.  

Dr. Masaru Emoto and the Water

You have heard about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his water experiments, in which he wrote about in his book The Hidden Messages in Water. (You can watch some of what he did here and an interview with him here.) In a nutshell, he showed and gave images and words to water and ’measured’ their crystalline structure once frozen. He found that their structures showed beautiful patterns when shown love and it’s derivative alternatively, becoming distorted when shown hate and it’s derivatives. In a sense, Dr. Emoto shows that water responds to words and sounds more so, to the vibration or energy of the those specific words and sounds. Hence showing that the vibrational pattern of molecules making up the whole responds to that vibration which is around it, picking up it’s negative or positive. It’s the transfer of energy.

If you do energy work, vibrational medicine, or go to an alternative health practitioner, they may indeed work with your energy, transferring, changing, removing, all to heal. While western medicine will heal your physical body, some forms of alternative medicine will heal your vibrational body, that area which stuck emotion or unwanted patterns may reside.

The Vibration of Food

Which brings me to my point. What is a good food? What is a bad food? This can be answered by ‘how high’ or ‘how low’ the food’s energy or vibration is.

Let’s take factory farmed cattle. Injected with hormones to grow larger, gave antibiotics when sick, lived in a tiny space without room to roam, fed a diet of corn and other leftovers, all to be slaughtered inhumanely, without ritual, without intent, simply to feed human’s addiction to meat at every meal. Some may ask, how does the cow even know what’s being done to it? Animals may not have our brain capacity but they do feel, they do carry a vibration or energy as ALL living things do. What was the last thing that cattle knew? A horrible death, a low vibration throughout it’s life and a zero intent slaughter.

The small farmed cattle have access to open land, they eat the grass, have access to sunshine and fresh air. When they are slaughtered, they are done so with a much different intent. So which piece of meat on your plate is going to carry a higher vibration? What energy or vibrational level are you putting into your body?

Fresh fruits and vegetables vs. a protein mix, soda, chips, candy. We all know which one is better for us but you can see which one carries a higher vibration? One grew from the ground and the other is devitalized, providing no ’life force,’ man-made in a laboratory.

It’s easy to see why local & sustainable efforts or organic food are a healthier options. Today’s science may not be able to ‘see’ why local vs outside the US produce is nutritionally any better than the other, but we do. It’s the ‘alive factor’, the freshness, the amount of energy an apple has when it’s fresh picked from the tree and eaten vs picked from another country and shipped thousands of miles.

So next time you find yourself asking if a food is ‘good’ or not, find out how it was grown, where it came from, what kind of life it had, how it was treated, or if it even came from Mother Earth at all.

Nourish your body with high vibrational thoughts, words, actions, and food. For it’s in nourishing yourself this way that you are nourishing all of humanity in the same manner, as we are all small parts of much bigger whole.



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About the Author

Maya E. Nahra, RD, LD: I am Maya, a registered dietitian, intentful chef, holistic nutritionist, and owner of Awakened Reconnection. It is my journey, my passion, and my life’s work, to teach of a reconnection to food, through nutrition, cooking, intent, emotion, and feeling. It is through this, that a reconnection to life naturally awakens.

Calories and fat grams are quickly losing credibility and we, as a whole, instinctively know there’s more. Food that nourishes is grown with the highest intent, harvested with humble honor, and prepared with love. Our food is made up of more than vitamins and minerals, more than calories and protein, it holds true healing power. As we live in a mindless society, we can see how it is becoming ever more important to live in awakened, heightened, conscience form. Our food is the perfect place to start. We all need it, we all consume it in some form everyday, and it has a direct connection to our Earth, to emotion, thought, intention, and to each other. As you feel the connection, really understand it deep within, the magic that is your life is awakened and the harmony you desire, in all facets of existence, become effortless to achieve.

For more information visit, www.AwakenedReconnection.com.



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