C. Albert, Artist's Statement

As a collagist, I search for healing by gathering fragments, symbols, torn culture, and piecing them together in unexpected ways.
Through this I create wholeness, recognize myself and others. I work with images that call to me, rely on subconscious wisdom through dreams, writings and closed-eye visions. I seek peace in the process. I recycle magazines, use non-toxic rice and wheat paste for glue. And always, I find beauty.


in the wind of a sneeze          mixed media collage          © C. Albert



in the wind of a sneeze

i wanted to build a house
the way ants do
hauling tiny crumbs
four times their own size
its brick walls would stack neatly

i wanted people inside
but didn't plan on a naked man
and a girl floating
as if to escape

my scissors took over
irregular rectangles fell
bricks sailed
into dizzying alignments
and windows flew away
on the wings of black birds

collage and poem first printed in Mannequin Envy




She Rises           photomontage on paper, 7.25" x 6.75"           © C. Albert




explanation to him


this creature with a half eggshell head
is not a barren womb,
she is not empty, not death and not not loving

odd things combine...
cobwebs and trash in the corner of a room,
a nest, composting peels and rinds, a torn bit of cloth,
all blow together
and sweep into the clouds

somehow she manages to fly




C. Albert, Bio

As a child, I often wrote plays that my friends and I performed. I wanted to be an artist who lived in an attic. I studied both art and literature in college and as it turns out, I lived in an attic for 13 years. I collected images from magazines, gluing favorites into a blank book, years before discovering collage. More recently, I began collecting text from magazines and gluing words into collages. The words were cryptic but enticing and I realized I wanted to write too. I thought poetry was a vegetable I didn't "get", like beets, yet that's what I wrote. Now I think poetry and beets are mysterious. I especially love beets with feta cheese, walnuts and pomegranate juice.


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