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What's On Your Plate



Editor's Note: This documentary, produced by award-winning filmmaker, Catherine Gund of Aubin Pictures in New York City, highlights the importance of young people learning about eating healthier, more organic and local foods. What's On Your Plate was filmed over a span of one year, and follows Sadie and Safiyah, two eleven-year-old friends from New York City, as they explore and learn more about food activists, farmers, storekeepers, and many others in their quest to understand the "good, bad and ugly" of what’s on all of our plates. Sadie and Safiyah address questions regarding the origin of the food they eat, how it’s cultivated, how many miles it travels from the harvest to their plate, how it’s prepared, who prepares it, and what is done afterwards with packaging and leftovers. They visit the usual supermarkets, fast food chains, and school lunchrooms. But they also check into innovative sustainable food system practices by going to farms, greenmarkets, and CSA (community supported agriculture) programs. The girls discover that these programs both help struggling farmers to survive on the one hand and provide affordable, locally-grown food to communities on the consumer end, especially to lower-income urban families. For more information check out: whatsonyourplateproject.org.



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