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Disappearance of the Universe, TV Series
by Matthew Welsh,
ATH Co-Editor of Film/Video


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Gary Renard has created a TV series based on his Disappearance of the Universe books. According to his newsletter, it’s called The Disappearance of the Universe. He’s written (along with his co-writer and future co-executive producer, Elysia Skye) a great pilot episode and a five year Treatment for the series. They have a high powered Hollywood agent and are talking to Networks and producers.

The description from the Facebook page states:

“Journey to the past and future to reveal to the masses the shocking truth about past lives, religion, sex, death, relationships, and a radical kind of forgiveness that will help save an entire world in jeopardy.

The Plot Outline states:

“Part comedy, part historical drama, and part reincarnation mystery, The Disappearance of the Universe (D.U.) is the edgy, episodic story of Gary, a former successful guitar player and now struggling day trader who retreats to the Maine countryside in despair over a recent bankruptcy and pending lawsuit, only to find that once he arrives two mysterious strangers appear in his living room to give him an assignment.”



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About the Author


Matthew Welsh is a pioneer in conscious media and spiritual entertainment. After graduating from law school, Matthew moved to Hollywood to work at a talent and literary agency, the William Morris Agency.  While working in Hollywood, he realized that there were a lot of spiritual movies, TV shows and programs being made that were not getting the attention they deserved. This experience drove him to create Spiritual Media Blog to raise awareness for emerging conscious entertainment and provide pro bono consulting services to various non-profit organizations. Matthew has served as a volunteer film reviewer for the Heartland Film Festival, an entertainment consultant for the International Interfaith Initiative, and Board Member for the Peace Learning Center.

Matthew has given motivational presentations across the country on this topic and on how you can turn your passion into your career path to venues ranging from the San Diego Convention Center, University of Notre Dame and the 
non-profit organization Professional Women’s Group for Dress for Success Worldwide. He has appeared on international media outlets including CBS Radio, Conscious Content TV and in film for the Spiritual Cinema Circle.

He is also the author of The Bottom Line, a novel about a guy in college learning how to overcome the male ego.


Bloomington, Indiana





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