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Braco - Gentle touch



There are so many ways humans can heal on this planet. One unique way I recently discovered was to stand in the gaze of a young man named Braco (Bratzo) who traveled to the U.S. from his home in Zagreb/Croatia. Braco, who seems to have a rare gift to heal, has visited a number of cities throughout the world.  He recently visited Denver, Colorado, to stand and gaze before thousands of people. I decided to sign up for this experience and felt excited about doing something I'd never done before. 

I arrived to the event nearly one hour early to stand in line in a convention center lobby with hundreds of other individuals. Once it was time, everyone entered a large meeting room with chairs neatly set up in rows.  Nearly 500 people quietly took their seats and waited, and I wound up sitting in the center of the room.  After listening to music and a few introductory speeches, we were all told to stand up.  I definitely felt like I was standing in a sacred space with everyone. 

Braco then quietly entered the room and took his place on stage.  Again, there was near silence in the room.  Braco wore a white shirt and slacks and stood facing the crowd. Almost immediately he started to gaze out at the crowd - his eyes first connected with the center section of the room, and then he looked to the right and to the left.  It seemed as if he repeatedly scanned the room with his eyes going back and forth; his face had a serious yet serene look.  When his eyes landed on mine I felt what I would describe as a "mystical loving energy."  The experience reminded me of a time when I was a teen and felt tremendous awe and wonder standing amidst the majestic giant redwoods of Northern California. 

Braco was born in 1967 and earned his Master's degree in economics.  His life was changed forever when he met Serbian healer, Ivica Prokic, in l993.  Braco's gift seems to bring healing energy to humans and I was glad and enriched to learn about this.

For more information go to: www.braco.net.



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