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The Infertility and Miscarriage Epidemic-What Can You Do About it?
by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 


I was one of the 40% of mothers who miscarry a child (my first). A generation later, my son and his wife became one of the one in six couples who were unable to conceive a child within a year. These two events have a lot to do with why my healing practice focuses on these areas.

The first thing to acknowledge, if you have had a miscarriage, is that usually you will be able to have a healthy baby afterwards. However, you have to allow yourself time for grieving. It is essential that you have a support group. Official support groups exist in many areas where, bereaved parents can discuss their losses with caring strangers who soon become friends.

In Ontario, where I live, the perinatal and infant Loss Network serves this function. I have been a volunteer phone counselor for this organization, for women who are not yet ready to come to a group meeting. Talk to your doctor or pastor, look in community listings for bereavement groups, or talk to a close friend, your husband, sister, mother…just don’t keep it inside.

Then, for the infertile and for those who have lost a pregnancy, be aware that there are many fixable factors, stress for example. When your body is so stressed that it is in fight or flight mode, the very first thing to shut down is reproduction. Your hypothalamus, which controls both ovulation and implantation, effectively turns both of these switches to the off position.

One surprisingly simple solution is Hypnosis for Fertility. All the negative messages which may have been given to you by your doctors-or even by childhood messages- can be over-ridden by a few sessions with  a hypnotist trained in this modality. The client is helped to enter a relaxed and suggestible state, in which the stress of believing one is infertile can be overcome, allowing the body to do its own healing work.

A few sessions of hypnosis can double the success rate of allopathic remedies such as IVF. Or the Hypnosis and Reiki can be used on their own. 

A Reiki Master (energy worker) can help you with healing the grief in your womb, and make your womb warm again.   

Don’t underestimate the need to have excellent nutrition prior to conception. The genetically modified corn which comprises 40% of all processed foods (in the form of high fructose corn syrup and many other ingredients with complex names) wreaks havoc with the reproductive system. In animal studies GM corn was associated with birth defects and miscarriage at very low concentrations.

As an urban farmer I keep bees and chickens, and grow grapes, cherries and pears. Try to grow at least a few veges in your garden or a community garden, or buy organic at least in those cases of fruits or vegetables which are most affected by the toxins in pesticides.

Fortunately, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has compiled a list of the "Dirty Dozen" fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue, and a list of the "Clean 15" with the least pesticide revenue. You can significantly limit your pesticide intake by avoiding the "Dirty Dozen" and eating the "Clean 15". Likewise you can stretch your dollar by buying the Dirty Dozen organic and the Clean 15 conventional. In winter, there are several items on the Clean 15 that are seasonal: onions, cabbage, sweet potatoes, grapefruit and mushrooms.

Dirty Dozen

   1. Apples
   2. Celery
   3. Strawberries
   4. Peaches
   5. Spinach
   6. Nectarines - Imported
   7. Grapes - Imported
   8. Sweet bell peppers
   9. Potatoes
   10. Blueberries - Domestic
   11. Lettuce
   12. Kale/Collard Greens

Clean 15

   1. Onions
   2. Sweet Corn - there is no required labelling for Genetically Modified Foods, so you may want to purchase this organically to avoid genetically engineered corn
   3. Pineapples
   4. Avocado
   5. Asparagus
   6. Sweet Peas
   7. Mangoes
   8. Eggplant
   9. Cantaloupe - Domestic
   10. Kiwi
   11. Cabbage
   12. Watermelon
   13. Sweet Potatoes
   14. Grapefruit
   15. Mushrooms

When I taught Holistic Nutrition at a community college I always recommended The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan and Harvest For Hope by Jane Goodall (of great ape fame). Another good recent publication is Wheat Belly by William Davis. Many people nowadays have gluten intolerances which they may not even be aware of. I have two close friends with serious gluten issues. If you are often unwell, or have stomach issues, it is worthwhile checking out the possibility and modifying your diet if necessary.

I also recommend that all prospective parents read The Wise Woman’s Guide to the Pregnancy Year by Susun Weed. She is the best living herbalist IMHO, with a multitude of suggestions for preparing for natural pregnancy prior to the conception, through diet and supplements, etc.

Some other ideas: Drink raspberry tea daily to strengthen your uterus.

Get carotene daily (carrot juice is an easy source), as carotene is most highly concentrated in the female body at the site where ovulation takes place.

Cranberry and lemon are helpful in stimulating normal ovulation also. 

In addition, you could make yourself an Aromatherapy blend. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant products which have been used for thousands of years for healing. Get clary sage (especially good for women’s issues). Rose (helpful for the grieving which you may still be doing), chamomile (soothing for the body and the soul) Use three drops of each essential oil in a short glass (one ounce). Sniff it to see if you like the scent; you can always add a drop or two of any of them. Now add an ounce of a carrier oil such as grape seed (the lightest oil)or almond oil (very nice for massage). Have your partner massage it into your abdomen. Within 20 minutes it will enter the bloodstream and   start to heal your reproductive system. (If essential oils are not needed by your system the body just excretes them.)

I would also suggest that you try lucid dreaming (plan to wake during your dream, become aware that you are dreaming, but not wake up. Next change the course of your dream, for example, by flying in your dream. Third, plan to meet your baby in your dreamtime. (When I was very pregnant with my older son I had a dream of a little boy running toward me in a field of flowers.)

Many parents also feel that meditation helps. Walter McKuchen in his book Spirit babies says that dong particular chants helps. Talking to your child (in your mind is fine) helps. Singing to your child helps (better do that out loud). You see, your baby is trying to reach you already, but as in any conversation there must be something coming from you that indicates your willingness to participate. I know it might feel strange at first, but think of it this way, Most parents are willing to talk to, sing to, even read to the baby in utero. Be willing to start now, before conception. The little one is already in your aura and fully aware of all you do and feel. 
Clients have reported that when they started doing this they got obvious signs back, such as seeing a butterfly in an unlikely place. The butterfly is a universal sign of transformation. It is also often the form a spirit takes between human lives. One client reported seeing a butterfly in her backyard while texting her husband. At the very same time, her husband was observing a butterfly miles out to sea where he was fishing with his father-in-law. 
Just be aware of the fact that your baby wishes to make herself known. Another client has heard her baby calling to her "mommy, mommy mommy" , four times so far. She is not yet pregnant. Spirit may use a song on the radio or a sign flashing by you as you drive to give a message, although i have not yet heard of a Spirit Baby doing this. But you can develop your own abilities of clairvoyance (seeing things in your mind's eye) clairaudience (hearing something your baby says) clairsentience (feeling her presence) or claircognisance (knowing something about her) if you are motivated and open to the possibility.

Christine Nightingale, B.A. (Psychology), Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, Aromatherapist, Spirit Baby medium



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About the Author


I have now worked with over a hundred couples, helping them communicate with their miscarried or terminated or not yet conceived babies. It is extremely rare for a woman who wants a baby to NOT have a Spirit Baby in her aura, but when that has happened she has gotten a full and satisfactory explanation from her guide or angel.  It is gratifying every time I receive an email message or baby pictures. (Most of my clients are by email. Time and space have no meaning in the spiritual dimension).


Christine's first pregnancy led to a miscarriage that directly led to helping others with the same experience. Her older son and wife suffered infertility for four years which further increased her interest in helping families with this situation.








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