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The Future: What Will Happen in 2012? Part Three
by Elaine Seiler,
ATH Guest Editor of Energy Medicine   



See Part 1 and Part 2

As 2012 unrolls, and the energetic evolutionary process picks up momentum, we may each experience a myriad of adaptive symptoms. Know that often you are most likely not ill, though you may feel that you are. In fact, you may be healing in the most profound way possible as you evolve into the next human species on Earth.   
Rather than list the myriad of symptoms you may experience—symptoms that can range from rashes to dizziness, from coughs to cramps, I want to offer you a few clues. These can help you determine if what you are experiencing is an energetic symptom of the evolutionary process, or a true third dimensional illness. Either way, I suggest you consult your medical practitioners and follow their advice. But as you do so, I invite you to at ask yourself the following questions:

     1. Is this symptom or situation static, or does it come and go for no ostensible reason?
For example, one moment the cramp or rash is there, the next moment it is gone – and then it may return again. If so, it is most likely energetic.

     2. Is there anything in the field around you that might be reflected in your situation? 

A) I experienced a short-lived back pain a few years ago that made it difficult for me to rise from a sitting to standing position. I felt bent over like a hunch-back. I later learned that Mother Teresa had died that very same afternoon and she had a hunchback condition. Twenty-four hours later, I had no more pain. I believe my pain was energetic and reflective.

B) If you are experiencing an earache, is there something in the field you don’t want to hear? Any issue with your physical senses may have a deeper meaning.

C) If you are congested and having difficulty breathing, ask yourself this: is it because there is so much toxicity in the field that you cannot process it through your body? If this is the case, it may be why you have become congested.

     3. Is your symptom or situation your body’s attempt at finding a new place of balance?
For example, if you feel dizzy, are you experiencing true vertigo or are you being spun around by the new energies as you try to find your new place of balance?

Does it matter if your so-called ‘illness or symptom’ is energetic or physical? Yes, it does. If it is an energetic reflection, it is really only a shadow of whatever you think it might be. It is almost totally waves of energy that can pass through the body rapidly and easily. Once you label the condition with the name of an illness, you concretize it in the physical and it becomes denser, slow in its vibration and therefore harder to release.


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About the Author


Author and energetics expert Elaine Seiler is at the forefront of explaining humanity's "energetic evolution" and how we can cope and thrive in the face of rapid change. Elaine is a life and career coach, researcher, mother and grandmother. In 1992, after 20 years of work as a career consultant and life coach, she discovered energetics, the study and use of multi-dimensional energies and their interplay with life on earth. She is the author of Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution and Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook: Exercises for Energetic Awakening. Learn more at www.transformationenergetics.com and www.multi-dimensionalyou.com.


Read Elaine's full bio on ATH.







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