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Healing As A Process
by Ben Oofana


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The form of healing that I practice has served as the predominant form of medicine within indigenous cultures throughout the world. Those who possessed gifts of healing served as both physician and psychotherapist among the native tribes of North America.

Native people would engage in these healing practices through out their lives. Many individuals within the tribes would participate in ceremonies such as the sun dance or vision quest, in which they fast for four days and nights without food or water. During these processes, various beings will often come to assist a person in their process of healing. Those who participated in the vision quest or sun dance would often receive gifts of healing and other kinds of powers that they could utilize to help themselves and others.

Some people would participate in the sun dance or vision quest every year. They may even participate in either or both two or more times during the year. To give you some perspective, one vision quest is probably equivalent to twenty individual sessions.

In addition, these individuals would participate in various other healing ceremonies through out the year. Once a person pledged himself or herself to participate in the ceremonial processes or work with one of the traditional doctors, they saw it as a commitment. That’s because the beings who assist in these healing practices set the process in motion as soon as the commitment is made. When someone breaks that commitment, it leaves a lot of lose ends or creates unfinished business, and that’s not good karma.

Native people had a much greater understanding of these healing practices and that’s why they were able to get so much more out of it. The level of commitment and dedication is far greater than most in our modern society could ever imagine.

Native people who engaged in these healing practices had a purity about them. Their bodies were strong and their minds clear. They continued to grow and learn through out their lives. Many of them were of exceptionally high intelligence and had highly developed intuitive and instinctual capabilities. Some of them also possessed extraordinary powers.

These healing practices are an everyday reality within many indigenous cultures. Most people in our modern society have no point of reference for these realms of healing.

It’s the lack of accurate models of healing or understanding that causes people to sabotage or interrupt their own opportunity to truly heal.

I find that most people within this society have a backlog of emotion and unresolved issues stuffed down inside of them. This emotional backlog turns into a heavy congestive residue. It causes a person’s energy or presence to feel stale and stagnant as it saturates the physical and subtle bodies. This congestive residue impairs the functioning of the cells, organs and systems of the body.

Suppressing emotion deadens our consciousness, causing us to lose touch with the awareness of what we are feeling. This numbing out causes parts of our mind and body to shut down. When this happens, we become more disconnected and removed from direct engagement in life. We are not as present to ourselves and what’s going on around us. Instead, we are more likely to live in the realities that we create in our minds. And because of that, #9; we may lose much of the mental agility that allows us to really listen and hear what others are saying and to be present to what is really happening in our world and to adaptively respond to circumstances.

Many of the conflicts that we fail to resolve become internalized in such a way that they become part of our makeup. Parts of our psyche split off or become separated from our conscious awareness. This causes a fragmentation in our psyche. These conflicted mental and emotional dynamics become fixated in our psyche. From there they become powerful driving forces that play a large part in determining the course of our lives.

During the individual sessions, this emotional backlog is "predigested". The undigested emotional residue is taken through a process where it is purified and converted back into it’s pure essence. This has the effect of softening or diffusing much of the difficult or painful emotions. This allows your emotions to become more manageable and you will find it easier to work through the issues that present themselves to you.

Digesting the emotions allows you to resolve many of the internal conflicts, which in turn will bring about a much greater sense of integration.

The individual chakras function as digestive assimilative organs. They help us to digest or process our thoughts and feelings and they also correspond with our ability to function in various parts of our lives.

The subtle bodies composed of the various layers of the aura and the chakras, are a large part of what makes up the mind. I see the subtle bodies, our physical body, emotions and our spirit are part of an interconnected system. The subtle bodies reflect the level of functioning within our brain, all our organs and systems and the various levels of our human awareness. Damage to the subtle bodies can effect the functioning of the physical body and vice versa.

There are many instances in which the chakras fail to develop or they become damaged in some way. When that happens we may lack the resources to effectively cope with the events of our lives and to digest our internal responses to them. As a result, we are more likely to feel overwhelmed.

Children who don’t feel safe, secure, loved and wanted often disappear into their fantasies and daydreams. They never become fully present in their bodies and that prohibits the chakras and levels of the aura from fully developing. The chakras may also fail to develop when we lack a sense of purpose or fail to actively pursue our vision by taking constructive steps on a continual basis to make it happen.

The chakras often become damaged as a result of physical or emotional trauma. The difficult or painful emotions that we suppress can cause irregularities in the structure and functioning of the subtle bodies. Sometimes the chakras will appear to be constricted or bound up. In some instances they will spin back and forth erratically. The emotions that we have failed to digest will cause the chakras and layers of the aura to become saturated with a heavy congestive emotional residue. That will often cause the chakras and layers of the aura to break down. The use of substances from tobacco, alcohol, medications and recreational drugs can also result an impairment of the natural functions of the physical and subtle bodies.

Resisting our emotions and the process of change causes us to become rigid. Sometimes this rigidity will be reflected within the subtle bodies as they develop a rigid or calcified quality about them. These patterns become more apparent within the subtle bodies as people age. The subtle bodies will often start to break down in the later years of life or when a person experiences a serious illness.

A process takes place during the healing sessions in which the beings working through me begin to rebuild or regenerate the physical and subtle bodies. The patterns associated with dysfunctional or limiting behaviors are reconfigured. New and more resourceful new models begin to develop, which create a stronger and healthier foundation. This process takes place in stages with each healing session building on the one before.

True healing is a process that takes time. I recommend that most people do at least ten sessions. Many people report experiencing very powerful changes in one or two sessions, however, the really profound changes take place over the course of months or years.

During the individual healing sessions damaged and diseased tissues are repaired. In addition the body is cleansed of toxicity. Many existing imbalances within your body will begin to clear up. Your body will become healthier and more resilient.

As I mentioned earlier, most people contain a backlog of emotions and unresolved issues. Each session takes you into progressively deeper layers. You will find yourself digesting more of the backlog of emotions and resolving more of the issues that have effected you through out your life. You will begin to really clean up your life, and this will allow you to develop healthier, more fulfilling and more meaningful relationships.

The subtle bodies can be significantly damaged or may have failed to develop. Many people are lacking the resources that enable them to live as fully functional human beings. Over time the damage within the subtle bodies can manifest as pathology within the physical body.

With each session, the beings working through me gradually build the chakras and layers of the aura. Your physical brain will become much more active and your mind will continue to open and develop. You will start to develop many new resources and capacities, which will allow you to live a much fuller and more productive life, which will enable you to function at higher levels. You will find yourself experiencing a deeper connection to your source along with a clearer sense of purpose.

Years ago I was working with a woman who worked as a stripper. She dramatically cut down on  her use of substances while we  were working together and she began to clean up many other aspects of her life. At one point she said to me, "I can't keep going in that club anymore, it  feels so horrible." She quit stripping. During that time she was able to further  develop her abilities as a singer and songwriter. She went on to do some recordings  and  to  tour the country with her music.  Such changes are  common as we clear  the layers of deadness and unresolved conflicted issues. As this happens your true self will begin to emerge.



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About the Author

Ben Oofana is a healer who initially began his training with Horace Daukei, the last surviving traditional doctor among the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. Ben went on to study with Chinese Master Li Tai Liang in Xin Yi Quan, Baguazhang, Tai Chi and Chi Gong. For more information, visit Ben Oofana's website.








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