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Coping with Stress ~ Part Two
by Elaine Seiler



In my last article, I introduced the concept of healing stress through energetics. The question was simple: What can we do to shift from a stressed to an emotionally balanced state? The answer was to shift gears, just the way you would shift gears in a car. Shift from a low gear to a high gear, shift from one vibrational state to another. 

So how do we change energetic gears? Here is a simple and effective strategy you can start using today:
     1. Stop your own movement, mental and physical. Quiet yourself.
     2. Breathe. Take a few deep breaths and become as calm and balanced as you are able.
     3. Release. Continue breathing until you feel yourself releasing whatever is causing your stress.  See it flowing out of your body and breath as a wave of energy.
     4. Move into a neutral state. In that state vibrations are calm and balanced and then you can.
     5. Shift into a higher state of vibrations, by imagining yourself on an imaginary trip to a place or time when joy was present. Then, you will…
     6. Experience the joy, contentment, or excitement of that place or time anew.

No, this is not magic. It is actually possible to re-capture and re-experience the excitement of Christmas morning, the joy of the day your child was born, or the contentment you felt during a walk in the sun on the beach. So every time that you are experiencing stress or other negative emotions, simply stop, breathe, release, move, and shift – and then reap the benefits of your newly positive emotional state.

It doesn’t matter where you go in your mind in that neutral state, as long as you shift gears from the negative place that was dragging you down. Let your mind go first into a neutral state, and then transition into a positive state that shifts your vibratory field.  What is so important is that in that new state of mind the overwhelming stress, depression, hopelessness, sadness, anger, or whatever negativity you felt just a moment ago cannot be present. The vibration of joy is higher, faster, and stronger than the vibration of sadness. They cannot co-exist.

So your challenge is to shift in your mind into a positive state through visualization, thus banishing the negative emotions. Feel the energy, enjoy it, celebrate it. This new state may only last a moment or it may last a whole evening. However long it continues, congratulate yourself for your achievement in energetically shifting gears. Then repeat the process, over and over, as many times as is necessary until you can sustain the new state. 

And, while you are doing this, pay attention to what occurs in your environment, because change will actually occur there as well. As you become positive in your perspective, good and positive things are drawn to you. People with positive attitudes, opportunities, and experiences will be drawn to you. It will seem like magic, but it is not. You will have transformed the energetic world in which you live and in so doing you will have created a new physical and energetic reality. The physical world around you will begin to reflect and mirror the vibrations in your being that you are creating with your thoughts. 

Try this exercise. Share it with your friends and family… and watch as stress becomes peace and you realize that you can shift your way of being any time you stop, detach from that which is disturbing you, go into neutral, and bring in the positive energies of joy, peace, and harmony.



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About the Author


Author and energetics expert Elaine Seiler is at the forefront of explaining humanity's "energetic evolution" and how we can cope and thrive in the face of rapid change. Elaine is a life and career coach, researcher, mother and grandmother. In 1992, after 20 years of work as a career consultant and life coach, she discovered energetics, the study and use of multi-dimensional energies and their interplay with life on earth. She is the author of Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution and Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook: Exercises for Energetic Awakening. Learn more at www.transformationenergetics.com and www.multi-dimensionalyou.com.


Read Elaine's full bio on ATH.







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