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Coping with Fear in 2012
by Elaine Seiler,
ATH Guest Editor of Energy Medicine



As I listen to those around me, I hear a great deal of fear being expressed – fear of the year itself and what the end of it will bring, fear of the changes happening in the world, fear of the unknown, of terrorism, death, economic collapse, natural disasters, being alone, living in poverty, or even having abundance and losing it. Whatever our circumstances we as a human species seem to live in a state of heightened anxiety these days. 

Right here, right now, I invite you to make a commitment to your own well-being – to trust in yourself and the universe.

As you stay awake at night, concerned about how you are going to feed your family, or face whatever challenge is on your doorstep, you constrict. Not only does the constriction make your breathing and general physical functioning more difficult, but it also shuts down the energetic pathways that run from the universal source of energy to you. Those pathways are necessary to manifest your goals. When they are blocked, it is less and less possible for your inspiration or guidance that moves along those energetic pathways to come through to you. Everything is connected to everything else. The very thing you fear is more likely to occur due to your fear, for the fear itself blocks the pathways to solutions. 

It has been said that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Separating real from imagined fear, and what we can control from what we cannot, goes a long way towards eliminating fear from our daily diet of emotions. 

I offer to you a 10-step program for shifting gears and moving from fear to trust:

1. Stop. Take a breath. Shift your thoughts by making positive statements to yourself. And to others. I can and do support my family. I am able to ski down that mountain. I am able to speak in front of that audience. I am able to find a good paying job. This is not about how you will achieve these things, it is about recognizing the power of your thoughts and breaking the pattern of negative, fear-based thinking.

2. Look at your fears energetically. Think about ‘energies’, not feelings. Remind yourself that you are a cluster of energies clothed in a human body. From an energetic perspective, you, as energy, can never be harmed or eliminated. You feel vulnerable as a physical individual on this physical plane, but in truth, you are merely waves of energy gathered together for a limited time, called a human life. You were energy before, you are energy now, and you will be energy after death. If you really thought of yourself as a cluster of energies, not an individual person with responsibilities and commitments, what would you do differently? How would you think differently? Would you feel less fear?

3. Open your constricted body. When you are in fear, all the physical and energetic pathways in your body shut down. Guided solutions cannot come through. So breathe. Bend. Twist. Stretch. Sing. Dance. Move. Open the body’s pathways of energy to allow your creative spirit’s intervention to come through.
4. Distract yourself in any way that works for you. Write in a journal, jog, meditate, do yoga, play a game, email, text, paint, play an instrument, read a book. The goal is not solving the problem, but distracting your mind from the circling repetitive negative, fear-filled thoughts.

5. The solution already exists.  Act as if that is so. Open up your mind so that the solutions that exist in the other realms… and they do already exist. They will manifest. 

6. Use the light. Surround yourself with light. Surround the challenge with light. Ask that your guardian angels, guides, or The All That Is to enter into your field and assist you to resolve the issue. 

7. Meditate. Take a meditative journey towards resolution. See a pathway ahead of you, a corridor with multiple doors. Open each and every door for each possibly leads to your solution. In your mind, allow yourself to see what is behind each door. Write about your experience. 

8. Remember that positive vibrations override negative ones. Positive, loving, trusting thoughts carry a high vibration, which in turn overrides that of slower, lower thoughts. Fear cannot continue to exist in a field of higher energies. Shift gears and watch your fears disappear.  

9. Remember that “Like attracts like.” Positivity draws positivity and negativity draws negativity. Monitor your thoughts carefully, because they help determine your future. Every time you think or state a negative thought, stop and shift gears. Instead of “Don’t do that...you will fall.” Say, “Please walk on the sidewalk, rather than on the ledge.” Instead of “There are no jobs out there”, say, “Even though it may appear that there are not many jobs out there, I am going to get the right and perfect job for me.”  As you shift your thoughts, you will gradually shift your beliefs. As your beliefs become more positive, you will, indeed, shift what you draw to you.

10. Focus on one minute at a time. Practice letting go of your anxiety for one minute, and then for another minute, then for two and then for five. Continue until you sense/feel the disintegration of the negative feelings in the presence of the higher vibration of love, trust, and knowledge.


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About the Author


Author and energetics expert Elaine Seiler is at the forefront of explaining humanity's "energetic evolution" and how we can cope and thrive in the face of rapid change. Elaine is a life and career coach, researcher, mother and grandmother. In 1992, after 20 years of work as a career consultant and life coach, she discovered energetics, the study and use of multi-dimensional energies and their interplay with life on earth. She is the author of Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution and Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook: Exercises for Energetic Awakening. Learn more at www.transformationenergetics.com and www.multi-dimensionalyou.com.


Read Elaine's full bio on ATH.







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