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Aspects of Spiritual Healing and the Spiritualization of Matter ~ Part Two
by Daniel J. Benor, MD


Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of 2. Click HERE for Part 1.

The experience of integrating spiritual healing with conventional medicine in England is instructive.

In the mid 1970s British healers formed a healing organization that lobbied the government to allow healers to treat patients in National Health Service hospitals. With one governmental decision, 1,500 hospitals were opened to healers.

In the early 1980s, healers joined in organizations that standardized a code of conduct. The code of conduct was sent to various medical, nursing and midwifery associations for review and was given their approval.

Since 1988, the Doctor-Healer Network has provided a forum for doctors, nurses and other conventional health care professionals to meet with healers, other complementary therapists and clergy to explore how healing can be integrated with conventional medical care.

There are DHN regional groups in England: London; Yorkshire; Lancaster; Bath/Bristol and others. There are General Practitioners who have healers working in their offices, and some of the healers are paid under the NHS. Many more doctors are referring patients to healers at the healers' treatment rooms. Some doctors are developing their own healing gifts. Doctors can obtain postgraduate education allowance credits for learning to develop their healing gifts. Two hospital pain centers, three hospital cancer centers, a rheumatology ward and a cardiac rehabilitation center have healers working there regularly. The Doctor-Healer Network Newsletter shares the experiences of healers and doctors between DHN groups and with interested subscribers around the world.

How has this been possible? Clearly, the National Health Service, with its centralized, governmental management facilitated this process. England is also a country where eccentricities are cultivated, so that an interest in healing may be more tolerated than in the States.
Is this transformation possible in the US?

I believe it is.

The research data is crucial to doctors in considering whether they would have anything to do with healing. However, the research alone will not bring about changes. In addition to convincing people at an intellectual level, they must be introduced to healing experientially.

On an individual basis, it is very difficult to change the view of health care professionals. Each individual is afraid of peer censure that can be brutally vicious. Doctors, nurses and researchers may imperil their professional advancement, research grants and their jobs by advocating something that their employers, supervisors or peers do not accept. (In many ways this is akin to the treatments received by heretics who espoused beliefs that differed from those of their religious compatriots. This has led some to suggest that scientism is the religion of the Western world.)

I do not criticize people who are slow to assimilate new observations and theories. It took me two years after observing Ethel's healing before I was ready to explore the development of my own healing gifts.

Getting doctors and nurses together in groups helps them to deal with these concerns. When one doctor lets on that he's seen a good response in a patient from healing, and a second allows that someone in his own family responded well to healing, the ice is broken. Each empowers the others to speak up. Gradually, with several meetings over a number of months, the process of healers rubbing elbows with health care professionals leads to greater mutual understanding and to cross referrals of patients.

On broader fronts there are further approaches that can be fruitful.

Chiropractors have lobbied successfully to obtain recognition for their treatments, with almost no research evidence to support their claims or explanations for treatments.

I believe the public is learning to appreciate healing much more quickly than the health care professionals. One of my favorite cartoons is of a patient standing before the receptionist's desk, asking: "Does the doctor hug?"

The public, voting with their dollars, are bringing about greater acceptance of complementary therapies. David Eisenberg, M.D. published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine in January, 1993, showing that almost as many dollars were spent in 1990 on complementary therapies as on conventional medical care. It was not long after that numbers of medical schools, including Harvard, introduced courses for medical students on complementary therapies.

In England, money also speaks. A General Practitioner published a study showing that the healer working in his practice saved money by halving the visits of patients with chronic problems and reduced their medication bills.

This has been a popular item in the news media.

The safety of healing is also impressive, with no known serious side effects. Safety can also be measured by malpractice insurance costs. Healers pay under four British pounds annually for roughly the same coverage for which doctors pay over a thousand pounds.

Much of the foregoing related to the material world with which we are familiar. Perhaps even more important is the opening to spirituality that occurs with involvement with healing.
Healing opens us to our spirituality.

Spirituality is an awareness that has atrophied in our society. Western culture is something of an aberration when compared to the majority of other cultures, where the spiritual dimensions are experienced and conceptualized as normal parts of existence -- not paranormal, mystical, or to be rejected.

Again we must clarify our terminology. When I speak of the spiritual I intend to address those realms or dimensions where awareness can visit without the body, where time future and past are all in the now, and where form and space are mental constructs.

In these dimensions our spirits continue their existence and development between physical lives. There is research evidence for this from a wide range of psi phenomena, including: remote viewing (sometimes called travelling clairvoyance); out-of-body, near-death and deathbed vision experiences; apparitions (ghosts); channeling and other mediumistic phenomena; and reincarnation research. The research evidence from these diverse fields is, overall, consistent and produces a coherent picture. We haven't the time to go through this, but it is summarized in Volume III of Healing Research.

Suffice it to say that the spirit appears to be an eternal entity that precedes and survives physical existence. Physical existence upon earth appears to be a lesson that is chosen by our spirit prior to birth. Our consciousness continues after physical death. Should we not get a "passing grade" or learn the lessons needed in one physical lifetime, we may return again until the lessons are learned. Lessons continue on ever increasingly refined levels until we attain dimensions of group consciousness. Eventually, as the mystics say, the sparks from the original fire return to the eternal flame.

From the vantage of the spiritual dimensions, our existence within the material realms of earth is an exploration, or digression, into the very densest levels of energy. The material body is like a garment taken up by the spirit in order to explore particular lessons for the advancement of the soul. In our lessons we are repeatedly present us with choices regarding relationships, attitudes and actions. If we make poor decisions, we may not graduate into the next levels of existence, but might have to repeat the class with other teachers. If we do graduate and leave physical existence, we might choose an elective tutorial, sticking around in our spirit bodies in order to help those still struggling in the physical classrooms. At some point, we move on to further personal spiritual development in universities that we cannot even begin to comprehend from the vantage of our earthly existence and awareness.

Treat VI Conference Keynote Address, Virginia Beach, Virginia, April 30, 1994

Copyright © Daniel J. Benor, M.D. 1994  Reprinted with permission of the author, P.O. Box 76 Bellmawr NJ 08099 
www.WholisticHealingResearch.com   DB@WholisticHealingResearch.com

In Part 2 of this series, Dr. Benor talks about integrating spiritual healing with conventional medicine.



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About the Author

Dr. Benor is a wholistic psychiatrist. His psychiatric psychotherapy blends elements from intuitive and spiritual awareness, spiritual healing (as in Reiki and Therapeutic Touch), Meridian Based Psychotherapies (WHEE, Emotional Freedom Techniques), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Chakra Psychotherapies (Matrix Therapy), transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, meditation, imagery and relaxation (psychoneuroimmunology), dream analysis, and other approaches. Dr. Benor has taught this spectrum of methods internationally for 20 years to people involved in wholistic, intuitive, and spiritual approaches to caring, health and personal development.

Dr. Benor founded The Doctor-Healer Network in England and North America. After 10 years in England he has returned to work in Medford, New Jersey (near Philadelphia). He is the author of Healing Research, Volumes I-IV and many articles on wholistic, spiritual healing. He is the editor and publisher of the recently launched International Journal-of-Healing-and-Caring-On-Line.

Professor Benor is a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine, Coordinator for the Council for Healing, a non-profit organization that promotes awareness of spiritual healing, and has served for many years on the advisory boards of the journals - Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Explore, Subtle Energies (ISSSEEM), Frontier Sciences - the Advisory Council of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychotherapy (ACEP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and the Advisory Board of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine (UK).

For more information, visit www.WholisticHealingResearch.com.



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