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A Conversation with Dr. Richard Gerber
by Guy Spiro

of The Monthly Aspectarian



Vibrational medicine is, in fact, the science of the soul. It is the science that tells us how spirit manifests through molecular biology.

Guy Spiro: How did your work with vibrational medicine come about?

Richard Gerber: It really came about as a result of my looking for answers to healing. I became interested in things alternative back in the early ’70s. My grandfather, who I was very close with, was diagnosed with metastatic bladder cancer. He was in tremendous pain, and having horrible reactions to all the medications they were giving him to try to relieve the bone metastases. This was shortly after Nixon had made his historic trip to China, so acupuncture was in the news. My mother talked to one of the anesthesiologists on staff and found out that he trained in China and knew acupuncture. He worked on my grandfather, and that night was the first night of sleep he had had in months. This made a profound impression on me. A few years later when I was in medical school, I had a lot of questions on things like acupuncture. I started to hear about some initial research trying to verify the effects of “laying on of hands” healing that was very intriguing to me. I started medical school in 1976 and had lots of questions for my professors that they really didn’t have answers for. So I ended up pursuing my own alternative medical education simultaneously to my conventional education. It was a paradox to me, because here I was learning about all of the wonderful benefits of drugs and surgery and all of the attendant side effects, and here were all of these other fabulous, less invasive types of healing approaches that just were not being utilized. I had heard of things like homeopathy, but these treatments were just being pooh-poohed by the medical group, and it was something that I really needed to get more information about.

GS: 1976 was the stone age. There was outright hostility.

RG: Definitely I was at that time considered very far out by the medical school and the teachers. As something of a complete irony, for the last eight years I’ve been a guest lecturer in their alternative medicine program. I’ve come back as the authority figure to lecture the students, and my lecture segment is probably one of the more popular of that particular unit.

I began to put together what I thought was a systems approach to how all of these alternative healing things, like homeopathy and therapeutic touch, seemed to make sense to me. They didn’t have to defy conventional scientific wisdom, because it didn’t make sense to say that everything I had learned was wrong and I had to start over again. But instead, in the same way that Einstein looked at Newton’s world view and said that what Newton had discovered wasn’t necessarily wrong, it was just a subset of the bigger picture, I came up with this idea that the vibrational medicine viewpoint of how all of these things fit in together is as different aspects of energy.

GS: Of course, mainstream medicine’s resistance was about market share.

RG: The economic turf issue was the whole reason that the creation of the American Homeopathic Association was seen as a threat against American medicine, and resulted in the creation of the AMA. It was the direct threat of economic infringement that the M.D.s felt was getting onto their turf. Two years after the American Homeopathic Association was formed, the AMA was formed. It was economic, definitely. But ultimately it’s going to be economics that is going to be the saviour for vibrational medicine.

What’s happening is that the crisis care orientation in medicine and the tremendous cost of researching new drugs — the cost of pharmacological research — is pricing medicine beyond what conventional businesses can afford to pay. Now there is a shift in medical research to what’s called Outcomes Based Research, which doesn’t get tied up in the argument of “what is the mechanism” of your particular drug or therapy. A lot of people dropped good therapies like homeopathy, electrotherapy, and even color therapy, because they couldn’t quite explain how it worked. I call it the Embarrassment Theory. They were too embarrassed to tell their colleagues, well, I don’t know ... but it works. We used aspirin for so many years when we didn’t know how it worked, but we still used it. So you start looking at twenty cases treated with conventional means and twenty cases treated with complementary and vibrational medicine approaches, and you look at how many people got better and what did it cost the patient. I think big business is going to start looking at this Outcomes Based Research and say, “Gee, you’ve got 25% that got cured with the alternative side and, in fact, it cost 20% of what the other stuff did.” So ultimately it is going to be conventional medicine pricing itself out of the market.

GS: What were the steps you went through, the different things you looked at?

RG: I actually came in through the back door of parapsychology. I was fascinated with laying on of hands healing, which at that time was called paranormal healing in the research literature. I was reading people like Lawrence LeShan who was a psychologist who was actually one of the first people to develop a training program in Psychic Healing. He was well known in the late 70s, early 80s. His group was called the Psychic Healing Research Project. He ended up starting a group called the PSI Society which stood for Parapsychology Society International. When I was a medical student, I was invited to join the Board of Directors, and once a month we would invite people who were prominent researchers in healing and psychic research to come to lecture in Detroit.

So we had some of the most prominent psychic healers that are very well known today come through our doors, and I got to pick their brains and speak to them long before they got to speak with the audience. I don’t know if you’re familiar with a healer by the name of Olga Worall, she was kind of considered the Grandma of Psychic Healing and was probably one of the most powerful and scientifically tested and validated healers of the time. She would come in in her little fur coat and do fabulous healing, but she didn’t have a clue as to how it worked. As I talked to a lot of healers, they knew they had this ability but they didn’t really understand the mechanism. I had started from the perspective of the left brain Mr. Spock Scientist before I shifted over to the right brain experiential work of actually beginning to experience some of these things. As a doctor and a scientist, I had to have a world view that made sense to me of how these phenomenon fit into what I thought was the evolving model of science.

GS: Well, yes, if it works, there has to be a way that it works.

RG: Right, it’s not that everybody is pulling a hoax on the rest of the world. There’s a phenomenon in physics called the White Crow effect. You cannot make a statement that all crows are black if you see at least one white crow. In particle physics, all you need is one high energy cloud chamber picture of the missing particle and everybody in physics gets excited. But in alternative medicine and parapsychology, you publish three pictures and everybody says it’s all a hoax. It strains the credibility and the thinking of so many people because it goes against the belief systems of mainstream science.

When my book Vibrational Medicine came out in 1988, there was a study published in the somewhat prestigious scientific journal, Nature, by a friend and colleague, Jacques Venveniste. He worked for the French equivalent of the National Institute of Health and published this study that involved isolating cells from the body called basophils. These are the cells in the body that release histamine, which is what messes up people with allergies. When you trigger these cells with a known allergen like ragweed pollen, they release histamine and you get itchy eyes and a runny nose. People take antihistamines in order to block the release of histamine from these cells. What Venveniste did was make solutions of these antigens, which would be the equivalent of making ultra weak dilution of ragweed pollen, just like in homeopathy where you use one drop of solution to 99 drops of water. He stirred the dilution with a magnetic stirrer, and kept making progressively weaker dilutions, to the point where there shouldn’t be any molecules of the antigen left. But he was still getting histamine release.

This appeared to be scientific evidence that homeopathy works. But Nature was so skeptical they said we don’t believe it because it goes against conventional science. So Venveniste did the extraordinary thing of going out to four other laboratories and got them to replicate his work. When he came back to Nature with the replicated results, they found they had to publish it. Unfortunately, it created such an uproar in the scientific community (this was within a month of my book being published), that Nature went back and sent their own people in, including The Amazing Randi, the ultimate debunker, and they played around and messed around with things. The initial replication study was positive, but when they started messing around with things, they couldn’t repeat the work, so they published a retraction stating that the dilution phenomenon was a delusion. Conventional science is safe.

GS: I call it Fundamentalist Science.

RG: I think it has to do with a lot of things, but basically it has to do with the protection of the scientific model as sacrosanct and unchangeable. As if our thinking is without flaw and not subject to change. If you look at the history of science, there are some people that have made some fascinating predictions. These are supposedly the experts in the field. Like IBM saying that the computer will never be smaller than a room. The people that published in Scientific American who said that heavier than air flight will never happen with the Wright Brothers. In essence, I think you can look at it a couple of ways. One is that the true definition of impossible is relative to your time frame. Also, Arthur C. Clarke made an interesting quote that any sophisticated science will appear as magic to a more primitive culture. So depending on your level of sophistication, what we think is impossible today will turn out to be possible tomorrow.

From my perspective in vibrational medicine, I tell people that this is a model in transition, that is going to change based on new experimental evidence. I would like to see the creation of a multidisciplinary research center to validate that these types of vibrational therapies, like homeopathy and flower essences and therapeutic touch, really work, and to document not only their effectiveness, but also document how they work. I’m still at heart a person that needs to know the mechanisms to understand, even at an energetic level, what’s really happening, because this is the new science to me.

GS: Define vibrational medicine.

RG: Vibrational medicine ... in the simplistic sense, all energy is a form vibration and oscillation in motion. So vibrational medicine really describes healing with different forms of frequencies of energy. If you use that very broad definition, we’re already using vibrational medicine today in the hospital. Go into the physical therapy department and you’re likely to see a person with back pain getting fitted for an electrostimulator called a Trancutaneous Nerve Stimulation device. It uses electrical energy to tune away pain impulses. Go down to the radiology department and somebody is in a big bathtub having their kidney stones pulverized with something called Shockwave Lithotripsy, which is a form of sound energy used to destroy kidney stones. Go into the Psychiatry department and in the middle of winter and you’ll see people sitting in front of full spectrum light boxes because they’re using light energy as a means of healing Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression. Go into the Orthopedic ward and there are people who have had difficult non-union fractures, where a broken bone hasn’t healed after 4–6 weeks. You will see that they are using a device that is basically a coil that is placed around the cast and which uses a pulsed electromagnetic field which accelerates bone healing. In conventional medicine, we’re using energy in healing.

So, if you look at vibrational medicine, there are two broad categories. The side we’ve just described are subsets of what I would call Electromagnetic Medicine. This is the area where you have gadgets and gizmos and things that are high tech, and people can plug into them and say here’s a real device. Then you get into the more far out stuff, and this is what I would call Subtle Energy Medicine or Life Energy Medicine. These are the modalities that may or may not involve a form of energy you would call electromagnetic. Actually, what I believe it is is a form of energy that some people have called Magneto-Electric. It’s the flipside of electromagnetics. It’s a higher octave of energy, but it’s not in the conventional magnetic spectrum. It’s actually a form of magnetic energy, not in the same sense as iron filings-type magnetism, but somewhat akin to what Franz Mesmer referred to as Animal Magnetism.

People have been trying to measure the energy when it’s just as easy to measure the effects. We have more sensitive measurement devices today, but it’s still hard to measure this stuff. This is the type of energy involved in acupuncture, the life force Chi energy that circulates through the circuits of the body called meridians. It’s the kind of energy you find in homeopathic energies and flower essences. It’s the kind of life force energy that is transferred from the hands of healers in therapeutic touch and reiki and a variety of other types of therapies. It’s the kind of life energy that circulates through the chakra system of the body, those energy centers described by the ancient Hindu scholars and yogic practitioners.

GS: Prayer?

RG: Now we get into another aspect of subtle energy, and that is the fact that this energy is very strongly influenced by consciousness. So when you get into things like prayer and meditation you find that this energy doesn’t have any boundaries. This is where Larry Dossey gets into invoking models of physics. His favorite term is non-local healing or non-local effects. There is a phenomenon in physics, without getting into great detail, that demonstrates that you can have two particles that, once they are linked, when you do something to one particle, the other particle “knows” what you did to the first one immediately and without an intervening medium, even though they are separated by vast distances. He talks about how prayer and different forms of healing may be this ability of consciousness to have effects at great distances through some kind of loophole in quantum physics that there is this interconnectedness at a distance without the actual exchange of a particle flowing from one point to another, or a wave or something like that.

I kind of subscribe to the middle road, saying that I think healing involves the spectrum of phenomena. When you get into things like healing, I think consciousness plays a role, but I think energy exchange also plays a role. So I don’t think there’s any one right answer. But as far as prayer is concerned, prayer is interesting because you can get very scientific and say that it’s the consciousness of the person who is doing the praying having an influence on the person being prayed over. In the 70s and 80s there was some research that took place at Stanford Research Institute on something called remote viewing. One of their top remote viewers was a New York artist by the name of Ingo Swann. Swann had the ability not only to observe something at a distance, but during the act of observing it he would perturb the system at a physical level. SRI was actually documenting the idea that people could not only observe things from a distance, but by the very act of observing, they would interact with what was observed and create these distant effects. But the third part of prayer which I find most intriguing, and the part that scares most of the scientists, is the part I would call the Divine Hypothesis, which is the idea that you are invoking a higher divine power. I personally believe, as Shakespeare would say, that “there is much more in heaven and earth that are dreamt of in your philosophies, Horatio.” I personally subscribe to the divine hypothesis that there are forces beyond our physical plane of observation that are constantly interacting with our physical world.

GS: It seems as if they’re going to have to come around to the fact that existence is made up of consciousness.

RG: It may, in fact, be that consciousness is the primary phenomenon. You come to the perspective that when you talk about human beings and the mind-brain hypothesis, the brain is the computer and the mind is the programmer. But mind does not necessarily mean the same thing as brain, although the hardnosed scientist would say that the brain is essentially squeezing out consciousness like the liver squeezes out bile, by the electrical chemical interaction. I think it’s more of a “wet wire” kind of hardware, and in fact it’s more like consciousness is the ghost in the machine. We can see that consciousness can have effects way outside of where our skin ends.

GS: Well, until they’re ready to give up insistence on nothing but the physical ...

RG: You asked me to define vibrational medicine and I’ll give you the most basic of definitions: Vibrational medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of illness using different forms and frequencies of energy. But that is a limited definition. Vibrational medicine is, in fact, the science of the soul. It is the science that tells us how spirit manifests through molecular biology. Vibrational medicine describes what I call “human multidimensional anatomy.” The idea is that we’re not just a physical body. That the physical body also has all of these energetic and information systems, we talked about a few, and that these are imbedded in what are called subtle bodies. You have a body called the Etheric Body, which is kind of an energy and growth template for the physical body. You have the Astral Body, which is where we kind of jump around when we do these near death experiences. And then you have these other aspects, the Mental and the higher spiritual bodies, which gets really kind of hinky because that’s where the repositories of all of your past life information is. When you start getting into what human multidimensional anatomy is, you start looking at the bigger divine picture, which is that human beings are not just flesh and blood organisms. We are beings of light wearing chemical clothes.

GS: People think it’s a miracle we can go from here to there, when really we’re from there.

RG: The fallacy is that matter generates the field, in fact it’s the Etheric Field that generates the matter.

GS: Metaphysics has known this for a long time. It is really interesting seeing science about to have to own up to it.

RG: Once we start getting a validation of these different types of energies that can have tremendous actions at a distance, you’re going to start seeing the validation of the energetic base in things like astrology.

GS: What are you working on now?

RG: I’m actually kind of in the midst of putting together two books. One has to do with the concept of what I call Bio-Information, which may be the whole basis of a lot of vibrational energetic medicine. How homeopathy works may not be so much passing on the subtle form of vibration as it is informational signals that seem to relay information to the body. For instance, in the research with Venveniste, one of the researchers who replicated his work with basophils was playing around trying to incubate these basophils, pretreating them with an antihistimine to block the effect of binding the antigen. If you pretreated the basophil you couldn’t get the effect, and one of the more popular antihistamines that people don’t know of as an antihistimine is Tagamet. Tagamet is a stomach pill and a histamine two blocker. It acts on one of the histamine receptors. This particular researcher thought, just for the heck of it, he was going to try to make homeopathic potencies of Tagamet and see if he could get any type of effect on the cells using non-molecular dilutions, ones that were so weak they couldn’t even have a molecule of Tagamet left. He found that you could use homeopathic Tagamet to pretreat the basophils; it would block the histamine effect just as much as conventional Tagamet. So the question comes up, if there are no molecules of Tagamet left, what’s affecting the cell? And that’s where you get into the concept of information. Some type of biological information is being transmitted by either the Tagamet molecule or by some energetic trace of the Tagamet molecule, and they’re now finding that all of the so called drugs and chemicals in the body that interact with receptors may not strictly be the drug binding to the molecule. It may be the electromagnetic frequency of these naturally occurring or even pharmaceutically produced chemicals that sends out signals to the water of the body, and that is what is interacting with the receptors ... kind of like radio waves being received by an antenna.

GS: When you put it in those terms, that almost certainly has to be the case.

RG: What’s kind of kinky is that Venveniste has now gone on to actually record the signals of conventional drugs and certain types of chemicals, digitize them into a software program, transmit that program over the internet, and then turn the program back and reconstitute the energetic signature of the drug at a 1,000 miles distance — and it will still have a biological effect. He’s changing the energetic information from a chemical form to a digital signal to an electromagnetic signal and back again. It’s information, just changing different symbolic forms.

So I think that one of the biggest things we need to find out about is this magical healing power of biological information — which will get into such things as can art not only be inspiring but healing?

I’m also working on a book on Etheric Energy. I’m going to talk a bit about this in the workshop I’m doing in Chicago. This whole other area of life force energy, of what I call magneto-electric, or what is really faster than light energy. There have been a number of people throughout the history of science who have actually made discoveries in this area, some of whom are well known — for instance, the father of alternating current, Nikola Tesla. His system of broadcasting power at a distance was by releasing the etheric current within electricity.

GS: That’s known?

RG: Well, it is now, to only a very few.

GS: I thought that he had somehow tapped into the energy generated by the earth spinning on it’s axis.

RG: What he was transmitting was etheric energy and converting it back again at the other end. Unfortunately, J.P. Morgan was the financier building this big project in New Jersey, called Wardencliff. When Morgan asked “where do I put the power meter,” and Tesla answered “you don’t, anyone can tap into this with an antenna,” a week later the tower was dynamited. But today we have the wonderful model of things like cable TV and modems, where people pay for a service now, and so now you could sell people the ability to have a power converter and pay a monthly fee to have as much power as you would need. There would be a method for billing today, but they didn’t have that model back then. There was a guy by the name of Healy, who some people thought was a charlatan, but he had found a way of tapping into etheric energy using sound. In fact, he had discovered a way to create a motor and created a whole motor car company based on sound. I’m going to be talking about some of this world of etheric energy, and some of the technological offshoots that haven’t quite manifested, but may be about to.

Another part of etheric energy is that there is this whole idea of the etheric plane, and there are inhabitants and denizens of that world that are around us visibly all the time, but we don’t pay attention to them. Things like nature spirits and angels, that exist in this realm, but our eyes aren’t tuned in to that particular frequency band.

GS: What a time to be alive.

RG: It’s a fun time right now for a number of different reasons. One is that technology has never been like this before. Another is that people are fed up with science and technology being the only answer. More people are looking into spirituality right now. About four years ago, the cover of Time magazine was all about angels. People are now getting hungry for not just the bigger gizmos and more toys, but are searching for meaning in their lives.

GS: What do you see as the next handful of major breatkthroughs?

RG: What I predict will happen in the next 5–10 years is that you will see the creation of an etheric body scanner that will be able to pinpoint the energetic changes preceding things like cancer. You will actually be able to diagnose cancer before it hits the one cell stage. You’ll not only be able to use things like dietary change and counseling, but homeopathic remedies and other things to change the energy terrain of the body so people don’t get these diseases. It will be the ultimate preventive medicine. I think also we will be able to document with these sensitive measurement technologies just what effect our emotions and consciousness have in creating illness, as well as our abilities to really heal ourselves. I think we have a tremendous potential. Probably the most untapped power of healing that I’ve ever discovered is the power of unconditional love. We’re going to have scientific documentation of that within the next few years with the creation of some of these new technologies.



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About the Author

With a lifetime of experiential metaphysics, starting with hundreds of kundalini experiences as a young boy, learning to meditate at ten years of age along with the past thirty years of publishing The Monthly Aspectarian magazine while doing readings and teaching Guy brings his unique perspective whenever he teaches, speaks and is interviewed. He is the author of the annual book Astro-Weather, available here in editions for the four US time zones. That can also be viewed online here. He can be seen with a new Astro-Weather video each day at astroweather.tv along with his insightful commentaries that can appear at any time.






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