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Understanding FSC Certified
by OnlyGreen


You see this symbol just about everywhere these days. It’s present on books, business cards, posters and even most junk mail! Although most consumers recognize that it is a display of environmental standards, many do not realize the level of development that has gone into it or the approval process that a product must meet in order to use it.


The FSC portion of this logo stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization that oversees management standards of our planet’s forests. Founded in 1993, the FSC maintain these standards from an environmental, social and economical standpoint. To date, their membership has grown to nearly 700 members in 70 countries, with over 100 million hectares of forestry around the world certified by FSC standards.


Using the FSC logo is a whole process all in its own. Only FSC Chain of Custody certified companies may place an FSC label on printed documents. In other words, in order to have this certification placed on an item, you would need to have your item printed with an accredited printer, who in turn, still has to have that item approved by the FSC board to verify that the appropriate paper source is being use.


The FSC on-product label identifies forest products that meet FSC’s environmental and social standards. There are three types of FSC labels that can be found on FSC-certified products.


FSC 100% label: Products carrying the 100% FSC label come only from well-managed forests that have met FSC’s high social and environmental standards.

FSC mixed sources: Products with a Mixed Sources label support the development of responsible forest management worldwide. The wood comes from FSC-certified well-managed forests, recycled material and/or controlled wood which come from non-controversial sources.


FSC recycled: Products with 100% Recycled label support the re-use of forest resources which helps to reduce the pressure on natural forests.


The OnlyGreen Catalogue is always made completely with FSC certified paper sources. Check out the new Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogue and order a copy in the mail today!








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OnlyGreen is the first Direct Selling Company to offer a complete range of consumer product alternatives that promote a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment.





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