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Review – Ergo Baby Carrier
by Jess Ray

Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: An organic lifestyle is more than just products. It is a mindset of looking for ways to be in sync with practices that can enhance dailly life not only in the short term, but for years to come. Baby carriers fit into an organic lifestyle. Many models and styles are available in organic materials. In addition, the beauty of carrying your baby around adds so much to the long term health and emotional well-being of the baby. Several styles and models are reviewed in this article from Green Mom Healthy Mom. It's good to have a selection because every little one, and mom or dad, will want to tote that little one in their own special way.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Evalee,  I did all sorts of searching online for all types of product. Cloth diapers, breast pumps, nursing bras, co-sleepers, parenting books, you name it I researched it.

I can’t remember exactly  how I discovered the art of babywearing and the many styles of baby carriers…but once I did I went a little crazy. I purchased at least one of every style I found. My stash now consists of 3 ring slings, a hip style Mei Tai, 2 pouch slings, 3 wraps and an Ergo Baby.

I didn’t find the Ergo Baby carrier until Evalee was about 11 months old, which was unfortunate because I realized it was the only one I needed.

The slings were great when she was a newborn. They are lighter and cooler which was a nice feature as she was a June baby. But Evalee was a pretty big baby (almost 9 pounds at birth)and I have a bad back, so the slings would get uncomfortable pretty fast, as did the Mei Tai and pouches.

The wraps I had were great since they distributed the weight evenly over my shoulders and hips, but I couldn’t use them much until fall because we would both get too warm.

Then I found the Ergo Baby carrier. It is what you would classify as a “soft structured” style baby carrier. Since I found the Ergo Baby several other carriers like it have come onto the market. Brands such as the Boba, Beco and Pikkolo. If you click on any of those links you can read the various reviews on Amazon.com.

Bottom line is that soft structured carriers, like the Ergo Baby, are really comfortable (for mom and baby) as well as super easy to use. Another bonus is that the Ergo Baby fits my husband comfortable as well.

Many of the other style of baby carriers, like the slings, wraps and pouches, are bit too “girly” for my 6’5″ hubby and honestly, they look quite silly on him! But, the Ergo looks like it was made for him. We did need to purchase the waist extension for him to be comfortable, otherwise, the carrier had to ride a little to high on his waist.

The one con to the Ergo Baby, and possibly with other soft structured carriers like it, is that they are not great for newborns with out some modification. Ergo Baby does make an “infant insert” that has mixed reviews, although I think they have redesigned the insert. Again, you can check out the reviews on Amazon.com and go from there.

When Jeremiah was a newborn, I used the Sleepy Baby Wrap for the first 4 months or so and then once he was big enough for the Ergo we switched. I can honestly say that I could not live without it.

Any questions or feedback? Please feel free to leave them in the comment form below. The more the better!




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About the Author

Jess Ray, founder and author of GreenMomHappyMom.com, is a down to earth mom living in Upstate NY, just outside of the Adirondack Park with her husband Matt, daughter Evalee and two German Shepherds, Django and Asta.

Jess grew up with what you could say was a green lifestyle, long before “green” was such a new topic in our culture. Originally from the Philadelphia, PA area, her parents moved to Upstate NY when Jess was in 1st grade to an old farm house on 60 acres.

For more about Jess Ray, visit GreenMomHappyMom.com/about.






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