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Raising Healthy Children - Part I
from www.SierraClubGreenHome.com


Editor´s Note from Zorica Denton:  This article is very informative about toxic chemicals that can be passed to unborn child try mothers placenta. Once born, infants take in even more pollution, through breathing, eating, and passage through the skin, just as adults do. They are more sensitive to the chemicals and toxin than adults.


When it comes to toxic chemicals, kids are not just little adults

You’d think a newborn baby would have a fresh start when it comes to toxic chemicals. But chemicals move across the placenta, so a baby emerges with some of the same pollution in its system as its mother. Tests of umbilical blood have detected chemicals that cause cancer and birth defects as well as those that are toxic to the brain and nervous system.

Once born, infants take in even more pollution, through breathing, eating, and passage through the skin, just as adults do. But they are at greater risk from these exposures because of their physical differences. They have a faster metabolism. Their bodies are still developing rapidly, and exposures to toxic chemicals may disrupt a critical developmental step. They may not be able to protect themselves from chemicals as well as adults, because their immune systems are immature. And, per pound of body weight, they receive a greater dose of any chemical they’re exposed to. Some of the differences are stark.

Per pound of body weight, a young child

 * breathes two times as much air as an adult.

 * eats more than three times as much food and tends to have less variety. For example, kids consume 10 times as much apple products, such as juice.

 * drinks two to seven times more liquid. An infant living on breast milk or formula, for instance, consumes about one-seventh of its body weight each day. In a 155-pound adult, that would be the equivalent of 10 quarts!

 * has 2.5 times more skin surface area, as well as skin that is as much as 30% thinner than adults


For more information visit www.sierraclubgreenhome.com



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02-22-2017 13:04:36
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