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Making Sense of the Holiday Scent
by Zorica Denton,
ATH Asst. Editor of Eco-Products & Services



Editor's Note from Zorica Denton: Read this to think a bit more about the holiday fragrances you might be breathing in and how to make your own pure room freshener.

With the Holiday season upon us, many people will be drawn to smells that remind them of Christmas. We need to be aware what is in the personal care products, room fresheners or candles that smell like pumpkin spice, cinnamon cookies, nutmeg, cranberry, or even pomegranate, to name a few. These scents are made with artificial ingredients and contain toxic chemicals that you, your family and friends will be breathing.

Several years go, while working as a fragrance model for a large cosmetic company, I became very sick. I started experiencing bad headaches, nausea, light-headedness, a constant sore throat, and a sinus infection. I went from doctor to doctor having different tests done - they could not figure out what was cause of these symptoms.

It turns out I developed an allergic reaction to artificial fragrances. Although for years I had not experienced any symptoms, I learned that being exposed to artificial fragrances over time can lead to an allergic reaction. Through research I discovered that there are almost 50 million people in this country that are experiencing the same reaction. Sadly, fragrances are made with petrochemicals that are toxic to our body and our environment.

My suggestion is to look for products that are scented with pure essential oils - they are the essence of a plant, fruit or flower, and most of them are steam distilled and free of harmful chemicals. Just smelling pure essential oils you can feel uplifted and energized.  Products that contain pure essential oils are limited, but spending your time looking for them is worth it.

The most common essential oils that you will find in the personal care products and candles are: lavender, orange, lemon, grapefruit, rose geranium, bergamot, mint, sandalwood and sometimes vanilla. You may come across rose and nerolli (orange blossom), but most likely they will be artificial scent as the pure oils are very expensive and hard to produce. The best way to tell if the scent in the product is pure is to take a whiff and if the scent is too strong and overbearing, chances are they are artificial. Pure essential oils are very subtle.

You can even make your own room and pillow freshener, it is easy and fun! Purchase a 4 or 8oz bottle and a mist sprayer - most beauty supply stores will have them.  For the scent, go to your local health food store and you will find your favorite pure essential oil. Fill your bottle with distilled water and add 15 drops of oil for the 4oz bottle and 30 drops to 8 oz bottle. Shake the bottle well and voila! Your very own freshener.

If you cannot find a pure scent that you like, I would suggest purchasing unscented products, especially when it comes to candles. My personal favorite is a soy candle, because it is made with pure vegetable soy wax and it burns without smoke for a long time.

Have a happy and healthy Holiday season!



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About the Author

Zorica Denton’s success story actually begins in a small village of former Yugoslavia. Zorica was barely seven-years-old when she created her first face cream. Today, she is even more passionate about creating natural allergen free, environment friendly products to help empower an individual's life.

After a successful modeling career in Milan and London, Zorica found herself in Malibu, California. Her passion for beauty led her to become a beauty consultant for several European cosmetic companies.


Studying chemistry and working as a beauty consultant allowed her the knowledge to begin researching her own line of skin care. After two years of research and testing, she founded her company Zorica of Malibu, and presented "the three simple steps to beautiful skin” in 1997.

Her recent break-through creation was a toxin free, allergen free, environment friendly, line of personal care products–including 100% pure perfume.

Zorica’s tireless dedication to the cause of creating wholesome beauty products has resulted in numerous accolades for her company. The company was awarded the title of the “Best Company in Cosmetics in the Los Angeles Area” for three consecutive years by the US Commercial Association (USCA).


Visit her website:

Malibu, California USA



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