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Wintertime Is Dreamtime
by Betsy Grund, CDT


Editor's Note: Dreams are a gift of the season! The darkness of winter is the ideal time for turning inward and listening to our dreams, according to this wise and thoughtful article by Betsy Grund.

This time of year issues a special invitation to enter and engage with dreams. These nightly gifts transform us by expanding consciousness, even when we are unaware of the gift. Consciously engaging with dreams fuels this expansion and creates space for inner harmony and connecting with others. Deep awareness takes root in the personal, touches our relationships, and ripples into the community.  Dreams are gifts, and accessible to most of us at any time, but the cool and dark of wintertime can be especially rich.

Winter is a natural time to slow down and go within. Cold weather can slow us down, if we let it. A few days off, and fewer daylight hours, might find us dreaming for a few hours more than usual. Maybe this means a little more space for exploring our dreams. Winter invites us to honor the work of our deeper, less known selves and its potential for healing.

The month of December, especially, can be one of mixed emotions. Who hasn’t felt the exaggeration of competing choices at this “holiday” time?  Deciding to be social or alone, choosing how to give our time and treasure, setting the pace of our days, and negotiating our expectations, for ourselves and others, all these dynamics have the potential to pull us off balance. Dreams can carry us directly to the roots of our conflicts and help us understand emotional needs and responses. When an emotion, belief, or habit is brought into awareness, transformation is possible. The awareness enables us to heal unhelpful patterns and act in ways that support balance and wholeness.

As the calendar year ends, some of us engage in “taking stock” and resolving to be different in the New Year. As we look back and ahead, dreams can shed light on our patterns and potential. Exploring the stories and symbols of these year-end dreams can give us a realistic and clear sense of what we truly want in the New Year, and how to have it, if we attend to them carefully.

Most importantly, this is a time of year in which we are surrounded by the “spirit of the season,”  spirituality, and signs of religion. Many of us seek genuine ways to connect with this “spirit” in our own unique way.  It is a critical task for each of us to discover and connect with the light inside. Jung agreed with Freud: Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. What better time of year than now, to travel the royal road to the light within?

To stay connected this month and this season, cherish the dark and invite wisdom, perhaps with a question, before sleeping. Let the dreams guide you through the wintertime, pointing out the places where light and warmth connect you to your deeper self and to others.



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About the Author

Betsy Grund, MEd, CDT has practiced personal and group dreamwork since 1987. She is a graduate of the Institute for Dream Studies and member of IASD. Learn more at betsygrund.com.









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