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Teenage Scavengers, a Lesson in Love
by Brenda Ferrimani


Editor's Note: In this inspirational article Brenda Ferrimani writes eloquently about how a dream and its symbols helped her discover her unconditional love for her out-of-control teenage daughter.

I am transported to a place high above the clouds. The land here is arrayed with all the brilliant colors of autumn. The sun is shining brightly as a beautiful winged angel, guides me through the golden fields to a house.There's a porch on this old country house, where I am invited to have refreshment and stay a while. The angel offers me fruit from the harvest, but each piece of fruit she opens has been eaten from the inside. One piece of melon actually has teeth marks, a fork and a spoon left inside, proof that the devourer was in fact human! The angel says, "On, I'm sorry, but we have been having trouble with teenage scavengers." At that moment I am aware of a young woman, my daughter behind the wall in a dark room, all alone crying.

Dream Journal Entry

Dreams come like tender angelic messengers to guide us to a higher place of awareness, to heal and transform us! The dream —Teenage Scavengers is a wonderful example of my being led to understand my own heart, and my final transcendence beyond the ordinary to sublime love which is limitless.

At the time I had this dream life was very difficult for me. My teenage daughter was out of control running away from home, endangering herself with drugs, sex and alcohol. Regardless of our efforts to help her, she seemed determined to destroy her life and everyone in it!

Having reached mid-life, I hoped it would soon be time to reap some good things from all my devoted service as a mother. I felt robbed! The dream, in a very obvious way seemed to mirror my feelings that my daughter had selfishly spoiled my harvest. Hadn't I given my all as a mother? So many years of sacrifice, and this is my reward? Hadn't I sown anything good in all those years?

The dream imagery lingered with me for months. Even though I knew relatively little about dream work, instinctively I knew the dream had something more to tell me. Considering the words teenage scavengers, and the sight of the silver spoon and fork inside the melon, made me chuckle! I detected humor in these dream symbols, which made me feel lighter. Yet, the sound of my daughter's weeping in the dark compelled me to seriously contemplate the meaning of the dream and break down the wall between us.

One day while feeling sorry for myself, ruminating over all the love I had given with only sad returns, I thought, " Well, at least I can love." The ability to love seemed like a gift in itself. Not only a gift, but something I needed to stay alive. I thought of the dream imagery again and how giving love is like plants bearing beautiful, delicious fruits. The fruit is not only beneficial to the one eating, but vitally important to the life of the plants, for it spreads life-renewing seed.

Giving love had always brought me joy! I realized that joy was the reward and no one could ever rob me of that! It was the attached conditions and expectations that caused the heartache. Next, my eyes opened with a big Aha!, as I saw that the teenage scavenger in the dream was me!  My love was still immature, selfishly demanding to be honored and considered. It was a wonderful moment of realization and a great shift in my soul. The wall fell and allowed me to heal the young girl inside me who had never been shown unconditional love, but it also opened the door to heartfelt communication with my daughter and a closeness I thought never possible. Today instead of feeling empty, I am full of love. I feel blessed and most of all, grateful for having had this angelic visit.




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About the Author

Brenda Ferrimani began her artistic work in the 1980's as a graphic designer in Colorado, where she resides. She is known for the historic murals she painted in her area with private and public commissions, and for her work as President of the Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance, lending her support to other Colorado artists. Dream images have captivated her imagination and provide an unending source of inspiration for her paintings. It is her desire to express the mystery of the psyche's inner world and the power of dreams to impact and change people’s lives. In 2000 she was the attending artist to the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and in 2001 her work was included in the art exhibit, "Dream Odysseys," at the Porter Gallery, UC Santa Cruz, and featured in a presentation at the annual ASD conference. In 2007 her painting "Fall Into Fear" was awarded a Nancy Richter Briezki Dream Art Award, at the IASD's conference at Sonoma University, CA. Her articles and artwork are regularly published in Dream Network, and DreamTime magazines. Ferrimani  is certified for professional dream work through the Marin Institute of CA.


For more information visit BrendaFerrimaniDreamArt.com.




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