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Dream Speak: An Interview with a Lucid Dreamer (Part 2 of 2)
by Robert Waggoner

Responses © Tzivia Gover
Certified Dream Therapist, workshop leader and lucid dreamer, Tzivia Gover, has authored several books on mindfulness and teaching. Read more about Tzivia at her website www.thirdhousemoon.com or read her blog www.allthesnoozethatsfittoprint.wordpress.com.


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Editor's Note from Tzivia Gover: This is part 2 of a 2-part interview that was conducted by Robert Waggoner for the Lucid Dream Exchange journal. In this part of the interview I discuss how I've used Reiki healing within the lucid dream state.

Robert Waggoner: In your waking life, you have an interest in Reiki.  But like many things, our waking interests seem to seep into our lucid dreaming life.  Have you had any lucid dreams in which you used Reiki?

Tzivia Gover: Yes. I am a Reiki Master Therapist. I have lucid and non-lucid dreams where I’m administering Reiki. Interestingly, it’s almost always to strangers … But occasionally, especially when lucid, I’m able to direct the energy to something or someone in my life, as in this dream report that I recently shared with you:

I open my eyes in my bed. I get a tissue. I feel the tissue box and tissue. Somehow I know I’m dreaming: “I’m Lucid, I’m Lucid,”  I exclaim.

I notice that if I look away from the table, then look back quickly, it’s no longer there. Or it’s dissolving. I think that this confirms somehow that I create the dream environment, that it’s a product of my imagining.

I remember the guy in the dream group [true in Waking Life (WL)] said keep moving when you’re lucid to stay lucid, so I do. I move around the room from object to object and think quickly. I want to stay lucid, I tell myself. I need healing, I tell myself, remembering that in WL I was really tired and feeling sick.

I notice a photograph on the bedside table: A b&w photo of J. and M. when M. was small, in the years I didn’t see them. I don’t really want to look at it because I don’t like remembering that. But I’m also attracted to it. I was getting ready to Reiki myself but now put my hands over the photo to feel its energy and the energy of J & M. The energy first pulses, and then quickly builds in my hands. The energy is literally shaking me. I’m being shaken like a jackhammer. The energy is so strong I start to be shaken upward toward the ceiling … like a reverse jackhammer, I think. I’m now nearly convulsing with Reiki energy coming through my hands and body, suspended above my bed. My hands are stiff and almost in pain, and I realize this is what Joanne feels when she has energy flowing through her.

The energy is so powerful. I’m now floating up near the ceiling. 

Robert: Wow!  This reminds me of some powerful lucid dream experiences that pounded energy into my body and especially the palms of my hands.  Even now, I can barely hold an iPhone, because the electrical energy zaps my palm.  So getting back to your experience, did it have any waking ramifications or manifestations?

Yes. For one, my relationship with M. in waking life shifted after that dream. I think some healing definitely took place. Also, the dream showed me a level of power that was possible from Reiki but that I’d never accessed when awake. So when I give Reiki now, I open myself up to that potential. I haven’t had the exact sensation awake, but I’ve come closer!

Robert: Have you had other experiences with healing, emotional healing or Reiki in the lucid dream state?  What happened?

Tzivia: Yes. Quite regularly, in fact. That is, assuming we are including physical, psychological, mental and spiritual healing. I’ve had several healing dreams both lucid and non-lucid, in which I go to sleep ill, meet someone who helps me heal, and then wake healed. I even had the experience of a dream helper who healed my house of bed bugs. On a psychological level I use dream incubation to work on all kinds of issues and blocks in my waking life.  I almost always experience movement on that issue awake. It’s an ongoing process for me--a lifestyle, even, to work with the continuous consciousness and conversation of dreams and waking experiences. Again, lucid and non-lucid dreams are part of this process. 

I have lucid dreams several times a month on average, but I recall many non-lucid dreams every night.

Robert: Does being in the lucid dream state make the experience of Reiki more intense?  Why?

Tzivia: It does! I don’t know why, but I imagine it’s the en-lightened energetic experience of the lucid state. 

Robert: In what ways do Reiki and lucid dreaming seem connected?

Tzivia: I sense that when I’m lucid in the dream state I’m more connected to a universal responsive energy that some (including me) might call God. Reiki is Universal Healing Energy, which some (including me) might call God, too. So, perhaps there’s the connection.

One area that has prompted my lucid awareness is meeting deceased dream figures.  Often seeing the deceased person brings me to lucidity.  Have you had that experience too?  Any interesting experiences?

I’ve had very interesting and beautiful experiences of meeting deceased friends and relatives in my dreams. But interestingly it never sparks lucidity for me. Nonetheless many of those dreams have been crystal clear, loving, healing dreams. I find it interesting how widespread this phenomenon is. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Robert: Where else has lucid dreaming taken you?  What spaces has it opened for you in your mind?  What has it asked you to consider or re-consider?

Tzivia: What can I say? Dreaming has allowed me to fly, move through walls, interrogate dream characters, explore the nature of reality, expand into the cosmos, have wonderful sensual and sexual experiences, made me laugh out loud, experience depths and heights of bliss and sorrow … where hasn’t it taken me? Lucid dreaming squares the power of these experiences. Most profoundly, perhaps, it has helped me feel connected to what feels like a conscious and responsive universe. When I can bring this feeling, which I experience profoundly asleep … into my waking life, I experience my life as being co-created with a divine source. 

Robert: And all of this is free, legal and safe. What could be better? 

Tzivia: I notice that you also write poetry.  One thing that I found true about writing poems, the act seems to place me in a meditative state, and sometimes a lucid-like state of being aware of being aware.  Has poetry or writing shown up in your lucid dreams?

I am still waiting for that to happen. Poetry shows up in my non-lucid dreams a lot, and nearly all of my poems are inspired by dreams--and many are direct dictations from dreams I recall. But I keep waiting for a lucid dream to help me write, at long last, that great opus! Luckily I’m patient J

I also write some fiction, which as far as I’m concerned is lucid dreaming on the page!

Robert: Any final comments, challenges, lucid dreams to ponder?
Tzivia: I believe we all need to be dream scientists. I challenge readers to study our dreams and dream journals, to explore he landscape of dreams and consciousness. Objective science is limited in studying dreams because the dream is such a private, subjective affair. But we dreamers can use our powers of observation and inquiry to gain a lot of knowledge about the nature of the dream and the possibilities of our minds awake by practicing lucid dreaming. I’d love to see more dreamers work with scientists to direct researchers toward the questions we are most interested in answering.

I hope more and more people will see the potential of lucid dreaming to expand and explain consciousness and move beyond (or deeper into) the fun of flying and having great sex in their lucid dreams and really experiment with the wider range of possibilities.

Robert: Thanks so much for your time and interest.

Tzivia: Thank you, Robert. You have been a great inspiration and a great teacher, through your writing and talks, for me. So it’s truly a pleasure to contemplate these issues with you.

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About the Author



Tzivia Gover, ATH Co-Editor of Dream Medicine, is the author of Learning in Mrs. Towne's House: A Teacher, Her Students and the Woman Who Inspired Them  and Mindful Moments for Stressful Days (Storey Books). Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Creative Nonfiction and The Christian Science Monitor. In addition, she has been published in over a dozen anthologies. Gover received her MFA in creative nonfiction from Columbia University. She teaches poetry to teen mothers and other adult new learners in western Massachusetts. Tzivia also co-edits the Dream Medicine page on All Things Healing and leads workshops in poetry and dreamwork for students and educators.


Contact Tzivia:


Visit her site: Third House Moon

Visit her blog: All The Snooze That's Fit to Print




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