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350(plus) Dreamers: Dreaming Globally for Global Healing
by Tzivia Gover, MFA, CDT


Editor's Note
Sure, I’m a dreamer, but I like to take action, too. 350 Dreamers is an international alliance of dreamers connected through and by the internet. In this article I explain that we dream together for global healing, and I believe we really are changing the world, too.

“Nothing happens but first a dream.”  ~Carl Sandburg, poet

“Nothing of significance happens unless it is first previewed in a dream.”  ~Edgar Cayce, author and psychic

It has been said that nothing happens in reality that isn’t first experienced in a dream. Taking that message to heart, in the spring of 2009 I launched “350 Dreamers”, a global network of people who are using the power of dreams to take action and raise awareness about the negative effects of global climate change.

The project began in April, after I heard Bill McKibben, environmental author and founder of the world-wide climage organization, 350.org, speak at a local college. McKibben’s 350.org is an international campaign dedicated to creating an equitable global climate treaty that lowers carbon dioxide below 350 parts per million, the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. At the time I heard McKibben speak, 350.org was coordinating an international day of action on October 24, 2009, in which people would gather at hundreds of places around the world – from the Taj Mahal to the Great Barrier Reef, with the intention of sparking a global movement that would unite the public, media, and political leaders behind the 350 goal.

After hearing McKibben’s call for creative projects that would draw attention to the dangers of global climate change and the necessity of taking action, I wondered how I could contribute. I have long been interested in dreams, and so I came up with the idea of inviting people worldwide to use the power of their minds to help create change.

I started “350 Dreamers” on April 11, 2009, by launching a Facebook page and blog. On 350 Dreamers’ first day just three people had signed on, including my sister and two friends — but by October, just in time for 350.org’s day of worldwide actions, over 350 dreamers from around the world, including, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, The United States and Wales, among others, had joined the effort. Today we are more than 500 members strong.

We have dreamed together each month, and several times have focused our dreams on specific areas of concern. For example in January of 2011 I asked our dreamers to direct their intentions toward the sea life that was dying along the South Carolina coast after a particularly cold winter. A few months into the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill we focused our dreams on healing the oil soaked waters. Within a few days of our July 2010 dream, on July 15, the gushing wellhead was finally capped! We didn’t mind taking some of the credit for that positive turn in an otherwise horrific chain of events. Our members also took initiative to dream for the waters of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami this March led to the leaking of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

The members of “350 Dreamers”  run the gamut from those who have trouble recalling their dreams to internationally recognized dream experts and authors.

Some people might wonder why we are “merely” dreaming in the face of such overwhelming environmental issues. But whether or not you believe that dreams in and of themselves can create change, there’s no doubt that when people around the globe share a common intention, a sense of community and connection is fostered and that alone has the power to heal. By allowing ourselves to think about the challenges our environment and the creatures who inhabit it, we are already taking a radical step toward health and wholeness. Denial and detachment are understandable reactions in the face of great painful challenges, but by opening our hearts, minds, and dreams to what is happening to our planet, we are in fact waking up to the situation and thus are in a better position to make environmentally sound choices day to day.

People interested in learning more about the project can join “350 Dreamers” on Facebook, or at www.350dreamers.wordpress.com.


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About the Author


Tzivia Gover is a Certified Dream Therapist and a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. She is the founder 350 Dreamers a worldwide network of people who dream collectively for global healing (www.350dreamers.wordpress.com). The author of Mindful Moments for Stressful Days, Tzivia has published widely in international, national and regional publications. Visit her blog about dreams at All The Snooze That's Fit to Print.







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