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 Two Minutes A Day Solution to Help Chronic Neck-Shoulder Pain



Editor's Note from Dr. Jeffery Tucker: Neck pain combined with shoulder pain is a common problem among desk workers, particularly those using a desktop computer. Lars Andersen PhD and his colleagues in Copenhagen, Denmark, completed a randomized controlled trial of 198 office workers with neck/shoulder pain and tenderness to palpation. The researchers wanted to develop an “exercise program as simple and feasible as possible.” They found one exercise using the Thera-Band® elastic tubing with handles for 2 minutes for 10 weeks could significantly reduce neck/shoulder pain and tenderness, and significantly increased their strength compared to the control group. In addition, headache frequency decreased over 50%.

Watch this video to see the exercise that can significantly reduce neck and shoulder pain in office workers. Ten minutes a week can significantly reduce neck/shoulder pain and frequency of headaches in office workers, potentially leading to improved productivity and reduced healthcare costs. Click here for more information.



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