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How Chiropractic Helps With Anti-aging
by Dr. Kim Christensen



Editor's Note from Dr. Jeffery Tucker: Many Chiropractors specialize in helping clients slow down the ageing process. Definite things happens to our musculoskeletal system as we age:

We lose muscle cells as well as muscle size (leading to a decrease in muscle force, rate of force development, power and endurance) .
There is a decrease in the rate that the nervous system conducts impulses to the muscles (a major factor in speed) .
Connective tissues (ligaments, tendons etc) lose elasticity, potentially contributing to loss of flexibility.
Our lung capacity decreases.

Dr. Christensen: Strength naturally decreases as we age. A combination of muscle loss and the slowing down of the nervous system can show up in everyday life. Just getting out of a chair and being able to climb stairs can be difficult as we get older.

Some say we feel old is because we act old. The less we do, the weaker we get and so we can do even less. It’s a cycle that needs breaking! Chiropractors can help you design an exercise program that improves strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular function.  

Lifting weights has been proven to have functional benefits for people of all ages. Research has shown that some 75 year old strength training enthusiasts are stronger than sedentary men 30 years younger. It’s never too late to start.
Dr. Christensen recommends using all the major muscle groups preferably in weight-bearing settings to make it as functional as possible and to increase bone mineral density. Some sessions should be with higher weight loads at 3-6 repetitions to maximize strength developments, and the next should seek to maximize power development by using lighter weights but completing the movement quickly.

Ask your Chiropractor to help you design an exercise program for anti-aging.




About the Author

Kim D. Christensen, DC, DACRB, CCSP, CSCS, CES, PES, directs the Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness program at PeaceHealth Hospital in Longview, Wash. He has participated as team chiropractor to high school and university athletic programs, a postgraduate faculty member at numerous chiropractic colleges, past-president of the ACA Rehab Council and a lecturer and author of many musculoskeletal rehabilitation texts. Dr. Christensen can be reached via email: kchristensen@peacehealth.org.






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