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Every Back has a Front Attached to it
by Dr. Eugene Charles

Sometimes, a back problem may really be a front problem.

On the front of every human body within the digestive tract lies the ileocecal valve. Let’s call it ICV for short. This little valve is what separates the small intestine from the large intestine. Its function is to prevent food in the large intestine (meant for evacuation) from refluxing back into the small intestine.

But what if this trusty gatekeeper failed to do its job?

If it did, our body would have a landslide of toxins to deal with, and the results wouldn’t be very pretty. Symptoms like low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflamed pelvic organs, PMS, bowel changes, dark circles under the eyes and a host of other problems often are the result. If that is not enough to make you cringe then tack on ovarian pain, prostate problems, dizziness, fatigue, severe sinus issues and headaches. I’ll bet that’s enough to ruin your day.

 Credit: Originally adapted from Thibodeau, this photo was extracted from a blog post written by Catrina Johnson for Wellsphere

Let’s back up a second, though. How can a little food leaking back into the small intestines cause so many catastrophes? Well, the fact of the matter is that once food enters the large intestines, it’s meant to go nowhere else but OUT. And if it doesn’t, then toxins will build. Such toxicity can cause the body to react by trying to dilute the dangerous wastes by sending fluid to the different areas. And the accumulation of this fluid can lead the above mentioned malfunctions and symptoms. 

So how do we keep our ICV working properly on our own?

1) First and foremost, by eating healthy. The ICV can often be a result of other organs not working well, primarily the digestive organs. Eating processed foods, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners such as Nutrasweet and Splenda, MSG, foods you may be allergic to, too much caffeine, all can cause an ICV problem.

2) Having around 20-30 grams of fiber per day helps too. Fiber can be found in foods like salads, fruits, vegetables, bran or high quality fiber products. Too much or too little can disrupt the valve.

Proper walking after meals and aerobic exercise helps also.

Please note: Only a doctor trained to address the ICV can tell you if there is a problem and correct it. Proper treatment of the valve can help with a myriad of conditions as the valve may be the underlying cause of many “overlying” and seemingly random health problems.

For example: trying to resolve your sinus problem without correcting the ICV disturbance is like trying to clear a clogged sink by taking a cup and bailing out the water. The problem is not the sink but in the plumbing below.

Before anything else, your doctor should examine the ICV and then continue. This is important for any symptom whether you suffer from severe low back pain, ovarian pain, or headaches that have resisted prior treatments and medications.

It was once suggested to me by a doctor that it is impossible to correct an internal organ by external manual pressure. I thought for a moment and seriously asked, “Then how do you explain CPR?” I mean if you can bring someone back to life by compression on the chest then massaging the intestines to help with low back pain or headaches seems pretty believable.

To Your Continued Good Health and Success,

Dr. Eugene Charles


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About the Author

Dr. Eugene Charles received his doctor of chiropractic degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1987 and in 1994 he earned his Diplomate degree in applied kinesiology. He currently teaches the Postgraduate course certifying doctors of all disciplines in applied kinesiology in Manhattan. Dr. Charles authored a manual entitled Precision Adjusting For The Master Chiropractor.  This manual presents, for the first time, a fitness regimen geared toward chiropractors and the chiropractic adjustment, and a complete guide to precision adjusting. 

Dr. Charles is an inspirational lecturer and is the author of two books of inspirational philosophy for the general public that serve as emotional nourishment for people: The Paradox A Conversation of Life, and The Day Society Found Her Soul. Both books teach people that the world is backwards right now and when enough people realize this we can change society by changing how we perceive it (creating peace of mind) and how we act in it (creating peace between people).

Dr. Charles is a highly respected health and fitness expert and is currently developing an exercise and nutritional program that develops the entire body in a neurologically optimal manner with the goal of powerfully activating the muscles to achieve the highest level of health possible.

Dr. Charles maintains a private practice in New York City and can be contacted at (800) 351- 5450 or at www.charlesseminars.com.




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