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Paranormal Pooch:
A True Story of the Dog Who Healed One Family
book written by Olga Horvat

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If you are a pet owner who finds your sweet and adorable dog suddenly and inexplicably acting odd and out of character, you are certainly not alone. Paranormal Pooch: A True Story of the Dog Who Healed One Family, by Olga Horvat, tells an eye-opening story of her strange family’s dog Princess, who led Olga into healing with colors. Olga has become a Color Therapist for pets and their owners.

The pure-breed toy poodle, Princess, seemed to be an adorable puppy and potential Best-of-Show winner when she arrived at the family’s Manhattan apartment from a top breeder in Nebraska. Little did anyone realize the dog possessed a special power. At the beginning, it started off on the wrong foot. Within days, things began to go horribly wrong and the family was shaken to its very core. They were plagued by supernatural forces and came to realize it was not just terribly bad luck – there was something very strange about their new puppy.

Was it ‘cosmic energy’ to give it a name, conspiring against them, or was it trying to teach them something? Little did they know at that time that out of their distress would come the greatest wisdom. There have always been God and the Devil around us, divine and diabolic energies. The Universe wouldn’t exist if there were no darkness contending with the light. Both light and dark, as well as the spectrum in between, are necessary for our learning and evolution.

Princess opened a door to another world and took this family on a journey they have never been on. They have become more in touch with themselves and their natural surroundings. Everything they do now, whether it’s having a vivid visual experience, listening to music, enjoying the food they love, smelling the flowers, or just petting a dog, offers them a new reality. Having these experiences playing on their senses opened their eyes. Soon they discover that the power to alter reality, using all of their five senses is the clue to one of the deepest spiritual secrets.

The extraordinary journey Olga took with Princess led her to a spiritual rebirth. Olga has been an artist since her earliest years and has explored the language of color through her work, but she was not really aware of the therapeutic aspects of color. The amazing experience with Princess transformed her life and she started using color in a new way. Soon she was on her way to helping pets and their owners who have experienced various health problems such as pain, depression, heart conditions, skin problems, etc. In her color therapy Olga applies colored light in the form of a medical device “Bioptron” to balance energy in the concerned areas of the body. She is also using crystals and essential oil in her work.

We humans may not like it, but sometimes the only way we can learn and make important life changes is through hardship. The numerous problems this family had with Princess, and the health and financial difficulties they were going through, were all major life-changing hardships. Although it was devastating to go through all of that at the time, they now realize how lucky they were that Princess pointed them in the right direction. They lost the battle, but they won the war. Now they are celebrating the triumph. The ending of the book is truly shocking, but inspirational in an unexpected way.
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About the Author
Olga Horvat, M.A., is a founder of Royal Dogs Gallery, a company that provides spiritual/holistic products and services specially designed for dogs and their owners. An award-winning artist and certified color therapist, Horvat who uses the spectrum of colored light to balance energy in the concerned areas of the body. For information on holistic healing and products, visit these websites:
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