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Sun in the 12th House: Suffering & the Father
by Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW

The Sun glows brightly in the sky reminding us of its power. Without the Sun there can be no life. In our astrological chart, the Sun represents our main identity, personality, and outward appearance. However, on a deeper level it represents our father figure. The father figure is a powerful person in our life that has a significant effect on each of us - for good or bad. Unfortunately, with the Sun in the twelfth house there is unusual suffering related to the father figure.

First we need to understand the nature of the Twelfth house. The twelfth house is one of the most spiritual houses in our astrological chart. It represents issues related to spirituality, secrets, karma, charity, confinement, institutions, suffering, cosmic consciousness, meditation, escapism and service to humanity. When the Sun is placed in this house, we often become an intuitive, the type of person that is extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions.

Individuals with the Sun placed here are compassionate, caring and self-sacrificing. A loss of boundaries about oneself and others often occurs when planets are placed in the twelfth house. Wherever the Sun is placed in our chart, is where we are forced to find our oneness with God and find out who we truly are. This very early development usually begins by bonding with our earthly father.

Twelfth House Situations: Absent or Missing Father Figure

There are three key situations that I have observed, with individuals who have the Sun in the twelfth house.

The first is a feeling of detachment from the father figure. This occurs for many reasons, but the most frequent reason seems to be the loss of the father figure at a young age. These individuals were unable to bond with the father figure due to their sudden death or absence.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had clients say,” My father died when I was five”,  “My father died when I was ten”, or “I never knew my father.” These statements  are confirmed continuously for me, whenever I do a chart with someone with the Sun in the twelfth.

The second manifestation is that the father figure had a drug or alcohol problem, which made them incapable of bonding with the child. These individuals grow up feeling detached and perceive their father as distant.

The third thing that tends to occurs is that  the father is physically in the individual’s life, but there is no relationship and no bond. The father might have worked a lot, traveled a lot or simply did not communicate with the individual while growing up.

In all three instances there is a feeling that one does not have a father. This results in a deep seated loneliness and a constant search for that fatherly energy.

Some females with this placement might seek "the father' through her relationships with men. This can cause a variety of problems and often more suffering. Whenever they start to make the partner the complete focus of their life, they get stripped away by the universe. The individual is then forced to turn to the higher forces for that energy. This lesson can happen several times before they realize what is happening to them.

Men with this placement might feel uncomfortable with other men and only seek out female companionship. They could isolate any potential male friends, because of an innate fear of the unknown. Or perhaps they don't know how to respond to other males because of the absence of a father figure in their lives.

Seeking One's True father

These experiences are very normal for individuals with this twelfth house placement. The primary reason that they occurs, is to force the individual to seek one’s true father which is God. A lot of suffering comes from this placement, but significant growth and spiritual advancement is possible as well.

Each individual must come to a point where they seek a greater love, one that is beyond the physical. Often the individual will find their oneness with God or the creative forces by service to others and putting this first in their life.

When the person finds that  bond and feels God's unconditional love, they feel totally accepted and loved. This is the primary lesson that souls with this placement chose learn. After they feel this unconditional love and acceptance of self they are then ready to have the great honor of finding that bond with another physical person. However, this is not likely to manifest for them until they have mastered the basic lesson of this house.

Finding  and Fulfilling Their True Purpose

Individuals are sometimes forced to seek God or the creative forces through experiencing suffering, heartache, depression and feelings of loneliness. These feelings occur to push individuals forward in fulfilling their true purpose. Finding oneness with God and humanity is their ultimate goal.

To feel oneness with humanity is a daunting task, but also because of their twelfth house Sun, these individuals are well equipped to pursue it, handle it and succeed. The father figure circumstances in their lives will no longer be a curse, but will have become a blessing in disguise.

Though it might seem unfair at first, the placement of the Sun in the twelfth house can truly be a blessing for those with it.

I council individuals who have experienced the truths of this placement to know that they are not alone and that there is a spiritual reason and predictor of why this occurs. I urge them not to think of themselves as victims or believe that the universe cheated them out of a relationship with a physical father. The most important thing to remember is that the universe has a plan for them and that plan is for an intense oneness and love for our spiritual father. This feeling is of an unconditional love that is often beyond words.


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About the Author

Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW, is a practicing licensed clinical social worker, intuitive astrologer and teacher with a national and international clientele. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1997. She completed her Master of Social Work degree at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1999.

She is a published author whose first book, "A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs" was published in 2006. She has just finished writing a book for Llewellyn Worldwide titled, “A Practical Look at the Planets Through the Houses", due out in 2010. Her third book, “The Mysteries of the Eighth Astrological House: Phoenix Rising” will be also available in 2010.

Carmen began her astrological work at the age of 16. She has presented astrology workshops for the Association of Research and Enlightenment in the St. Louis, Missouri region and teaches eGroup classes for the A.R.E. Virginia Beach Headquarters on various astrology topics. She worked as the astrology columnist for Spirit Seeker Magazine for 7 years and publishes articles online as the Norfolk Holistic Health Examiner with examiner.com.

Carmen has also worked for the Air Force as a family advocacy outreach manager, alcohol and drug abuse prevention therapist, and as a sexual assault response coordinator and victim advocate. An avid Edgar Cayce researcher, she enjoys writing, studying and teaching a wide range of spiritual topics.

Founder of the Astrological Self Awareness Center, LLC



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