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SoulSign Astrology - About the Journeys, Part 2:
The Venus Journey - Our Sacred Feminine

by Adam Gainsburg, ATH Guest Editor

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Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: This two part article that will introduce ATH readers to the larger body of Adam Gainsburg’s work in which he addresses a domain of consciousness beyond the reach of standard natal, transit and mundane work. In upcoming ATH articles Adam will continue to explore and reveal how the collective movements of masculine and feminine consciousness are developing at any point in time. The planetary symbols for these principles within creation are Mars and Venus, Adam calls these cycles the Mars Journey and Venus Journey. Read Part 1: The Mars Journey - Our Sacred Masculine.

In astrology, it is Venus which symbolizes the material form of the universe itself as well as all forms within it. Venus is our body and how we engage in the worlds of form, matter, light and shadow. Through Venus we engage life as it arises and falls within, without, behind and in front of us. The Venus Journey – the spatial relationship between Venus and the Sun – points to how our collective feminine evolution is progressing.

“The Venus Journey” refers to the development of collective feminine consciousness through a specific and unique feminine identity or expression. The Venus Journey lasts a consistent 19 months and begins and ends with her retrograde conjunction to the Sun. As Venus progresses through her Journey, she encounters new lessons to embody and learn from. As a general idea, the Venus Journey is structured as a celestial vessel: beginning like a laser and rising quite high in the morning sky, she gradually descends through the first half of the Journey and, after disappearing into the rays of the Sun, begins to ascend in the evening sky through the second half.


During her morning-sky phase, she’s learning how to surrender and the gems of experience discovered as a result. Her evening-sky phase sees her re-birthing and then remembering and embodying herself anew.

There are a total of twelve phases in the Venus Journey, each describing a unique evolutionary movement within feminine consciousness. This is similar to the phases of a human life: infancy, childhood, puberty, early adulthood, adulthood and elderling.

Venus’ Journey is a consistent 19 months in duration. From extensive research with thousands of client and celebrity charts, I’ve come to name Venus’ phases (in order):

1. Self-Conception (Venus Rx conjunct Sun)
2. Gestation
3. Birth (Venus morning heliacal rising)
4. Adolescence
5. Maturity
6. Queen’s Descent
7. Transmutation (Venus conjunct Sun)
8. ReBirth (Venus evening heliacal rising)
9. Queen’s Ascent
10. Wholeness
11. Crone
12. Completion (Venus evening heliacal setting)

Read more here: “A New Model for Full Planetary Phases: The Venus Journey” 


Our Personal Journey & Phase

The moment you were born determines both the Journey and the Phase you were born into. This  data then open up the sky of your personal Feminine and Masculine like nothing else!  Adam offers personalized readings which focus on how your birth chart Mars and Venus elevate into your higher Journeys and Phases.

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About the Author

Adam Gainsburgour ATH Featured Guest Editor, is a popular writer and teacher in the US. He founded Soulsign Astrology©  to illuminate the deeper heart, the sentient intelligence at the interface of astrology and astronomy. He has guided thousands in private practice through Soulsign’s unique merging of astrological understanding and body-intelligence. 

Adam hosts the Mars Venus Live Meditation podcast, a free, guided meditation aligned to the planets’ cycles. 

He is the author of three books, including The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness and the popular Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart, and many articles which have appeared in astrological journals and around the astrological internet. 

His next book, Bridges of Union (2012), presents the first comprehensive system for delineating the living cycles of Mars and Venus with the birth chart. Learn more about the cycles here: http://Soulsign.com/mars-venus-audio-course.

Adam has been invited to lecture on his work at UAC 2012.

“I see astrology evolving in a big way when it re-unites with astronomy. This will be an important, first step in re-uniting our sky sciences with the kosmic wisdom of our body-mind. Once that happens, we won’t be able to recognize our astrology today. It’s a bold vision, yes, but then again, we are a bold, unprecedented race!”  ~Adam Gainsburg


For personal readings with Adam focusing on the unique union of your own deep feminine and masculine through your personal Mars and Venus Journeys, click here http://soulsign.com/astrology-readings.

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