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Parenting with Astrology: Nurturing (not predicting) Your Child's Future
by Amy Herring


Jaana writes:

My 11 year-old youngest son is a very ordinary student in school, but the fortuneteller told me that he´s going to be a professor of mathematics some day. How does this argumentcan be proved by means of astrology, even if the child's schooldoesn't support this assertion? 

He is sure smart, creative and artistic, but the school has suppressed creativity and the joy of learning. Although it is said that the Finnish school is the world's best place to learn,but the truth is that it kills creativity. How do I get the best of him?


Amy Answers:

Your first question addresses an important issue that is especially sensitive when it comes to interpreting children's charts, and that is the question of fate. Astrology is practically older than dirt, and when practiced by ancient cultures was typically used to determine one'sfate. However, in recent times, more astrologers are using astrology as a way to nurture the natural tendencies of an individual rather than dictate their fate. The concept of free will is, in fact, central to many practicing astrologers today, myself included, and it can be quite damaging to someone to assume that their fate can be predicted in detail from their natal chart.

If your child shows skills and interest in mathematical subjects, it's certainly quite possible that he may wind up as a professor of mathematics someday. But it is this astrologer's opinion that that will depend on a number of factors, not the least of which are the choices he makes.

Venus right on his Ascendant and in its own sign of Libra makes it very strong. As well as a relationship-oriented planet, Venus has a lot to do with what we find beautiful and how we express that beauty, so it plays a part in our creative and artistic talents, interests, and style. He'll likely use Venus qualities (charm, artistic and creative sensibilities, social grace, etc.) to navigate the world throughout his life, as a primary lens through which he sees the world and interacts with it.

If you find that his school doesn't provide enough opportunities, helping him find his own outlets through home projects, extracurricular activities, or clubs can provide a much needed outlet. His meticulous Virgo Sun and Mars may have him enjoying creative activities that involve learning and excelling at specific skills to produce a result. He may also enjoy working specifically with his hands to create functional items rather than abstract art.

His Virgo influences, coupled with his Capricorn south node, indicate he is sensitive to guidelines, expectations, and rules, set forward by authority figures and social or educational systems. He may feel pressure to do things correctly, and according to the accepted "norm," so it's often going to be easier for him to follow the program rather than write his own rules. Helping him build his confidence in himself and his own instincts, creative or otherwise, will be beneficial and help him move toward well-roundedness.

Hope this provides some insight. Thanks for your question!


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About the Author


Amy Herring has been an astrologer since 1995 and graduated from Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship program. She has enjoyed serving on the board of the local astrological organization  and speaking at local conferences. Amy’s articles have appeared in numerous astrological publications, including Dell Horoscope magazine. Her website, HeavenlyTruth.com, is a learning resource of classes, videos, and articles. Her book, Astrology of the Moon, is available from Llewellyn in July. Contact Amy at amy@heavenlytruth.com

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