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Happy Birthday to the Pisces Child - February 20 - March 21, 2012
by Laura DiLeva



Oh poor, sweet Pisces. So sensitive. So helpless. So not cut out for this cruel, cold world.

Yeah, right. Don’t buy into that. These people are not fundamentally weak. Believe me, I’ve been around this sign my whole life (I’ve got a Pisces mother, daughter and dog) and they are not helpless, shrinking violets. Quite the contrary.

Yes, they are ruled by nebulous Neptune and are decidedly otherworldly. They certainly don’t like to make waves. And they’re incredibly sensitive and in-tuned to their emotions and the emotions of others – sometimes at a psychic level.

Pisceans are very deep, complex and difficult to understand. But don’t misconstrue their disinterest in social politics for shyness, their choice to avoid arguments with timidity, or their ability to put ego aside for the greater good as weakness. Recognizing that there’s more to life than getting caught up in meaningless, stress-inducing B.S. doesn’t make them weak. It makes them smart.

If anything, your Pisces child is truly a pleasure to be around. Well, at least that’s what his teachers, friends and parents of friends have to say about him. The child you know at home, however, can at times be moody and irritable.

Home is your Pisces child’s refuge from the harshness of reality. Truly empathetic people – and this includes all Pisceans – must learn from an early age how to block out negative energy so it won’t get the better of them. This is an exhausting, full-time job for a kid. When your Pisces child gets home from school or the playground, he finally feels safe to let his guard down. And when that guard comes down he needs to release all that he’s kept bottled up throughout the day. This can result in moodiness or snappishness. He simply needs to recharge. And the best way for him to do this is to leave him alone to his imagination.

Actually, Piscean children are very good at using their imaginations in order to work out their problems and to make sense of the confusing world they live in. They write stories, paint pictures, put on plays, stage conversations between their stuffed animals, and even have heart to hearts with imaginary friends as a way to digest it all. They use their imaginations the same way most of us unwittingly use our dreams at night to sort through the stuff that comes up when we’re awake.

But Pisces need not be asleep in order to slip into another state of consciousness. I guess in that respect you could say that Pisceans sleepwalk through life. It’s true that Pisceans do often prefer their dream worlds to reality. They’re so sensitive and in-tuned to the higher frequencies of communication that rest of us don’t see or hear that they need to mentally check out throughout the day. Waiting until bedtime is not an option. That’s why Pisceans are never truly with us: They’ve always got one foot in a kinder, gentler world. Their imaginary worlds are as vivid and as real as what we call reality. Sure they’re conscious of reality, but they prefer the sanctity of their imaginations.

That’s not to say they are unable to function in reality. Actually, when left to their own devices they do quite well. It’s usually other people who screw them up. Pisceans possess oodles of emotional intelligence and the ability to turn their dreams into reality. The biggest problem for a Pisces kid can be the adults (or sometimes other kids) in their lives who tell them that they’ve got to stop dreaming and to become more realistic. It’s amazing how early on we feel we need to snap our kids into reality. But the Piscean mission in life is not about being realistic – it’s about bringing what’s in their imaginations to fruition. To accomplish this they must believe in possibilities.

Take Piscean Justin Beiber, for example. His movie, “Never Say Never” focuses on how he was driven by his belief in possibilities. Luckily his parents also believed in his dreams and most importantly, they believed in him. They supported him, which in turn gave him confidence. And look how he turned out. Hey, I’m no fan of his music, but I’m just showing from example that Pisceans have what it takes to create magic. If they can dream it they can do it. Parents of these kids must be careful not to destroy their spirits, and possibly their futures, by slamming the door of possibilities in their faces. Even if Pisceans don’t realize their far-reaching childhood dreams, following those dreams will ultimately lead them to their soul’s purpose. Knocking them off course, even at a young age, with harsh words or lack of support, could be detrimental to the outcome of their lives.

Piscean children are usually well liked by the other kids because they’re easy going. They have the uncanny ability to be in a crowd but not of one. They’re cheerful loners who can slip in and out of cliques with ease and remain friendly and on good terms with everyone. However, if ever physically, verbally or emotionally attacked by a more aggressive child, it’s unlikely that a Pisces would retaliate or stick up for himself. Pisces kids are usually blindsided by cruelty and don’t know how to handle it when they’re presented with a situation where they’re victimized.

Raising a child who is fundamentally kind is truly a blessing; but parents must make sure they equip their Piscean kids with the ability to deal with bullies. Bullies are lazy: Once they find a kid who comes off as an easy target, they’ll keep focusing on that kid rather than searching for new prey. In the case of a Pisces, I wouldn’t wait for the situation to resolve itself. I recommend that you use all of the resources available to you – schools, books, teachers, organizations – in order to nip any bullying situation in the bud before it gets out of hand.

And one more word of caution: This is a mutable (adaptable) sign. If your sensitive Pisces doesn’t learn how to keep the aggressive kids from getting under his skin, he may develop a tough exterior as a means of protection. His motto may become, “I’ll get you before you get me,” as a way to stave off the tougher kids. If he can’t beat them, he may join them – meaning he may choose to start hanging out with the bullies so they don’t bother or target him. This kind of behavior is completely counterintuitive to the Piscean mission. Make sure your Pisces child is happy, secure and not hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Unless your Pisces has strong fire in his chart, he probably won’t be interested in extremely competitive or aggressive games. Sure, your Pisces child may excel at and enjoy sports, but he’d rather play for fun than compete. The best dancers in the Zodiac are Pisces. However, it may take some maturity before your Pisces child is able to give her dance instructor her full, undivided attention. Because they’re so empathetic and intuitive, these kids make excellent actors and actresses. They also have a knack for music, art and creative writing – anything that allows them to bring imaginary worlds to life. They can win awards in these fields without even trying.

If you have a Pisces child, you’re probably aware of his uncanny ability to get lost on the way to the bathroom. Getting them ready for school can be frustrating because they hate schedules and are easily distracted. You literally need to babysit these kids through the morning grind. Are you brushing your teeth? Are you washing your hair? Are you eating your breakfast? If you don’t keep on them like a drill sergeant, they’ll fade off into another world and completely forget what they need to do to get out the door on time.

Their ability to grasp information out of thin air, along with their innate wisdom and intelligence, helps them excel in school. They are daydreamers but somehow the information getting thrown at them in class makes it into their brains. It’s as if they learn through osmosis. Teachers are forever baffled by how their Pisces students can appear totally checked out in class and yet consistently make good grades. Don’t come down on your Pisces child if you see countless doodles in his notebook. The doodling can actually help him focus on what the teacher is saying. Sounds weird, but you’ve got to trust me on this.

On a final note, these kids have a deep love for animals and you may find that your Pisces child has a psychic connection with his pets. Prepare yourself for his eventual switch to vegetarianism. Once they make the connection between animals and meat, there’s a good chance your Pisces will want to give up his carnivorous ways. The Pisces feels at one with all living creatures – human, animals, even plants – and is sickened to think that he’s bringing any harm on anyone or anything. They are truly special, magical souls.



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About the Author

Laura DiLeva is an astrologer, writer and the mother of two children. Her blog, the Fifth House Haven, helps parents understand their children better through astrology. Her articles educate parents on the fundamentals of astrology and show how astrology can be an important tool for raising kids. 

DiLeva is professional writer who has worked as a journalist, newsletter editor, Web editor, and marketing communications professional. She now stays home with her two children and devotes her “writing energy” to her blogs and books. 

She is the author of two women’s fiction books that center around the life of mother and astrologer, Ariel McManus. Her books, “Ariel’s Office: Moon Void of Course,” and “Ariel and the Lady of the House: Moon in the 8th” are written under her pen name, Laura Lynn, and can be found wherever e-books are sold.

In addition to her writing and her life-long passion for astrology, DiLeva has practiced the Tarot for over 20 years. She attended Western Michigan University where she earned a Master of Arts in English with an emphasis in professional writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She currently resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey. 

Please visit www.fifthhousehaven.com for DiLeva’s weekly astrology blogs. 

You can also join the Fifth House Haven fan page on Facebook by going to www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fifth-House-Haven/180400105328741.

If you are interested in a personal astrology or Tarot reading, email DiLeva at mail@fifthhousehaven.com.

To learn more about DiLeva’s books, go to www.synergebooks.com and search for titles by Laura Lynn.




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