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Astrology 101 ~ Leo Health
by Carmen Turner-Schott,

ATH PsychoSpiritual Co-Editor

If you were born between the dates of July 22 through August 21 then the Sun was the sign of Leo when you were born. Leo rules the heart, circulatory system, pulmonary arteries, aorta, liver metabolism and spleen. Leo also rules the back, twelve dorsal vertebrae and the forearms. The influence of the Sun tends to make Leo individuals prone to a fiery temper when things don’t go their way. They also can suffer from high fevers when they have an infection.

Health Vulnerabilities

Leo individuals lead a busy lifestyle and the area of vulnerability for them is the heart and circulatory system. A lot of Leo clients suffer from high cholesterol, high blood pressure and need to be careful of blood clots. Leo individuals benefit from exercise and staying physically active. It is important for Leo to use stress-reduction techniques to ensure good cardiovascular maintenance.

Leos enjoy good food and wine and therefore they can put on extra weight in the middle region. Staying physically fit is beneficial for heart health and making sure the circulatory system is functioning properly to prevent future illnesses. Sometimes they may suffer from arrhythmias of the heart (when the heart beats irregularly). Caffeine might be a source of some of their heart problems, so watching their intake will be beneficial.

Leo individuals need to be in positions where they are the authority or leader in the work environment. They command respect from others and need to feel appreciated. The lion is the symbol of Leo and they can roar like a lion when they feel mistreated. They need to feel loved and their anger ceases when they feel these things.

Leo individuals can be very generous to others but are easily offended by criticism. They may act and give off the energy that they are royalty and beyond any type of mistakes, but inside Leo can feel insecure about their worth. With Leo, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Beneficial Foods

Leo individuals will benefit by a vegetarian diet. They will benefit by incorporating blue fruits and berries into their diet, such as blueberries and grapes. They need plenty of foods that contain iron, spinach, kale and wheat grass in their diet. It is beneficial for Leo to avoid heating meat such as beef, turkey and lamb. It is very important for Leo to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and to exercise. Incorporating chamomile into their diets will help them heal when they are experiencing too much stress in their lives. 



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About the Author

Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW, ATH Co-Editor PsychoSpiritual, is a practicing licensed clinical social worker, intuitive astrologer and teacher with a national and international clientele. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1997. She completed her Master of Social Work degree at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1999.
She is a published author whose first book, "A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs" was published in 2006. Her new book, “The Mysteries of the Eighth Astrological House: Phoenix Rising” is now available through Amazon. She has just finished writing a third book for Llewellyn Worldwide titled, “A Practical Look at the Planets Through the Houses", due out soon.
Carmen began her astrological work at the age of 16. She has presented astrology workshops for the Association of Research and Enlightenment in the St. Louis, Missouri region and teaches eGroup classes for the A.R.E. Virginia Beach Headquarters on various astrology topics. She worked as the astrology columnist for Spirit Seeker Magazine for 7 years and publishes articles online as the Norfolk Holistic Health Examiner with examiner.com.
Carmen has also worked for the Air Force as a family advocacy outreach manager, alcohol and drug abuse prevention therapist, and as a sexual assault response coordinator and victim advocate. An avid Edgar Cayce researcher, she enjoys writing, studying and teaching a wide range of spiritual topics.
Founder of the Astrological Self Awareness Center, LLC 






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