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Heal the World
by Lucie Rivard



Editor’s Note: Ideas of healing art through illustrations, reiki and good energy - Lucie Rivard uses her artwork to heal the world through vivid and vibrant colors. She looks at different races, animals and cultures to express the ways that love, hope and art heal to bring about peace and unity to our world.

One of Lucie Rivard’s latest creations is called “Heal the World” and is on display at Bridging Heaven & Earth’s on-line gallery at www.heaventoearthart.com/artist/lucie_rivard.htm.

“Heal the World” is a piece about all races of the world coming together in love and unity to heal the planet.  “An ancient Hopi prophecy, shared by many tribes, tells us of the beginning of the world, when the Creator created four races of four colours, each assigned a task that together would ensure a world where all the life was held in one sacred circle.  This prophecy also states that not until all four races of humanity come together will there be true peace.” 1  “The Medicine Wheel is a symbol of all creation, of all races of human beings, birds, fish, animals, trees, and stones.  It's in the shape of a wheel.  The circle shape represents the earth, the sun, the moon, the cycles of life, the seasons, and day to night.   The meaning of the number four, as it is in Native American life, is evident in the Medicine Wheel. 4 = four directions + four seasons + four elements (earth, air, water and fire) + the four races of human being.  The wheel also teaches the four aspects of our nature…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual”.   2

This painting is triple blessed to carry a high frequency to be a part of Bridging Heaven & Earth’s Art Project goal.  Their goal is to produce a work of art to contribute to a worldwide energy amplifying process where there is a collective energy of many people around the globe, thinking, meditating and manifesting the theme of bridging heaven & earth.  The heart of the project is to spread and enliven the vibration of Love. 

Firstly, it has been infused with Reiki healing energy. The painting session was approached as a healing session infusing Reiki energy and symbols into the art supplies and the Reiki energy is asked to flow freely throughout the painting process.  There is also a special request in this piece that the right person needing this healing energy be attracted to this painting using the Reiki distant symbol.  You know that a painting is having a positive affect on you when it resonates positive feelings within yourself.

Secondly, the acrylic water-based paints have been blessed with Love & Gratitude.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Doctor of Alternative Medicine from Japan, conducted research on how words and thoughts affect water.  “One of his discoveries is that water responds to words, whether they are spoken, written, or even thought, as in prayer.  Kind, uplifting words tend to produce beautifully shaped water crystals, while angry discordant expressions have produced warped crystals.”  “Dr. Emoto has also written about the importance of love and gratitude and that those words, used together, produce beautiful crystals in water.  He also believes that the balance of love and gratitude is very important to maintaining health.”  3

Thirdly, to further increase the vibration of this global painting it was given a blessing from the meditation on twin hearts.  This advanced meditation technique was founded by Master Choa  Kok Sui, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and  lecturer.  Meditation on twin hearts uses the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi to bless the earth with peace, love, pardon, faith, hope, light, joy, loving-kindness and goodwill.

These paintings are ideal for the practices of holistic practitioners, such as Body-centered Therapists, Energy-centered Therapists, Mind-centered Therapists, Soul and Spirit-centered Therapists, Emotional Release Therapists and Holistic Coaches and Counsellors.  These Reiki-infused acrylic paintings are also beneficial in the home.  Should you wish to contact Lucie regarding commissioning a Reiki infused acrylic painting please go to the Contact page and forward your comments, ideas and/or questions.   

“My wish is for my paintings to open your heart and to uplift your soul.” ~ Lucie Rivard



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About the Artist

Lucie Rivard is a self-taught artist residing in Ontario, Canada with her husband and son. Her childhood has been immersed in the passion for art, with her mother and grandmother as oil painters and wood carvers. Acrylic and colored pencils are Lucie’s favorite medium. She says the many layers of coloured pencil create dimension and realism in her illustrations and acrylic offers vibrant colours in her paintings.

 She creates works of art in the styles of abstract, realism, expressionism and surrealism. 

Lucie is also a Certified Holistic Practitioner in the Reiki and Pranic Healing modalities. One of Lucie’s Reiki infused paintings is called “Heal the World” and is on display at Bridging Heaven & Earth’s on-line gallery at www.heaventoearthart.com/artist/lucie_rivard.htm. These paintings are ideal for the practices of holistic practitioners as well as for the home.

Lucie has commissioned fine art and children’s portraiture as well as having her artwork featured on the cover of two magazines. Currently, Lucie is illustrating a 20-book series with authors Les Asselstine and Rod Peturson for the Ontario Association of Junior Educators. She is also an Illustrator for Creative House International Press located in Austin, Texas. Books coming soon:
"Po & Me" by Gaylen Blade and "Nami & the Dragons" by Lyrik Courtney.   

Lucie Rivard is available for fine art commissions as well as freelance commercial illustration. If you are interested please submit your request here: www.lucierivard.com/contact.html.

Lucie Rivard is now a part of Creative House International Press, Inc. To learn more please visit www.creativehousepress.com. Also visit here: www.lucierivard.com to view Lucie Rivard's home page.



1 Carol Schaefer, Grandmothers Counsel the World (Trumpeter: Boston 2006) p.11.

2 http://www.sacredart.com/medicinewheel.html

3  “Water Mirror of the Soul:  Interview with Dr. Emoto.” Pure Inspiration Magazine September 2006.  https://www.hado.net/dremoto/interview.php




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