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Giving Birth To God
by Karen Adler,
ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy


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      I will wrap myself around the earth, around the whole of the earth, around her roundness. I will feel the concave cavities of her valleys and the sharpness of her mountains. I will grow moist from her seas and oceans, her rivers and lakes, her cool, clear streams. I will feel the moisture of her rainforests and the dryness of her deserts. My skin will be wet from droplets of water that fly from rain-wet trees whipped by wind. My skin will be parched by the touch of  hot sand.

      I will wrap myself around the earth and I will look upon her with joy. My senses will be inflamed by the colours of the earth - by the silver scales of fish that swim in her waters, the vibrant beauty of flowers that grow in her soil. My senses will delight in brown and red and golden leaves that hang from bare branches of autumn trees.  My senses will soar with the flight of rainbow birds into clear summer skies.

      I will wrap myself around the earth. I will incubate her and I will give birth to God. I will be the womb and the earth will be the seed inside me. Together, we will bear and birth a new God. I will love and nurture the earth as I love and nurture myself. I will feed her full of goodness as I would feed a small and trusting child. I will feel her grow happy and strong and content inside the circle of my body. And I will feel the seed of God growing inside the earth, inside me.

      I will wrap myself around the earth at the dawn of time and during the dark night of the soul. I will wait for days and nights and suns and moons. I will look inside myself and see the ebb and flow of the earth’s waters. I will feel the quickening of the earth’s heartbeat. I will feel God growing within the earth and my soul will grow bright. I will wait with patience until God is ready to emerge from my mating with the earth.

      And who will be the midwife at this birth? Who will assist me with the birth of this new God who rises from out of the earth rather than coming down from the sky? I will choose old women with strong hands and old men who tend fires on cold nights. I will choose young women who laugh with the joy of freedom and young men who walk tall and proud. Together, we will watch the sun rise. Together, we will see it set.

      I will wrap myself around the earth and I will feed and protect and love her and I will give birth to God.

      I will wrap myself around the earth and I will give birth to God.

Copyright: Karen Adler, 30th June, 2000



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About the Author

Karen Adler, ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy, is a Transpersonal Art Therapist, an artist, writer and researcher. She is a firm believer in the inherent healing qualities of the Arts. She has run art therapy workshops for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, self-harming behaviour, eating disorders, for post-flood and cyclone trauma and for people seeking to bring about positive change in their lives. Karen also uses Art Therapy to help in the resolution of her own life difficulties and is continually surprised by the insight it brings. 
Contact Karen at karenadler222@gmail.com or karenadler@allthingshealing.com.






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