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For the Mind and Soul: The Healing Energy of Photography in Your Space
by Marian Kraus



Editor's Note from Marie Sakai
: Marian Kraus gives a clear and conclusive outline of how to make your workspace or your client's home (or your home!) full of healing energy. This is a how-to that gives you the basics of how to create and cultivate a place that holds a sense of peace and harmony to all who enter. Simply put, easy to understand, and great results are ensured for you if you follow these guidelines. We all need healing spaces, Marian Kraus gives you the basics of what you need to create a professionally welcoming environment.

Adding peace and serenity to a private residence

Transforming an environment, whether it is your or your client’s home or workplace, into a more tranquil space, can be as simple as investing in a few well placed pieces of art. Designing the artwork that graces your walls is as important as the architectural blueprints that created them.

By choosing certain kinds of fine art photography, mainly nature photography that can inspire and soothe with its healing energy, the work environment as well as your place of living becomes a more humane space.

Traditionally, when choosing artwork for a home, corporate office or other workspace, buyers think mainly about aesthetics: What colors match the room? What style fits the space? In recent years, however, interior designers, art consultants, gallery owners and architects have embraced the positive impact of the healing and inspiring energy fine art photography can infuse into spaces, and thankfully many are guided by the principle of: “How does it feel?”

Let’s look at an ideal case scenario, if fine art photography was chosen for the beautification of, say a corporate office environment, aside from filling the spaces on the walls, what should it do…? I believe that

Conference room of bank in Plainfield

* the photographs should serve as a resource that symbolically conveys the vision and message of corporate leadership
* the photographs ought to emblematically reinforce the Client’s Mission Statement
* they should offer visual representations to motivate and inspire employees
* they should symbolically support the Client’s value propositions to their customers
* the photographs should aid in the recognition of key principles such as trust, respect, integrity,  teamwork and collaboration, innovation and contribution
* they should act as visual tools that awaken delight, passion and sensation while promoting the realization of dreams and aspirations
* by selecting specific pieces and placing them in strategic areas of the environment they should serve as a vehicle that facilitates the creation of aesthetically powerful visual themes which communicate and reinforce their unique and creative energy

Lobby of the Garland Building in Chicago

Which brings me to the point. In an ever increasing world of commoditized products & services, I offer more than just photography. The custom installations of Marian Kraus Photography are specifically designed to convey compelling messages in homes, corporate offices and other workplaces. In addition, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants and other institutional environments have also benefitted from my work. Similar aspects as described above pertain to photography suitable for installations in hospitals and other health care facilities. I will be further discussing this in an upcoming blog post.

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to collaborate on a number of installations with interior designers, art consultants and art galleries who have selected my fine art photography for the beautification of their client’s spaces.



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About the Author

Marian Kraus Photography, a Chicago area based professional architecture photographer, multi media artist and purveyor of fine art photography, began at a time when cameras used film and pictures developed and delivered within an hour was considered super fast. Now, it seems owning a digital camera or a phone makes anybody a professional photographer.  And while there is no doubt that digital cameras encourage photo enthusiasts to pursue their dreams, in the end, the picture is always the best authentication. Does it tell the story, your story…is it technically and aesthetically proficient… compelling enough for you wanting to see more? Are the photographer’s goods and services being provided in a professional manner? Can you rely on him or her to go the extra distance when needed? In short, would you feel comfortable having the photographer represent your brand, or his or her photos grace your precious wall space…?

Well, here is my abridged story. Before I began my vocation as a full time photographer in 1999, I spent years pursuing my desire to create photographs. Born in Czechoslovakia and raised there for the first 8 years of my life, the Soviet invasion forced my parents to immigrate to West Germany during the Prague Spring. While Slovakia is etched into my memories as the first of my homes, Germany is where I lived for the next 17 years and began to see life for what it is, a ticket to the greatest show on earth. From a young age I was enthralled with nature and the natural order of the Universe. As a result, a deep appreciation for expressing beauty grew inside me, encouraging me to reach for something beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Marian Kraus’ photographs tell stories. They capture insight and invite exploration into the richness of human emotions. They transform spaces and create a fertile ground to breed ideas which motivates behavior and inspires results. Please contact me today if you are at all interested in bringing these aspects of my artwork into your or your client’s environment or visit www.MarianKrausPhotography.com.




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