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Artist ~ Cynthia Rose Young


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Artist Statement: My art is the culmination of a long journey through self discovery. Through this journey of self empowerment I have learned how to flow and follow  intuition...which has brought the world many gifts for me to share with others. My inner guidance expresses through  art, music, books and lectures. Each creative modality is an attempt to share a glimpse of the awe and wonder of the spiritual realms. I hope to help others feel closer to source and facilitate a deeper understanding. I feel that art is encoded as messages that are  compacted information, similar to a zip drive of information that can be opened, to connect us to a higher consciousness.

I hope to help others experience the joy and happiness of true connection with the spiritual self.

I offer free downloads of my art, music, writings and lectures. These are gifts from God and I want these to touch as many people as possible to lift the vibration of the planet. I feel very blessed to be a part of this momentous time in history in helping to shift the planet. Please enjoy this work and spread the enlightenment.



Angel of the Star

Oil on Linen, 30x30


Angel of the Star is a symbolic representation of the Hermetic treatise: “as above, so below” through the imagery of the six pointed star. The upper portion of the star denotes the Creator, the as the One, and the lower portion symbolizes the presence of the “Infinite One”, flowing into ten thousand forms. As a messenger, the angel sends the divine statement forth to those who perceive it.





Afternoon Light
Oil on Linen,  28x40


The deep afternoon light of summer speaks through clouds of blue, violet, yellow and pink. Beyond the clouds lingers a great light, it shapes the clouds. Alignment with the singular light --through moments of tranquility -- lends insight into the spectacular geometry of our “being”.





Love, Power and Wisdom
Oil on Linen,  30x40


Love, Power and Wisdom is one of a series of paintings that symbolically represent the illumination of higher thought or wisdom, as pertaining to the secrets of the earth, through knowledge keepers shown as elders. Dark blue pigments represent harmony and justice. The central sun symbolizes the unity of the one force of divine knowing.




Enlightened Rainbow
Oil on Linen,  46x46


The rainbow is a symbolic representation of the seven rays of color that comprise the One Light. We are all part of the one Light, just as the seven colors of the rainbow are part of one light -- white light. When white light is refracted, we see the intense beauty of color. Behind the light, there is love.




Inner Light

Oil on linen, 28x40


Inner Light depicts the inner being or authentic self that is discovered on the journey of the Soul. Translucent pink light floods the painting as a representation of the flowing, outpouring love from the heart that occurs in the moment of union between soul and personality.





Ascent of the Light
Oil on Linen,  30x40


In Ascent of Light, a white phoenix rises from a violet pond. The earth force awakens, turning toward the light in the celebratory movement of ascent. Like the phoenix and winged horse, we, too, can ascend through the powerful beauty of light.



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About the Artist

Cynthia Rose Young paints light through beautiful depictions of shimmering landscapes, flowing seascapes, mystical dreams and vivid geometric forms. Cynthia's paintings are the reflections of contemplations of mandalas or a central light.

Her paintings are included in many private collections and are the source of illustrations in a number of books. Her work has been reviewed in numerous publications throughout the United States. Cynthia resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her five dogs and five cats.

For more information and art work visit www.sacredpaintings.com.





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