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 Art Therapy: Pt1 A cure missed.



Editor's Note from Karen Adler: A brilliant example of the effectiveness and power of using art in the healing process.

Art Therapy: Pt1 A cure missed. The Graphic Novel as a major new breakthrough in the treatment for therapeutic change.

All images courtesy of The Lithium Kid.

I propose that the use of the graphic novel within the image making process is a more powerful and useful model for therapeutic change, good mental health and physical well being than the medical model. It has much more possibility for success and to affect change than any psychiatric classification, medication or therapeutic model practised, to my knowledge.

In short, creating a graphic novel/a solid representation of the psychic disturbance you are experiencing can be subdued to such a point psychiatric medication or intervention is not necessary and a full and complete recovery can become a reality. The medical model does much more damage than good and is only part of a endless process to keep your very own good mental health out of your very own reach.

Through the use of mind altering medication and the dehumanisation of a label and the stigma of a history of mental health problems. A cycle of poverty with no real opportunity to ever break out of the situation that keeps you on medication and the revolving doors of the Nation Health Service that has had almost 70 years to come up with no other alternative to the treatment of people classified with a mental health problem other than locking them up and filling them up with often toxic medication, which only keeps the individual and the illness in a constant battle of chess in a permanent stance of check mate. This is psychic and spiritual abuse and should be globally reviewed in the name of humanity.

Creative expression has always been the best medication and what is best of all it costs nothing and you can start right away.

Creativity. The very opposite of suppression. Medication suppresses. Creativity empowers.



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